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  1. On 4/1/2019 at 7:03 PM, MiniDungeonMaster said:

    I start my new job this month- so setting lower than previous goals for myself


    - Paint 10 miniatures

    - Run 1 d&d session

    -Make building plans for new desk/hobby area



    Wow I got even less done than my idea of "reduced goals" actually quite annoyed by the whole thing.


    The building plans for a new desk area were made- and we started building- but withmy new job it is taking much longer than planned and nothing is finished yet- which left me without a place to paint for basically all of April so I got 4 minis started, but not finished. I ran a session 0 for my campign which was good- I'm happy with that. Hopefully the hobby room will be finished this weekend and I can get back to some painting!

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  2. Wow- about 50 pages here since I last checked in- my last week at my old job and my first week of my new job have really taken over my life! Especially coupled with the building work we have going on at home in our free time! I hope I haven’t missed anything too drastic in the missed pages as I’m not sure I’ll be able to catch up- hope you’re all doing well!

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  3. Wow! That was a lot of posts to catch up on!


    so excited some of you have your miniatures already!


    its sad that some people are mad about it on various other channels- I thought it fairly clear the order they were shipping but also not every backer reads every KS update or any other content put out (multiple times) I suspect reaper weren’t expecting the Canadian orders to reach their destinations quite so quickly- but even then wave 1 US must be starting soon- so there won’t be that much of a gap I’m sure :)

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  4. On 3/1/2019 at 11:40 AM, MiniDungeonMaster said:

    I will be abroad for a few days this month but not too long, I'm going to EuroDisney on a hen do- it's not my cup of tea necessarily but I'm sure I'll have a good time as I like the group of girls going!


    This month for my hobby goals I would like to:

    1) Receive Bones 4! Hopefully? Maybe? If they're shipping in March as it sounds like they're on track to do I suspect my parcel will arrive here in dear old blighty either the very end of March or the start of April- so here's hoping! I'm cautiously optimistic this will arrive in April.

    2a) Paint 15 miniatures! I did it in January and February (exceeded, even) so lets hope March stays on trend! I actually have a bunch of minis prepped already that are almost ready to start painting (a mix of reaper bones and wizkids unpainted) I managed 16! Midway through the month I became uncertain I could do this but I managed it with only minimal amounts of rushing at the end!

    2b) I would really like 5 of the miniatures I paint this month to be miniatures I can use for the WD:DH module I'll be running hopefully this month Not exactly... not sure on the exact numbers but probably didnt manage this- too much painting what took my fancy not enough painting the priority list. Typical.

    3) Print off all needed maps for Chapter 1 of WD:DH ... nope.

    4) Complete list of needed miniatures for the whole module- shop accordingly? I started this one...


    Personal goals

    1) Get a new job? I was approached by the charity I volunteer for who asked me to apply for a full time paid role that's becoming available shortly, so hopefully I'll hear back on that this month! SUCCESS! I start in 2 weeks.

    2) Prepare for EuroDisney! Clothes shopping is definitely needed I've been told there will be several themes we need to dress for throughout the long weekend which at this time I have nothing suitable for! I went, I rollercoastered, I returned.


    Not the most successful month but I'm happy I got 16 minis painted, which brought me to a total of 50 for 2019 so far! If it wasnt for Bones 4 arriving soon this would be an impressive dent in my shelf of shame.


    I have booked in a date with my friends for character creating. I hope a REAL deadline will get my butt in gear to do the rest of this stuff in a reasonable time frame.


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  5. Where you live: United Kingdom - if the box goes international I'd love to be included- but if not I'm 100% okay with not being included, whatever is easier for people with regards to routing etc

    If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive): Yes to EU/US elsewhere can be v. expensive I'm afraid.

    If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) No

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  6. Today I have been motivated to get Stuff and Things done around the house- packed up a lot of boxes in prep for some small home reno we'll be doing, left some furniture outside with a free sign which seems to be gone ( or hiding behind a hedge- I'll check shortly) a lack of boxes is my problem at the moment- I'll have to pinch some from work tomorrow. Have also been listing some free stuff on facebook but people don't just want it to be free there- they also want it delivered. It'll probably be delivered to a charity shop instead on Tuesday I think.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Sibling said:

    3mm gold sequins? but then you'd have to explain the holes in the coins ... not that I am against glitter in any way :) I love it.


    Just fell down a rabbit hole looking at stuff on the interwebz...there is a lot more variety of glitter out there than I originally thought, I may have to visit a nail art place in the near future ::D:


    Update: I just bought glitter, in silver and gold. 


    If you aren’t in a rush I find perusing Wish for nail art supplies is a super cheap way to do it- lots of gems and things that could be useful for minis for “just pay shipping” and while you’ve already got glitter, and shipping glitter is a nightmare waiting to happen- I’m sure they do that too. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever looked for craft supplies on there... I may remedy that now.

