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  1. Love how you painted up our floating captured crystals!! and you are correct when I made them I pictured them bobbing up and down in a magical kind of dance :)
  2. I hope they are also better in your mind Animesensei? I feel like they are so cool, but my god every time I decide to do steam pipe type stuff I kick myself a little. Tubes with detail all around like that are a pain in the BLEEP to cast :) But when you have them painted up and on the table it makes the effort worth it! Kevin
  3. Make sure when you find the time to paint some of it up you post it an tag us! We love seeing what everyone does with our stuff :) Kevin
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know we have started the unpainted fulfillment part of this one. we are bout half way done with it. Hand Painted is moving along well and will be updated when unpainted is finished. Can't believe we won't be seeing everyone at reapercon this year :( here is looking forward to next year! Kevin
  5. Less then 24 hours in the campaign. We are 1 or 2 backers from unlocking the scarecrow! kevin
  6. Scare Crow Stretch Goal! 4 days left! we need your support to unlock this guy :)
  7. we just revealed the demonic prison cell! Functional cell door, and it comes pre-magnetized for compatibility with our metal terrain trays! Let us know what you think of it.
  8. We also unlocked the Time Lost Obelisk as part of the Kahari Desert Expansion!
  9. a few more preview teasers! One more! The new ones are much more substantial then the original so I don’t think they would blend the best. the old ones would be more like a side off shoot pipeline and the new ones would be the main pipeline. kevin
  10. Our Demon Skull Entrance previews, part of our infernal kit! Our mind flayer mini is for scale reference only,
  11. Unfortunately the only way is either from reviews of the final product or if the manufacturer tells you some information about their resin. It seems like most people want to keep it close to vest like some sort of major secret, I can't think of any way of knowing ahead of time :( You could always ask and see what they say! Smooth cast 300 and 305 is fast great detail resin from one of the largest chemical providers in the US, but it does tend to shatter on impact. That is one of the most common used resins out there. They also make 66D that we use. It was designed by them speci
  12. Was checking out this thread and always have to respond when i see these comments :) just for the resin industry's sake (yes we are a resin manufacturer!) not all resins are brittle and shard! the cheaper high speed cure resin absolutely do! But if you ever want to buy resin from a company as long as it is semi rigid (we use Smoothcast 66d) it will not do this. It will act a lot more like the bones black material. Resin casts can be amazing and can have the absolute highest level of detail if done right! Now back to conversation about hero forge :) Kevin
  13. Updating this with a few of the preview pictures we have released!
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