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  1. It’s in Felixstowe?! OH’s has a shop in Felixstowe, perhaps I should tell him to go check on the container while he’s there 😂
  2. The box is being shipped to my family home as there’s never anyone at my actual home during delivery hours to sign for things- I haven’t been notified of its arrival yet but will double check today (at a more reasonable hour) I’ve messaged Beagle, who’s after me in the lineup for their address so once I have the box I should be able to sort through and get it back out fairly quickly :)
  3. I got a new job in April and I basically haven’t painted since. Octobers goal will be: paint one mini start to finish finish painting a mini that has been languishing on the WIP rack
  4. Sorry I ended up holding onto it for longer than planned- missed the chance to do it last Monday so had to wait to today- box is now on it's way to @Flit
  5. A very heavy box has arrived from NL yesterday, thank you @Glitterwolf I’ll be picking it up from my parents house (the delivery address as I’m always out and porch parcel pirates are around in my area) and looking through it today, if I’m quick I’ll be able to get it out tomorrow, if not I’m afraid it will be next Monday
  6. Oh that’s annoying- I had earmarked that for an upcoming order but was thinking it was still clear- I don’t know why they would change it to grey- is it translucent grey or opaque?
  7. Interesting- it does seem to have changed since my last post, I think the problem now is that it doesn't search for partial matches as with your example above- hopefully this should be an easy thing to change I think this would be useful for a lot of searches.
  8. I have a beef with the way results are returned even if there are no results. For example if I search "gazer" then the page that loads is just full of new / random figures and it's unclear if my search failed, if there are no results for my search or if somehow these results are relevant to my search. Can we please get it changed to just no results and a line of text: "There were no results for your search term." Bonus points for: "There were no results for you search term "gazer" People who search this term also search for "Eye Monster" "Beholder" "Spectator" "Conjunctivitis"
  9. Finish hobby room Paint 15 miniatures Run 1 d&d session Prep for multiple d&d sessions.
  10. Wow I got even less done than my idea of "reduced goals" actually quite annoyed by the whole thing. The building plans for a new desk area were made- and we started building- but withmy new job it is taking much longer than planned and nothing is finished yet- which left me without a place to paint for basically all of April so I got 4 minis started, but not finished. I ran a session 0 for my campign which was good- I'm happy with that. Hopefully the hobby room will be finished this weekend and I can get back to some painting!
  11. Wow- about 50 pages here since I last checked in- my last week at my old job and my first week of my new job have really taken over my life! Especially coupled with the building work we have going on at home in our free time! I hope I haven’t missed anything too drastic in the missed pages as I’m not sure I’ll be able to catch up- hope you’re all doing well!
  12. Wow! That was a lot of posts to catch up on! so excited some of you have your miniatures already! its sad that some people are mad about it on various other channels- I thought it fairly clear the order they were shipping but also not every backer reads every KS update or any other content put out (multiple times) I suspect reaper weren’t expecting the Canadian orders to reach their destinations quite so quickly- but even then wave 1 US must be starting soon- so there won’t be that much of a gap I’m sure :)
  13. Just saw a pic of someone’s delivery in the Facebook group- rusher straight over here to see if any Canadian forumites are so lucky- looks like not yet but I wonder which one of you will be first? So exciting!
  14. I start my new job this month- so setting lower than previous goals for myself - Paint 10 miniatures - Run 1 d&d session -Make building plans for new desk/hobby area
  15. Not the most successful month but I'm happy I got 16 minis painted, which brought me to a total of 50 for 2019 so far! If it wasnt for Bones 4 arriving soon this would be an impressive dent in my shelf of shame. I have booked in a date with my friends for character creating. I hope a REAL deadline will get my butt in gear to do the rest of this stuff in a reasonable time frame.
  16. Where you live: United Kingdom - if the box goes international I'd love to be included- but if not I'm 100% okay with not being included, whatever is easier for people with regards to routing etc If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive): Yes to EU/US elsewhere can be v. expensive I'm afraid. If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) No
  17. Today I have been motivated to get Stuff and Things done around the house- packed up a lot of boxes in prep for some small home reno we'll be doing, left some furniture outside with a free sign which seems to be gone ( or hiding behind a hedge- I'll check shortly) a lack of boxes is my problem at the moment- I'll have to pinch some from work tomorrow. Have also been listing some free stuff on facebook but people don't just want it to be free there- they also want it delivered. It'll probably be delivered to a charity shop instead on Tuesday I think.
  18. If you aren’t in a rush I find perusing Wish for nail art supplies is a super cheap way to do it- lots of gems and things that could be useful for minis for “just pay shipping” and while you’ve already got glitter, and shipping glitter is a nightmare waiting to happen- I’m sure they do that too. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever looked for craft supplies on there... I may remedy that now.
  19. As we say over here: Jag’s are excellent off-road vehicles!
  20. Wow! Faster than expected! No shipping notice but mine arrived today! Very pleased with them overall, some of mine do have fairly soft detail around the eyes which I'm sure will be really fun when it comes time to paint but overall I'm very pleased. The packaging is unnecessarily large though, even if they wanted everything to be seen through the "window" there's still tons of clearance on each side- not sure if it's poor design, a manufacturing flaw or what. Will definitely get the cats when that becomes an option.
  21. I've never wanted a Lambo either, to me, fancy cars exist, but it would literally never even occur to me to want one, I've driven the same Kia Picanto since I got my licence and will probably continue to do so until it becomes problematic, and then just buy whatever small cheap 4 door car I can get, probably another of the same, I have never really got the car thing- I appreciate mine getting me from A-B, wouldn't be without it, but I just don't get how people look at some and crave them... they're just cars.
  22. Can't find it on the EU site yet (though it may be there but the search function over there is... interesting) I would like to get one with my next order, whenever that is- I can't exactly justify an order right now with so many bones turning up imminently.
  23. Have you considered fostering pets? Fosterer’s save lives by providing local shelters with an extra place for a dog or cat to go- but you can give them back/ arrange fostering around your holidays! Plus you don’t have to cover any costs! (Usually- depends on the organisation I suppose but this is my experience) lots of people worry about “foster failing” and wanting to keep every pet that comes through their door- but I advise anyone considering fostering at my organisation that we do this to save lives and find pets new homes- the more you take in and rehome the more lives you save! Very few people actually do end up “foster failing”
  24. Waiting for either a shipping notice or a parcel any day now, I think they said they were hoping to have UK parcels shipped by the end of this week and very little posted uk-uk takes more than 3 days so I’m hoping to have something fun to open on my day off next week!
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