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    Movies - Recently Watched or Plan to Watch Soon

    We saw How To Train Your Dragon 3 the other day, unfortunately I've never really paid much attention to the franchise before- meaning I'd completely missed that there was a second film and thought this was the second one! It didnt really effect my enjoyment of it- obviously a kids film its designed to be potentially viewed independently if needed it just left me wondering where a few characters had come from! Last night we saw Happy Death Day 2 last night, which was a really fun film- with surprisingly a few almost tear jerking moments! I really enjoyed this film, I know it doesnt look like it's going to be a "classic" or well received from critics- but it's really fun and I'd absolutely recommend it if you're looking for something fun to watch! Tonight there's a screening of The Favourite which I missed when it opened so I'm glad to get a chance to go see this again!
  2. Nice! Well done for getting everything painted and done in time to take everything in it's "done" state. I definitely think it makes a difference in the "wow" factor for those hoping to get into new games and well done for being an advocate in general and teaching people to play! I'm trying to do more "game advocating" in my local game scene (which is very board game heavy- not so TTRPG focused) but I suffer from chronic shyness! I've run a few D&D public one shots but every time is still very nervewracking!
  3. MiniDungeonMaster

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    No signs of snow in a while now, the neighbour even had their washing on the line yesterday -a temptation to wet weather if there ever was one- but it doesn't seem to ave summoned anything!
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    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    @Guindyloo thanks so much that's a really big help! The list is looking much fuller now! I've made a google docs version of ShaneB's one here if it's useful to anyone else- I'll be making a sticker template for this shortly I use fairly standard A4 65pp labels if anyone would want that just let me know I'm happy to share- but I think most of you are in the US so would require some tweaking to fit your normal paper size I think.
  5. MiniDungeonMaster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    That's it! Thanks so much! I've been preparing for the Bones 4 arrival, and I want to print off stickers for the boxes / ziplocks I'll be "decanting" them into, and I like having the sculptor information on there where it's available, I do a similar thing with my painted minis too once they're done :) It's shame there's still so many sculptor credits missing- anyone have any idea how we can flesh this out anymore or are we unlikely to know until retail?
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    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Thanks! This has almost all of what I'm looking for though I'm sure there is another that has the sculptors as well somewhere- though I remember that being somewhat incomplete I'm not sure if all the pieces sculptors were identified at the time- I wonder if anymore has been done on this or if we wont know until retail?
  7. MiniDungeonMaster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I turned forum signatures off a long time ago, mainly because I view on mobile a lot and it makes it further to scroll- but I remember one of you had a Bones 4 spreadsheet that was very handy- can anyone link me too it? It had all the info on it including which expansion and number it was listed as, and the sculptor as well if known- I've tried turning signatures back on in my forum settings but it doesn't seem to have actually done anything...
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    What do you use for long term file storage?

    For me everything is on iCloud, Dropbox or google drive, if it’s important to me it’s on more than one of those, I pay for upgraded storage because it’s not a great cost in the grand scheme of things, for me these files are mainly photos, along with a smattering of commissioned art pieces, and lots of d&d stuff, if I had files of a more personal nature maybe I’d be concerned about security in the cloud but there’s nothing really sensitive that’s needed for me, at this time anyway!
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    The World of the Lost Lands

    Sounds really cool, I have a lot of the Frog God modules already so I probably would have gone in on this if it wasn’t for the UK shipping. Which there’s no excuse for- they must be shipping these individually from the US for that price to be accurate, get a UK/EU hub and then we’ll talk.
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    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I think I joined the forum in September but I dont think I actually started using the forum reading regularly / posting until December. Since then I dont think I've really taken a break as such- I skim through threads on my phone when I have nothing better to do so I'm probably online a bunch of times each day, but I dont always post every day- but I'm here... watching
  11. MiniDungeonMaster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I cleared a big shelf for all my Bones 4 stuff but somehow that shelf has now already been filled up with other stuff, I'm beginning to think D&D and miniatures stuff has some sort of self levelling effect like water where any uncovered space is fair game and will just immediately be consumed.
  12. MiniDungeonMaster

    What's on TV?

