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    Good Eats!

    I’ve been told before- but I regularly forget that the USA has INSANE prices for fresh fruit and veg, a cauliflower here is £1- (US $1.31) but often on sale for 50-70p. If I went to a supermarket and they wanted $6 (£4.60) for a cauliflower I would die laughing- even $2.50 (£1.90) I would expect some sort of a glorious/huge heritage vegetable. No wonder the fast food vs home cooking culture is so different from one side of the pond to the other! Here we can also get frozen veg in bags- where you often get more for your money and it’s still good for lots of things- frozen veg curry is one of my lazy-day cooking specialities! A handful of every bag of frozen veg in the freezer, a few tablespoons of curry powder or assorted spices and a tin of coconut milk! Simmers in a pot for 15-20 mins with little to no interruptions from me and I can even say it’s a healthy meal!
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Yeah that’s really annoying- I hope it arrives in time for you- or sooner if possible!
  3. MiniDungeonMaster

    Good Eats!

    I agree, cauliflower is a really good and healthy substitution for a lot of things- I make “Bombay cauliflower” instead of Bombay potato sometimes as a side if we’re having curry (as we normally have curry with rice and rice with potato is a bit too much for me)
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I noticed this over Christmas too, I had a countdown and then I was meant to be next, the map showed the van went to my street... and then- nothing! And then the map showed the van leaving and going further away! I really panicked but I was at work so there wasn’t really anything I could do, and then an hour later he just turned up! After the first time happened it happened a few more times but I was sort of expecting it then- and nothing was as urgent to be delivered so if it was late I wasn’t really fussed. My working theory is that those maps are a mix of gps and a schedule, it shows the van where it’s meant to be making drops on its schedule, but it’s not actually gps controlled, then when the driver calls his RM or whoever and says “I’ve been delayed” they drag the schedule back to where they actually are and it starts playing again.
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    Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4

    Ehhh I think that's pretty niche, I'd rather see that as an expansion than a whole Kickstarter based on that- I would probably go for a $50 expansion pack with a bunch of beasts and riders, but if that was the core set I'd be really disappointed. Maybe it's just that the campaigns I've run I haven't had a great need for people mounted on "weird" things, but perhaps that's because comparitively I've not been running for that long. I also think it would be pretty hard to sculpt them so that riders were interchangeable, but I'm not a sculptor so maybe not? What I actually think I'd be way more interested in is "riding conversion packs" so saddles of varying sizes, perhaps with the legs sculpted on already that can be put onto other creatures- perhaps they're a bit hollow underneath the saddles to make it easier to pop them on with some greenstuff underneath for a tighter fit? I don't know if this would work better in metal or bones actually in terms of being able to adjust how wide the saddle goes, OG bones could maybe be heat shocked into fitting the curvature needed but metal might be good for this also with a bit of brute bending? idk.
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    New Goals for a New Year!(January 2019 Hobby Goals)

