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  1. Aint been here in ages. I know what ya mean, Bushido. I have a ton of fantasy figures unpainted, GW and Reaper, but I keep getting drawn back to my Space Marines. I guess it's the smooth armor and sharp edges for shadeing that keep pulling me back. Just wondering on the particulars of the construction for your base, since Im thinking of doing something similar for my entire Blood Angel army once I get them done
  2. Sweet work! I exspecialy like how the trim turned out. A few years back I converted up one of these minis into Horus for a friend. I had close to 50 additional spikes added to his armor. Then someone knocked it out a window...
  3. Heh, looks great from here. Just a little tip which might cut down on the loyalist questions. Next time try fileing off the arrows and points from the shoulderpads and legs. Removeing them doesnt realy remove the old look to them, just gets rid of any suspicious markings. I've done that with a few marines of mine, particuarly my Death Company.
  4. Well, the problem isnt with the resin. It's with the rubber mold. Seems it didnt fill in a space next to the sword for some reason, so now there's a big glob on the neck when I make a casting. Im going to have to make another mold with it faceing up insted of to the side, but Im not sure if I have enough rubber left. I may have to wait till I sell a couple EyeFiends before I have the money to order more.
  5. Well, I just did a test-casting in resin. Turns out the mold has some major air bubbles that didnt show up till I got a casting. It'll be a couple days before I find out if I can repair them or not. If I cant repair this mold, I'll have to sell a few EyeFiends before I can get more rubber to make a new mold. I tend to make my production molds pretty thick to avoid tearing them in casting.
  6. Spanish? O.o The shipping would be insane.. Micromark has low-temp casting alloys, but they only offer them in 8 once nuggets and they are expensive. Too expensive for me to make any kind of profit selling minis made from them.
  7. Well, resin for now since it's all I have. Once I get a melting pot and find someone to order the metal from online I'll be offering them in metal. You seem to have alot of waste with resin, where as with metal you can re-use the waste bits, or recycle bad castings.
  8. I was going to do something like that, actualy. Cut open the mouth, let it cure, then fill it in with some of the brown stuff (if it's still any good) that I have and sculpt the teeth and tounge from that. I'll have to keep the mouth more or less filled so it'll cast right, otherwise I'd have to make it in two parts to keep from getting air bubbles in the casting.
  9. Thanka for the imput! I think the next one will have outstretched arms, so that'll help take care of the problem with the arms looking wierd. I may try doing one with an open mouth. Not quite sure how Im going to work that but hopefuly it'll cast right.
  10. Yup. Im hopeing to sell some, maybe start a buisness doing that. This one will probably sell for about $3. Once I get all 4 diffirent ones finish I'll probably sell them all together in a 'boxed deal' for around $10
  11. Interesting. You and I should party sometime. Multiple warped minds are always fun
  12. And the last pic, from the right side. Not too happy with how the hands turned out, or the guard on the sword. All things to hopefuly work on improveing with the next one
  13. A shot from the left side. I think I got this arm alittle bit bigger than the right, but unless you're holding it and looking realy close, it doesnt show up too well. My next one will have it's arms outstretched so hopefuly it'll be a bit easier to get the arms both the same size.
  14. Well, here it is, while the last of the greenstuff is still hardening! Honestly I think I got the head alittle bit lopsided. That and I have no idea how the eyes will paint up. Oh well, I guess I'll let you all decide. I should have a mold and castings of it sometime tomorrow, then a painted version a couple of days or so after that.
  15. Looking great so far! Heh, ofcorse, when I saw the title I expected there to actualy be drool. Dunno, guess Im weird like that. I know I did add some slime/drool to this one demon I painted once a long time ago. Im not sure what it was I used, some kind of thick epoxy glue I think.
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