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  1. You should add the info that voting is on Facebook to the top post.
  2. Maggotcrown Bonesack 44021. I hope you like the extra juice!
  3. For the Quarterly holiday - what are you looking for for Q1? Like would just, any winter/snowy model be ok, or do I need to figure out what a MLK day themed model would be? ;P
  4. Someone mentioned flat sheet metal might look better. I was already exhausted with the customization though, and was worried about sharp edges. The cookie sheets weren't the cheapest solution, all told they cost me as much as one of the nice cabinets. The two cabinets on the right are HEMNES glass doors with 6-8 extra shelves made out of 12" common pine board sprayed black. I had to add additional shelf hardware, and in some places drill extra holes for the pins. The one on the left is a BILLY with the glass door add ons, that space didn't quite fit three of the nicer solid wood HEMNES cabinets. Billys are taller, narrower and shallower, 10" common board was used for the shelves there. They have way more pre drilled holes so were easier to mod, but they are the ikea particle board, so not quite as nice/durable. The cookie sheets came from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CBSYJG6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I got a mix of the 10 x 8, 12 x 9, and 16 x 12 trays, cheaper options may exist at kitchen supply stores, I should have investigated this more as the cost for this part of the project ran higher than expected. EDIT: Also important, the shelving cabinets are all attached to wall studs via angle brackets, two per unit. Serious tip risk.
  5. Spend Hobby Time in January putting together my new mini storage area and new painting desk! Reposting pics and details from the reaper FB fan page for posterity. Mini storage area done! IKEA bookshelves with many extra shelves added. The kind with doors to keep off the dust, with plans to add bolts to also protect them from tiny human hands. Two Hemnes and one Billy, with extra shelves made from common pine board painted black. Then I got a bajillion steel cookie trays to sort the minis and let them slide out easily. As I finish figs, I also add magnets to the bases so they are held in place. Currently about 2/3 full, should last me 2 to 3 more bones kickstarters before I'll have to finish the attic...My collection is around 1/3 reaper, 1/3 wizkids, and then a mix of mantic and random kickstarters for the rest. As you can see, I'm way better at collecting than painting. I use figs for DMing, I've become one of those collector dmS who feel the need to be able to put the entire MM on the table. Painting desk: I inherited this awesome home office from the carpenter who owned our house before we bought last year. Yes, it is unnaturally clean right now, I just finished it up and put down clean paper :) We have bright white led shop lighting hanging, plus daylight LEDs in the desk lamps. You can never have too much light while painting! Mounted paint racks I posted previously, they are laser cut MDF got from etsy. The paint is mostly reaper. A hodgepodge of hardware cabinets and ikea spice racks are used to store bases, bits, and misc chemicals. Unassembled kits and boardgames are under the desk. The metal cabinet has basing flock, tools, and some other misc stuff.
  6. Cool! Looks like we are getting the much asked for Aquatic, Asian, and ancient Greek expansions!!!! I do hope they have a ship,
  7. An absolutely invaluable feature of the old website - please tell me it will live again!
  8. Wow thanks for the kind words! While it worked well here, I do think I tend to not make my highlights bright enough. Things are looking good under bright light, but harder to make out at the table. (solution: simply fill our game room with blinding floodlights!) I have been taking the advice of some painters I like (e.g. Kujo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyMPU99KvmxIMkD8NZQu1tA) in terms of pallet, keeping things to three main colors (here the olive green, the leather, and the dark red) which really does make this guy at least feel very unified in look.
  9. Continuing my paint up of all the bosses in the Forge of Fury, here is Kavorgh, painted up to be the Orc Wight Champion. My first time playing with a light box to get better pictures too :)
  10. Continuing my work on Reaper minis as Bosses for my upcoming Forge of Fury run, I present the Lizardman Tyrant figure. This imposing fellow will be playing the part of Kaarghaz, Troglodyte Chieftain.
  11. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Here is my take on Greka, for use in my current run of Forge of Fury as Burdug the Shaman.
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