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  1. I'm assuming you mean FDM 3D printers. The kind that adds layers or hot plastic to create a model from bottom up. The quick answer is yes, but depending the type of plastic you are using. Some need more heat than others. On my printer (CR-10), I wait about 5 minutes for the model to cool before I try to take it off the build plate. I use a piece of glass on top of the build plate to make a good platform for the model. The glass is very durable and doesn't scratch, even when I use a putty knife to scrape off the plastic.
  2. I checked my game logs on BoardGameGeek for last year. It was a banner year for games and painting for me. 58 total games played across all genre. 20 of them I consider historical. The most common were Flames of War and 2nd Fleet. FoW is a miniatures game, but 2nd Fleet is a hex-n-counter game. Though I have considered "miniaturizing" 2nd Fleet with 1/285th size ships and a custom map. It could make for a very striking convention game. Although, I painted more this year than ever before, I am still woefully behind on my collection. And, predictably, I'm backing the Bon
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