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  1. the ancient and wisened words of the undead...... I'm gonna have to go with...........NAOMI for most revealing outfit and nice form. But if I have to go for personal favorites.......Lola Darkslip,I can't say no to a girl in leather. "Evil" Ted
  2. Hey Castlebuilder, I must admit that was great positioning and timing on the banshees part, and how you so kindly lined up for the ladies. They really appreciate it. The entire tournament they weren't taken out until that last game. They really didn't do much that last game, but they did pay for themselves more than enough in the rest for that game.
  3. Yes I must agree that it was a very fun filled day. The Hog's run was entertaining to say the least. and all the players were great to be around. Very fun and always friendly. Thanks Paul for a great event and I look forward to next time.
  4. I do apologize for bothering you with that question again and thank you very much for the timely answer. I really appreciate it.
  5. I do not understand, my wins for the beginning of february are counted on my user profile but are not counted on the BoP map, I may just not be refreshing but Necropolis should have 5 wins in the Barthos Province. I know I asked this at one time before but I could not find the thread so I posted the question again. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Terminalcase
  6. *a crackle of thunder and a strike of thunder in the distance a lone figure stands there a wicked smile on his face he watches the conversing leaders* Yeah I enjoy reading and writing sadly I have not had alot of time to write stuff up for warlord as alot of my attention is devoted to something else entirely. I got everything at least bare minimum painted for table top quality so that will be good. I hope to have alot of fun tomorrow er well today. I hope to see a decent amount of the barthos province warlords. Hopefull more than just Reven and Reptus, seems to be all I ever fight these days LOL. Not that I am complaining, I tend to like playing the people around here, they are good people to play with. Anyways really psyched about the coming event, hope I get enough sleep. Later, Terminalcase.
  7. I played two games in the beginning of February and won but the wins do not show up on the Balance of Power map. they were recorded correctly and I got the points for them but they do not show up on the regional faction wins. Necropolis should have two wins for february so far. maybe my computer is being stupid but I was just curious about that. please let me know
  8. I'm thinking either moutain lions, mountain goats/rams or a smaller version of the griffon.
  9. I was under the impression that a model in coherency cannot be forced to flee, according to the wording in the book, a model cannot be forced to flee if in cohesion. I could be completly wrong.
  10. *beating of wardrums and horns are heard in the distance as the sun is slowly blocked out by the creeping black clouds rolling in, in a short amount of time fog starts to roll in as the sun is completely blocked out by the rolling black clouds, thunder sounds in teh distance and lightning flashes overhead and suddenly countless numbers of skeletal and ghostly figures seem to appear in the fields ahead, the lightning making them apparent. A lone figure standing at the head of the army, a man dressed in Gold studded black armor, slowly walking forward he addresses everyone* I shall bring my legions to this invitational and I will follow the rules of your diplomatic engagement. You have the word of The Destroyer. *and with this statement he slowly walks away, lightning flashing and thunder ringing in the distance, slowly the army turns in unison and marches away, the fog and rolling clouds follow slowly and steadily. The sun showing after a long darkness*
  11. what would be better is if they gave dark heaven alternatives for all the warlord figs so you can proxy them until the warlord model comes out for them, that would be nice. I have to agree that dark heaven and warlord miniatures have their own distinctive feel. I mean I like dark heaven models and all, heck I have a ton of them, but they just don't seem to be the same to the same scale as warlord miniatures, they are just a hair smaller in my opinion.
  12. I have only had the pleasure of fighting the Revan on one occasion and I was utterly stomped into the ground due to their ability to lower their defense to attack. Also it was one of my first games, I had yet to discover the wicked tactics of the necropolis. My few games of late have been astounding successes, sadly only one of which I could record due to the other two being with an unregistered player. I am trying to get him to register but he does not have an operational email address. 2 wins against the Nefsokar - I was really not impressed, the biggest problem was the walking avatar and I happened to destroy it easily with several breakers and Gauntfield. 1 win against dwarfs - This fight wasn't going well at first but quickly turned around when I could bring my numbers to bear. I was not very impressed with the bear rider either, Azarphan was able to take him down with Gauntfield and some breakers softening him up but sadly going down.
  13. I am a representative of the vast armies of the Necropolis..... I have at my disposal... Judas Bloodspire Elsabeth Briarkiss Azarphan the death knight x2 Athak the crimson knight x2 Eikar lord of the bats Naomi, the vampiress Malek the Necromancer Gauntfield the Scarecrow Nivar the Wraith Syphrilla the Succubus Skeleton warriors x12 skeleton archers x 12 skeleton breakers x 8 Crypt Bats x 2 Wraith Harvesters x 3 Banshee x 2 Gargoyle And that is the full extent of the forces at my disposal. I plan on getting a few more troops for my army. Just trying to find an easy way to transport my skeletons without bending or breaking them.
  14. alrighty, thank you very much for the info, I apparently missed that part of the face of undeath ability. hmmm.....Well I still think I can manage against other undead without being able to scare them away.
  15. I was curious about something......When facing the necropolis all models with the fearless ability lose that ability. It states in the book that all models with the undead trait gain all benefits of the fearless ability, do they gain the ability or do they just get the benefits from it? If they gain the ability then would they effectively lose it against the necropolis? I can see how they would if they do, seeing as how the necropolis I am sure know how to force other undead to back off/retreat/unbind the magics that hold them together, so forth and so on. Anyways I was just curious about that. Thanks in advance. "Evil" Ted
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