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  1. I am super excited for this kickstarter. The sculpts look amazing so far.
  2. Coming to kickstarter end of March 2021, the art of Christopher Lovell by Reina Roja Miniatures. Check out their Facebook.
  3. Launch date is on March 9 as listed on their Instagram. Preview of the biggest Nocturna figure ever done
  4. Thank you @ksbsnowowl and @Inarah. I am going to try both suggestions. I have Hashomer from BRW that has an arm gab that needs to be filled.
  5. Do you use glue as well? Using backing soda and super glue sounds like a great solution to finding the perfect filler. What would the ratio be for soda:glue?
  6. Have you tried Bondic for gap filling? Great product. Can be a bit expensive sometimes depending on where you purchase it.
  7. Limbo miniatures. Odun, sculpted by @Charles Agius CA Sculpts Coming to KS at 11:am 6th September CST. Stay tuned!
  8. My picks from the Guindyloo box. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the BoGW. It was very exciting watching the box travel from person to person.
  9. The Guindyloo box has arrived and it’s big
  10. @Mckenna35. I like the bigger models. Thanks for asking.
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