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  1. So will he be in non-lead-free lead sometime soon? $50 is past my breaking point, so looking for baser metal.
  2. Anybody have any suggestions for a proxy miniature I could use for the D&D Arrow Demon? Its a four-armed demon that holds two bows. there's a company that makes Barsoomian Martian lookalike figs, but none of them look well-posed to hold bows. Anything I don't know about? Reaper figs a plus.
  3. Does this model have the shield cast separately? I'd like to use him as the base of a conversion to make him double wielding. That's much easier if the shield is separate as it looks. What do I search on in the figure finder to find double wielders?
  4. Someone mentioned a size comparison pic with the new Stone Giant. Where? Can I see? I'd also like to see it up against the Fire Giantess Queen
  5. Tom Meier has a nice one coming soon http://www.thunderboltmountain.com/images/...ElfLadyFull.JPG
  6. And wizards holding nothing in either hand, and especially not holding a scroll, a book, or an edged weapon other than a dagger. Your market is d20, guys. Wizards don't hold spellbooks while adventuring, and don't weild spears.
  7. But what are they going to do? Get it resculpted? I'm happy to have a dire bat mini: I'm just pointing out a problem so hopefully it can be addressed with later miniatures, or just a FYI for those possibly interested in the bat. I'm not going to hand in my Dire Bat for credit. :-)
  8. No, I'm not claiming that the mold is misaligned in any way, which is clearly the case from the trailing edge of the wing. I'm claiming the sculptor made a mistake. The bulges for the arm on the top and bottom don't line up.
  9. I really like the new Dire Bat miniature. Just one problem with it. The topside of the wing shows a thickened portion on the leading edge, representing the arm of the bat. The bottom side of the wing shows a thickened portion set a bit back from the leading edge, representing the 'arm'. So they don't line up _ /_\____ \_/ Its like this. Somewhat disappointing.
  10. Best. Ogre. Ever. Well done good and faithful sculptor.
  11. When I saw you guys had forums I immediately wanted to come on and make a request for "younger" looking wizards too. Lo and behold the topic was already started. Let me say what I'm looking for in a [male] wizard/sorceror that isn't out there (much) right now younger short beard or no beard short hair NO pointy hat NO book or scroll in hand (way too many of your wizard minis do that) NO visible magic effects (fire/swirly stuff) Robes, but also normaler looking clothing (and not too mcuh high-class clothing) Less "evil typed" (skulls/mouth full of teeth) designs. Staves are boring: how bout interesting wands or rods? Give em some crossbows, at least slung if not readied. An owl familiar in flight would be nice. (the one on a tree is too static) Eredain for Warlord is a step in the right direction. His clothes look a bit too busy and "evil" typed. His staff is too big. Nice pose though. I really like your more recent work. Keep it up.
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