    I haven’t finished it but I did watch a few episodes over the weekend and really enjoyed it- agree on the soundtrack too it was great, I wonder how much Gerard Way influenced that as this is an adaptation of his comic (or graphic novel? I’m afraid I’m not up on these things I just know he wrote it)
  13. MiniDungeonMaster

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I thought exactly the same, I understand the need for more female minis, especially those in exotic races like Goliath’s and dragonfolk, and I absolutely respect everyone’s right to make their character whatever level of sexy/modest they want, but for me I much prefer more modestly dressed miniatures- it’s hard enough being a woman in the hobby without encouraging certain tropes!
  14. MiniDungeonMaster

    Printable paint charts

    With the Reaper catalogues coming soon I wonder if there will be a paint page or two with colours? If that’s not part of the plan I’d be very surprised
  15. MiniDungeonMaster

    G Paints: An Owlbear from a BoGW

    Nice! If you're looking for an ID I believe this is the Oathsworn Owlbear from Heroines in Sensible Shoes- she originally came with a cub.
  16. MiniDungeonMaster

    Movies - Recently Watched or Plan to Watch Soon

    We watched Green Book the other night- I thought it was really really excellent, highly recommend. I enjoyed the story but it also made me quite sad/reflective of how bad things were, and how in some places they aren’t much better now, but I won’t say too much because I feel that could be bee-keeper-esque!
  17. MiniDungeonMaster

    Bones Catalog

    Oooh I havent had a chance to catch up on that Reaper Live episode yet but this is cool! I'd love something like this.
  18. MiniDungeonMaster

    Critical Role official miniatures from Steamforged Games

    Yeah I have the other miniatures, all of them, and they're all really good quality I'm happy with them, I havent painted any of them yet but they have none of the same weirdness with the faces that they have in the pictures in the update.
  19. MiniDungeonMaster

    Critical Role official miniatures from Steamforged Games

    Unfortunately there's been a delay with this one announced in their latest update. The reason being problems with quality control, accompanying pictures are not good quality but... yeah. These minis look pretty bad. I'm quite annoyed / upset by this really, not the delay, KS's have delays I expect it, but the quality, I'm glad they're working to fix it... but dont know what else to say about it really. Just I hope these end up being good.
  20. MiniDungeonMaster

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Me too! I’m on my second cold of 2019- I’m normally healthy as a horse so very bored of this being laid up feeling. I could go back to work today, I’m not feeling too awful and I did lots of work emails at home yesterday- but I interface with the public and no one likes someone with a cold being out in public!
  21. MiniDungeonMaster

    Greebo Pinkings - Cutiemals: Northern Clans

    I told myself I'd only do a KS this year if there was Bones V. THIS changes things.
  22. MiniDungeonMaster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    My spreadsheet tells me that if I paint all at the rate I’m painting now, I might even be done before I’m 30! But given that bones 4 will double the quantity of minis I own... it’s not looking hopeful. Also soon I may be returning to the world of full time work instead of my life of luxury as a part timer (all good things eh?) I was (and still am, really) new to reaper with bones 4, and only got 1 dreadmere set, but it is without doubt my favourite set I love it’s aesthetics, wish I’d picked up a second one! May still yet on the aftermarket or if the site has leftovers for sale after fulfilling (is this likely?) If Reaper did a campaign setting (either setting neutral or 5e) I would definitely pick it up.
  23. MiniDungeonMaster

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Oh wow! There’s a LOT of stuff in there that I’m going to want... goodbye wallet! Or actually probably by the time these hit the UK it’ll be close to my birthday- so perhaps this is my birthday presents lined up already!
  24. MiniDungeonMaster

    Winter is here: February 2019 Goals

    Good thing I checked on this because I forgot that part of my goal is the 5 minis for WD:DH, I havent been thinking about that and I prepped a bunch of models ready for painting today- none with the intention of using for this. I dont know what's wrong with me that whatever I want to paint is never what I need for a game! I'm also nowhere near finishing the book and had ALSO totally forgotten about the map part of this goal! JEEZ! I do have one map printed.
  25. MiniDungeonMaster

    Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4

    "Young Burrowing Horror" I love the burrowing horror sculpt- but it doesn't fit so great on a 50mm base if you want to use it for, I don't know, say a Bullett, for example. In 5e they're "Large" (50mm base) so a "Young" version of this sculpt, by Jason Wiebe again perhaps, would be cool