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  8. Wow! Faster than expected! No shipping notice but mine arrived today! Very pleased with them overall, some of mine do have fairly soft detail around the eyes which I'm sure will be really fun when it comes time to paint but overall I'm very pleased.


    The packaging is unnecessarily large though, even if they wanted everything to be seen through the "window" there's still tons of clearance on each side- not sure if it's poor design, a manufacturing flaw or what.


    Will definitely get the cats when that becomes an option.

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  9. 10 hours ago, Unruly said:


    I've never really wanted a Lambo. Well, except for the Countach when I was a teen, which was out of production for 14 years before I was even eligible for a driver's license. And even then, it was only because I had it as a matchbox car that changed colors in response to heat, which made it my favorite toy car as a kid. The thing is just about useless to drive because you cant see anything from it. The rear window is a postage stamp, and you sit so low in the car that the door windows start around your neck...


    My dream cars have always been old muscle. I'd love something like an Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 hardtop, or my personal favorite the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with T-tops. I'd also take an old GTO, Charger, or Challenger. Just not a Mustang. Never been a fan of the Mustang.



    I've never wanted a Lambo either, to me, fancy cars exist, but it would literally never even occur to me to want one, I've driven the same Kia Picanto since I got my licence and will probably continue to do so until it becomes problematic, and then just buy whatever small cheap 4 door car I can get, probably another of the same, I have never really got the car thing- I appreciate mine getting me from A-B, wouldn't be without it, but I just don't get how people look at some and crave them... they're just cars. :blink:

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  10. Can't find it on the EU site yet (though it may be there but the search function over there is... interesting) I would like to get one with my next order, whenever that is- I can't exactly justify an order right now with so many bones turning up imminently. 

  11. 17 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:


    Me too, but my wife and I have decided not to get anymore pets (save for the goldfish tank).  When our youngest leaves in a couple years we want to travel the world, and it just wouldn't be fair to a pet to be left behind all the time. 


    I am currently living vicariously through my friends and relatives' pets; plus sculpting fun dogs like Odin. :poke:


    Have you considered fostering pets? Fosterer’s save lives by providing local shelters with an extra place for a dog or cat to go- but you can give them back/ arrange fostering around your holidays! Plus you don’t have to cover any costs! (Usually- depends on the organisation I suppose but this is my experience)


    lots of people worry about “foster failing” and wanting to keep every pet that comes through their door- but I advise anyone considering fostering at my organisation that we do this to save lives and find pets new homes- the more you take in and rehome the more lives you save! Very few people actually do end up “foster failing”

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  12. Waiting for either a shipping notice or a parcel any day now, I think they said they were hoping to have UK parcels shipped by the end of this week and very little posted uk-uk takes more than 3 days so I’m hoping to have something fun to open on my day off next week!

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  13. 14 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

    Hubby's cat, Falazure, is the one who really suffered yesterday. (If you ask him.) We got home a whole 4 hours after his feeding time. At first we couldn't find him, maybe he was right and he had withered up and vanished because he didn't get food right away. But I found him in the upstairs linen closet. 


    He stuck his little face out, stared at me with a mixture of reproach and hope, and made a quiet little "murp!" But he wouldn't come out until I opened the door more. And he wouldn't come down the stairs until I led him down with the can of cat food. 


    Oh no, this little drama queen needed us to know that we'd abused him terribly, and that he was bare minutes (seconds, even!) away from perishing utterly! 


    He's such a silly boy :rolleyes:



    I have a similarly food obsessed cat- who treats any entry into the kitchen that doesn't result in him getting fed as a personal attack! He likes to jump on my chest as I sleep and tap my face (claws in or out, depending on the severity of his hunger) at 6am to remind me that I need to get up and feed him RIGHT NOW or he shall surely waste away momentarily.

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  14. Yeah I have this with my green stuff "ribbon" I think soon I'll get some more green stuff rollers and roll out the rest of my green stuff into bases, and the next time I'll get the kind that comes separately- it's a big chunk down the middle that seems to be lost- but also my blue side seems much narrower than the yellow side which is quite annoying and I think is getting worse the further into the roll I get.

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  15. For a time as a teenager my bedroom was littered with tropical fish tanks! I think we got up to 7 at one point! No saltwater though- my mum had previously done the saltwater thing and encouraged me in the other direction. I had a general community tank, a female Betta community tank, a cold water tank, 2 small single male betta tanks and 2 larger male betta tanks that were split with dividers so I think one held 3 and one held 4. :) I do miss it sometimes my Bettas in particular had such great little personalities- space is such a premium though right now I just really don’t know where a tank would fit!

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  16. As a DM the monsters are infinitely more interesting to me than 90% of the character mini packs- something I foolishly did not anticipate when first getting into minis as I bought (or was bought) a LOT of character packs, which are almost all on the shelf of shame as I prioritise things I see myself using first! When I need a humanoid baddie though they're handy- but for the most part when I see those "new release" lists, my eyes go straight to the monsters.

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