    Mid month Update: I have painted 7 models so far this month, I have several others as WIPs or primed and ready to go, some are even larger than character sized so even if I don't finish 15 if I finish 10 and 2 large ones I'd be happy with that. I have decided to run Waterdeep: Dragon heist, though I have not read past the first 5 pages yet or prepared the "miniatures required list" I have also now painted over 33% of the miniatures I own (not including kickstarter unshipped) I'm really happy with this as even though I know there's hundreds unpainted- that still feels like a good % to be at. Ofc next month's shipment of Bones 4 will blow that out the water! Is this how you do a quote in a quote? Have I done it? Who knows! Let's find out. End of month update: I painted 18 models this month! Technically I also have another 6 that I would say are 66% done but I dont see those getting done tonight so I guess they'll go into February. I have read further into WD:DH, but I havent finished it or made a "miniature shopping list" and I could do some tonight, and probably will, but I dont think I'd be able to finish it, which is a shame! I'm still overall fairly happy with what I've done this month. It wasnt on my to do list but I have also re-done my spreadsheet so it's a lot more "user friendly" I'm really happy with it. I added "date acquired" to the file, and went through my instagram history to get as many as possible accurately dated- I'm interested to see how long on average it takes a mini to get painted! A long time that's for sure. Also weird fact, right now I own 337 miniatures- 337 is also the exact amount of miniatures I'll be receiving in my Bones 4 order too! Very coincidental. Though this is assuming I have logged everything I own correctly, and as I typed this I just remembered another small box I'm not sure if I've included.
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I have never frozen paint, so I have no experience- and even my experience with dried up paint is limited, I'm just mentioning something I saw on a post recently- if it's a choice between just throwing it out, or trying something first, people can see how they feel, but as I said I wouldn't recommend doing this in your cooking pans- use something you don't mind boiling plastic in, and if it doesn't work- well you were gonna have to throw the paint out anyway so no harm done, just a bit of time wasted I guess, if anyone tries it I'd certainly be interested in hearing the results if anyone does try it
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I saw a facebook post recently, may have even been in the reaper group, where someone said they had boiled their paints and had actually revived them, I cant say how true this is, but if you have a saucepan you're not fond of then whats the worst that could happen? EDIT: I found the post- I would approach this as a science experiment as opposed to thinking this is advice / a definite fix
  9. MiniDungeonMaster

    Guidance on base coat paints?

    Interesting! I have actually considered doing this before because I have often thought the grey was a bit too pale and something darker would help me to pick out detail- this gives me another reason to try that with my next batch I prime!
  10. MiniDungeonMaster

    Guidance on base coat paints?

    I have the same issue with this primer! I would love to get an airbrush to prime with but that's not going to be anytime soon, so I've been brushing this on and I have to be really careful to reduce bubbles but they're still there, once I've applied the primer I also put it right in front of a fan to help pop any remaining bubbles too but I still find them! It's a shame because otherwise I really like this primer.
  11. MiniDungeonMaster

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    My cars pretty fuel efficient but I've never had to drive more than 3 hours in one direction in it- about 200miles (and that was coast to coast basically- England is so much smaller than America!), I think I did the round trip on one tank just, it was all motorway really which means I got more miles than usual out of it. My old housemate is from Austin Texas- if I were to go to Reapercon I would definitely have to visit them too, but I've also never driven abroad so idk if I'd really want to drive on the wrong side of the road! But on the other hand- I desperately want to visit the reaper factory!!!
  12. My first show off thread! Not because I am prouder of these than anything else, more that these were close to hand when I considered taking photos and keeping more of a visual record of my mini painting adventures. OH's dad and partner got me these, amongst other, Otherworld Miniatures for Christmas and I thought these were really fun sculpts! I did these in one evening (and maybe another half hour the next day), and I'm happy with their table-top level quality. I used aquarium plant on the bases and I'm thinking I may go back and paint over that as it is quite bold- but for now I consider these done! Unfortunately I can't foresee these swamp-dwellers making an appearance in my City dwelling d&d campaign, but you never know!
  13. MiniDungeonMaster

    Otherworld Miniatures: WE12B Bullywugs (With Clubs)

    Thanks all! I have to say the pictures looked better on my phone than on the computer screen! I think I need to spend a bit more time working on my "photoshoot setup"
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    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    A 6 hour drive?! I'm from England- anything more than a 3 hour drive and we just fly! Beach does look nice though- all adds to my case, plus petrol is way cheaper in America so a 6 hour drive probably isn't AS much of a money guzzler!
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I finally decided to have a proper sit down with my miniatures spreadsheet... it is far more inaccurate than I thought. I know there's figures missing off of it so I need to do an "inventory" when I get home I think. So annoying as I thought I'd made an impressive dent in my shelf of shame, but it turns out not so much. Not aided by a wrong formula (the shame! that's basically my day job, so incorrect formulas are very embarrassing) I have, however split minis that OH has "claimed" into a separate category so I can at least stop them from clogging my section up! Adding some graphs and things too, there's nothing quite like being able to visualise your failure! My mini painting "meet up" thing last night went pretty well, a small turn out but that was what I expected, those that were there were also mainly interested in painting figures from their board game collections- which I probably should have predicted as they're from a board game club that's how this meet up came about! I'm in love with the miniatures from a game called "Stuffed Fables" that someone brought- so lovely! They've already asked me to do another one so I'm pretty happy with that!
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    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I did have a sneaky look at the cost of flights to Texas, and they weren't too bad, but OH and I only really get to make 1 international trip a year and I think I'll have a tough time convincing him that this years destination should be a convention as opposed to a beach A girl can dream though right?
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    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    I maintain that the white stuff on the ground today is extra thick frost- not snow. It's very thin and patchy- I'd be surprised if there's any left by the end of the day.
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    GHOST Brush: A Paintbrush Set For Miniature Painters

