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  1. "Aaawww! So cute! Oh, wait, what that over......" Sudden sound of stones rubbing together. Look great, hope we get to hear how it actually worked out for the party.
  2. Forge of Fury, classic! Nice choice for Burdug. Can I play? LOL.
  3. Simple yet very elegant. Looks great! And thanks for posting it.
  4. Ew! I have fought a few of these in my time. But none as lovely? as these. As a Player I would love to see my Dungeon Master put these down on the table. Great work! Love the opening
  5. I really like your color scheme of red and yellow instead of the typical green. Your base work is fantastic, what are you using to make them?
  6. That's a great idea! Will do and thanks. Thank you very much. Thank you I really appreciate it. Great advice and will do, thank you. Thank you for your input, I really appreciate your feedback.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! All great advice. Its funny, I wanted to put more highlights on just about everything on the miniature. But was afraid I was going to "mess it up", so I just left the highlight where they are, thanks for that, now I know I need to push past that feeling. I really like the idea of adding dirt to the cape, I'm going to give that a try, thanks! The grass is interesting because, I've wanted to experiment with the whole baking soda for ground cover but, didn't have any. So, I used some Soft Flake Snow from Woodland Scenics that I had on hand, painted it a dirt color then sprinkled the static grass with my fingertips. The results are okay, I think I'm just used to seeing the larger pieces for the ground. Thanks again for the great advice and I'm excited about checking out your blog. Later. Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback. I start uploading larger images as well.
  8. Love this miniature and really enjoyed painting it. Any constructive criticism on how I could improve the overall look of the miniature would be great.
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