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  1. Thanks Matt - that's the way I have been playing it. I finally got something right. By the way - worst movie... Iron Eagle, all of them. Now there would be a marathon that would make you cry like a baby if you had to watch. Allen
  2. Fully painted: Crusaders: 6 Ivy Crown archers 8 Templar Knights Duke Gerard Valandil Sir Conlan Nec: Judas Gauntfield Malek 8 Wraiths 8 Skeletal Warrios 8 Skeletal Archers Athak Azarphan Working on finishing up 2000 pts of Nec - over 55 minis
  3. Great job, wish I had the time. I had problems just finding the time to read the article.
  4. The way a read it, using the tough special ability counts as your combat action. So this would mean you can not use tough to "stand back up" and then attack with as your combat action. Thoughts please. Second question, for close combat do the bases have to be touching? Can you fight over a low wall? Thanks for any inputs.
  5. All the guys in central TX are great. Make sure you look them up. Allen - former San Antoino - still Texan and Spurs fan.
  6. Sorry I missed you. I was there all day Sunday and would have loved to play. Next time we can work out the details a little better. Allen
  7. Dave always puts on a good show. If you get a chance, get with him and push some lead.
  8. I won't not have looked in the Habits of Play. For the shaken question, when in the actual game sequence does this happen?
  9. thanks for the help. I got a good excel spread sheet now. allen
  10. Will look into becoming a BL... thanks.
  11. When does a lone model become shaken if he is in close combat? Does a stunned model block movement of others? Can I move into the spot that the stunned model occupied? thanks allen
  12. Is anyone using excel or other program to help keep track of their armies?
  13. Hope to be there and would love to play.
  14. Have not played yet, but saw a large army of mummies swarm some Crusaders this weekend. I think a horde with some strong supporting characters will do will.
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