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  1. Skyler was the backer who won the contest, and he said let there be waffles! who are we to argue 🙂 I can tell you it was a super fun mini to paint, but yes it is very unique 🙂 Kevin
  2. Are you going to be at Reapercon this year Adrift? I believe we are going to do painting awards there again this year! Hope to see you again 🙂
  3. the normal walls segments are roughly 50mm tall before any crenelation details. Kevin
  4. Thanks for posting that! Can't believe i forgot to update it 🙂
  5. Thanks for the support dwarvenranger! quick question for an admin, how do we add the LIVE tag on the thread? Thanks! Kevin
  6. Just to clarify for people because there is a ton of misinformation in here. SiOCast is the company and injection mold machine you see here. SioRes is 3 types of plastic pellets that can be used in the machine. It is the only material that is certified to be used in the machine. one pellet is a white hard plastic pellet, the other is a translucent yellow plastic pellet that gives flexibility to the final piece also plastic(you can use a range of this in the final mix you decide for amount of flexibility) and the third is a color agent plastic pellet that gives the final color of the cast. SiOCast does not use 2 part liquid resin at all its an injection mold machine and the plastic is 100% recyclable and up to 30% can be reused in the hopper at a time. We have been using it since early 2021, I just wanted to clear up any confusion 🙂 Kevin
  7. We launch this Tuesday and hope you check it out!
  8. We wanted to say hi to everyone on the Reaper forums and let you know we have been hard at work on our latest Kickstarter! we are launching Frontier Fortresses on March 22nd. This campaign is 100% manufactured and fulfilled in the USA with our SiOCast platform! We are going to be bringing 4 factions (Human, Dwarf, Elf, and Orc) worth of Accessories and Terrain to the gaming world. We are also continuing to offer our Hand Painted option utilizing 100% Reaper Paints, through our ongoing relationship! We hope you check it out, and can help support us! Kevin
  9. Love how you painted up our floating captured crystals!! and you are correct when I made them I pictured them bobbing up and down in a magical kind of dance :)
  10. I hope they are also better in your mind Animesensei? I feel like they are so cool, but my god every time I decide to do steam pipe type stuff I kick myself a little. Tubes with detail all around like that are a pain in the BLEEP to cast :) But when you have them painted up and on the table it makes the effort worth it! Kevin
  11. Make sure when you find the time to paint some of it up you post it an tag us! We love seeing what everyone does with our stuff :) Kevin
  12. Just wanted to let everyone know we have started the unpainted fulfillment part of this one. we are bout half way done with it. Hand Painted is moving along well and will be updated when unpainted is finished. Can't believe we won't be seeing everyone at reapercon this year :( here is looking forward to next year! Kevin
  13. Less then 24 hours in the campaign. We are 1 or 2 backers from unlocking the scarecrow! kevin
  14. Scare Crow Stretch Goal! 4 days left! we need your support to unlock this guy :)
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