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  1. Fair enough, although I was drawing from warlord being closer to clix than whfb, a game I never actually got the chance to play because of the cost to get into it. Fluff wise I just do not know what a lot of this stuff is, like is Auriellias a god of knowledge or general god of light? what about the other 2 in the triad? Just small stuff like that which leaves me puzzled because it is mentioned, but nothing is really explained. What I mean however on the pro's and cons of a faction is something easy I can show people on an overview of the factions with their fluff, but can point out that you can fluff them differently because of being able to take different models if you so choose. As it stands now you got to look over the army creator to get an inkling of what faction has what. Going in depth on each unit is probably not needed at all. Brief example: Crusaders: Cons: no real cheap units outside of wardogs, leads to potential lower model count compared to other factions, Pro: Units are slightly more durable than the norm with access to healing magic. Lots of calvary options As for expansion, there are some things that could be expanded on in the game model/unit wise, such as sisters having a cav option, but no cav leader or elite to make an all cav troop choice.
  2. I ended up with a copy of the savage north, but that little list did answer a lot of basic questions I did have, I really had no idea what those factions were even. What may be useful is a general overview of what the faction does, aka strengths and weakness. This may help with people getting into the game to figure out what sort of army they want. With being allowed to run any models they wish, although it pains me to say it, the fluff is not as important as mechanics in that case.
  3. I sort of stumbled on the game when I went to do the tour during reapercon, and have decided to take the plunge into figuring out how to play and gather some mini's. I have to say one of the biggest factor's that disappoint me is the fluff or very bare bones of it. For instance for the Crusader faction they speak of these orders coming together, but no real information about the orders are there. For instance no real idea what a Justicar is besides a unit in their army, was it a part of the original templar faction? Are they a new order? Who are these gods they mention? What is the Ivy Crown besides apparently poor knights? Then there is fluff on a unit for being a cavalry in the Sisters of the Blade, but its model and rules is infantry. Another Sister unit with fluff shows she starts her own mini faction in the group, but is just an elite so can not lead said group in battle according to her rules. Talk about how shield sister dwarfs are a big thing, no dwarf rules or models in the army. So far I am liking what I am reading about the rules, looks interesting and can scratch some of the itches that I am looking for, but the fluff bothers me more than anything else, although I managed to snag the crusaders faction book so maybe there will be some questions answered in there. The good thing about this game is you can proxy stuff easy enough, the names on units could be changed in order to make them Your dudes, all male Sister of the blade army if you want? Mousling blood gnomes? Could be done. Adon in general could go for a setting book/just stuff said about it in a convenient place to look, such as the main reaper website. There seems to just be a lot of stuff that you are expected to know about the setting, but as coming in as a first timer, you have no basis to go off of. I do want a Duskwarden faction for warlord however, easily best faction in dreadmere
  4. Looking for a warlord group to join up with, heard there was one around fort worth that does a lot.
  5. Hello folks, so sort of discovered the warlord game while browsing through the website and it has jumped out at me as something fairly interesting to jump into. More specifically after a tour of reaper HQ at reapercon and seeing some minitures, I did not relieze that there was a mini game attached to some of the ones I really liked the look of. However some of the newer factions from the savage north ones have no fluff about them on the website, more specifically the sisters of the blade. Can I get a possible faction rundown on the SN factions?
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