    Yep I think this is it 100%, if the creator can tell us how these are different from brushes I order online for 35p each I'll eat my words but I really don't think they are. I also suspect these are ordered via alibaba, as I speculated on in earlier comments, I didnt know that was against KS' terms though, that is interesting. With 30 hours to go I'd be surprised if KS review it in time to suspend or whatever though, but I still sort of hope they do and then maybe those poor backers will look elsewhere and realise a 10pack of nylon brushes should cost less than a nice coffee.
  19. MiniDungeonMaster

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Nope- we get a cat sitter when we go away for any length of time, though when we last went away it was only for 3 nights so our lovely neighbour just came in twice a day to do the cat stuff for us- but any longer than that and we just have someone come and stay at the house. Unfortunately (for us, not her) our normal housesitter had a baby recently so probably won’t be able to housesit for us anymore so we’ll be needing to find someone else! We normally just ask a friend as opposed to getting a company. Luckily we live very close to the main town around here- close enough that most people work in the town and staying at ours cuts down their commute time & cost so we shouldn’t struggle too much to find someone!
  20. MiniDungeonMaster

    Narthoks the Excellent by Bears Head Miniatures.

    I regret not going in on that bar tending beholder- he’s so cool even though I have no use for him!
  21. MiniDungeonMaster

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    I’ve been known to wear fingerless gloves at my desk because my office is so cold! If I’m outside just walking or w/e, mittens, if not, gloves. I’m with ManvsMini on the transformer mitten/gloves- super handy
  22. MiniDungeonMaster

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    My grandad was on Jury duty as a young man- I can’t remember exactly how old but he hadn’t had my mum yet. Anyway he loved it, I suspect the pay/reimbursement was better back then, his trial was fraud or embezzlement or something and lasted the better part of a year. I’ve never been called, and other than my grandad don’t know anyone who has!
  23. MiniDungeonMaster

    Miniature tracking software?

    I use google sheets because I like being able to access it on my phone (when I’m out in a shop looking at things) as well as on my laptop or Mac at home without having to worry about “is this the most updated version?” Mine is only in the beginning stages of implementing tags, but I also use excel almost exclusively for work stuff so I’m sure it can be done to a high level. Google sheets does have a few things missing that I find handy in excel, but overall I’m very pleased with it. I stole the basic framework of my sheet from someone on this forum (sorry, can’t remember who) but have heavily modded it
  24. MiniDungeonMaster

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I just about remembered to prime the minis I’ll be using for this “introduction to mini painting” thing I’m doing for a few people tomorrow, I’ve made very clear that I’m not teaching/ it’s not a class- I’m just providing a few materials (paints, brushes &primed minis) for some to test it out as they expressed an interest. I’ll be taking along this Citadel learn to paint book FIL bought me when I first showed interest in the subject and other than that letting people experiment and offer advice if I can- but my painting skills are not nearly good enough to be teaching people!
  25. MiniDungeonMaster

    How to base for an unknown urban fantasy game?

    I glue lots of figures by feet only, I just shout at anyone who attempts to pick a mini up by anything other than the base XD you can also use "flight stands" or clear acrylic cake dowels cut to size to add extra support where needed