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  1. Well I did order the afternoon of the first, and did not pick it. But it did automatically show up in my cart, and was on the packed invoice I received. Anyways, the ghoulie bag is on its way to me, per your great CS (as expected). Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! Yes, subtotal was $42, and the Ghoulie bag line item was on the enclosed invoice, just not packed. I did receive the free metal mini I picked, as well as the breast cancer awareness pink, just no ghoulie bag. I had already emailed [email protected] -- sorry I should have included that in my original post.
  3. My order that arrived today was missing the ghoulie bag :(
  4. You're correct. The owlbear is different, the troll is the same.
  5. Okay but it’s already available now as a separate direct purchase? Just not sure what you mean by not ready for full retail release?
  6. But it’s already available now for $7.99, right? I read it as it will be either free with a $40 order, or purchased separately for $7.99 in January, but it will no longer be for sale in February.
  7. I had just read it this morning so it was fresh in my mind :) If I had read it last night, I know I wouldn’t have remembered myself
  8. Yes, “Additional individual dwarves can be added to your base reward for $5 each”
  9. Wow, it's just great to see this back in stock, especially so soon after the last restock.. I only got the one email reminder today, at 1:51pm ET.
  10. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83766-new-releases-december-17-2018-mix/
  11. The beholder is back in stock ... at a small (mini) market. Sorry I know links aren’t allowed
  12. It looks like wave 8 will include four Young Dragons all with flight stands. Black, Blue, Copper and Green. The green is different than the gargantuan everyone is complaining about - no huge forehead horn on the young one. It's pose is almost sideways, like it's swooping in a downward curve. Also a stone giant and storm giant. I don't think I care for the storm giant; just like I'm not excited about the fire giant coming in Jan in wave 7.
  13. A few new pieces and some revamped sets mixing old with new: Fantization pre-orders
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