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  1. Adam Paints

    Star Craft Board Game

    sorry for the late reply, I completed these a while ago. The customer included his own 3d printed pieces too. Hope you guys like them :D
  2. Adam Paints

    Gas Lands Cars and War Rig

    Thanks, guys really appreciate it.
  3. Adam Paints

    Miskatonic Faculty: Vale, Alma Mater

    wow this is epic makes me want to play COC again
  4. So I started this story quite a while ago as part of an adventure module I was working on, for a yet be announced game I was working on. It is a dark fantasy setting that is a twist on some of our own history. Its still a work in progress but would appreciate and C+C which may lead me to add more to it in the near future. After the First Crusade recaptured Whiteburn in 0859MD, many pilgrims travelled to visit what they referred to as the Holy Places. However, though the city of Whiteburn was under relatively secure control, the rest of Outremer was not. Bandits were abundant, and pilgrims were routinely slaughtered, sometimes by the hundreds, as they attempted to make the journey from the coastline at Jaffe into the Holy Land. Part 1 The old man looked at his ring, thoughtfully. He was standing by a Portcullis, in the misty fog of Whiteburn streets rolling and wafting all around. It was winter. He wore suitable clothes, a long woollen coat and simple robes underneath. In his hand, he held a cane, leaning on it slightly, listening. Occasionally a peasant would pass this small street, with its close Shanty Houses. He looked to be the timeless Aristocratical Lord, standing there, perhaps waiting to hail a coach, or maybe waiting for a lady to arrive. Patient, reserved, predestine, in a calm collected manner. His eyes were a deep green, his hair, Auburn and slightly greying but neatly kept. Clean shaven and respectable in every department. A long black coach pulled up beside him. One the horses began to rear, the old man gazed into its eyes and it came to rest. The structure made one of those annoying creaking sounds that irritated him. But he ignored it as face loomed out of the darkness. At first, the gentleman forced a sharp intake of breath. The face of a woman, beautiful, like a marble statue is beautiful. And the colour of ivory. “Mr Hanlon Lees?”, asked the very pale woman. Beautiful, he thought, but dangerous. He regained his composure almost immediately, “Forgive me dear “, he said quietly, ” I am indeed the same Hanlon Lees.” “Please, Mr Lees, step into my car, we have a lot to talk about. The night is … young yet” she spoke softly, elegantly. an in an enthralling tone of voice. The man opened the door quietly and looked around, making sure that he was not followed. All he saw was the mist. He stepped into the cab and quietly it pulled away. In the shadows above, a man stood on a nobles balcony, somehow cloaked in the shadow itself. He was tall, philistine, and possessed a look of dedication. Undoubtedly, he had seen battle, such was his build and his stance. Suggestive of a warrior. He looked into the deep air for no more than a few moments. He whispered something quiet to himself, clenching a fist. He too was pale like the woman, though not as white. Quietly, he lowered himself down to the street and went over to a near boy dressed in bedraggled messenger clothing. “Tell the Lord that she has taken one to speak with. They must be stopped, for the good of everyone. Gods be with you” Part 2 My Name is Vittorja Elanua, “I am Justicar of the order”. He gazed down at her eloquent flowing dress, crafted from the finest of silks in Scarlet Red, with simple flower petals embodied into the design She laid her hand upon her lap. “We have been watching you for some time”, Hanlon did not seem surprised. “We have been fighting an invisible war, not just against the Sabbat but another threat to all Kindred kine, you have been charged to abrogate this menace” “But what of my loyalty to my prince” He protested, motioning to stand up, but unable to in the confined space of the cabin. “Your Prince has come to an understanding” She reached to a wooden box below her seat and pulled out a large object wrapped in dirtied linen “You will need this to complete your task” He reached over and carefully placed the object on his knees, it seemed to hold no weight for something so large. He delicately began to unfurl the linin, it soon became apparent to him that this had not been seen by a man's eyes in generations. He could feel a heat build up from inside the wrappings, although it did not burn he felt a warmth that he had not felt since his days as a mortal. He further unfurled the wrappings, a handle began to appear, crafted from fine leather and silk, in a crimson not unlike that of Vittorja’s dress, a pommel in the shape of an anque, with wings of a predatory bird inlaid with a fine jewel. It was of a metal he had not seen before but the craftsmanship was sublime and yet so precise. It reminded him of a time when he worked as a smith when he could take pride in his work. The angles and edges on this pommel were so precise it could not have been crafted by a mere man. Perhaps Eleven or Dwarven he thought, but immediately dismissed due to the unusual nature of the pommel. He continued slowly unsheathing it revealing the hilt, mirroring the predatory wings on the pommel. “Only those of true faith may gaze upon its blade” Vittorja recounted. Mesmerized by its beauty he continued revealing a long but perfectly balanced blade, The decisive killing tool” He Sibilated. He traced a finger over the Runic writing that was inlaid with precious metals on the blade He did not recognize the script despite being a scholar of languages. “With this, you will be a weapon of the order”
  5. Adam Paints

    Gas Lands Cars and War Rig

    @Froggy the Great I don't have any close-ups with me but could try and grab some late. The Lorry itself is from a Hotwheels transport set. I replaced the wheels with some resin ones. The front scoop was made with some plasticard for attachment structure and resin parts. a magnet has been embedded on the bonnet to affix weapons. There's also a magnet on the top of the cabin. I have magnetised several pieces or resin or plasticard scrap which you can see on the roof. It also has an aerial made with a thin piece of wire that also magnetised too. (I have to take it off in death races as it won't fit under the gates) As for the trailer, it's from a home bargains lorry toy. I ripped the wheelset off and replaced them with the ones on the transporter from the Hotwheels transporter. I had to add some plasticard between them, to get the height needed to line up with the lorry. I added magnets to the top in several areas for the guns again. Then liberally (intentionally roughly) glued scraps of resin, resin casts and plastic card around to represent some wasteland gangs attempts art adding armour. The painting was pretty easy. Spray Primer black. Then quick airbrush with some metal colours in circular patchy ways. Using a brush I added some spot colour to the armour and doors then everything got a spray with my homemade dirty wash. Next was some sponge chipping with silver and dark browns. and a little bit of dry brushing in areas that would really get abused. Next, I added a coat of varnish followed by some steaking with some AK streaking effect enamals. It was then finished off with a variety of pigments from AK and MIG.
  6. Adam Paints

    Star Craft Board Game

    Had a quick search on the forum with no luck. But I have a commision coming to paint the entire starcraft board game. Has anyone got experience with it or got any pics?
  7. Adam Paints

    CSM Demogorgon

    This is looking really great, I love the colour on the scales. As for the eyes maybe you could do it so they appear to glow like in some of the artwork?
  8. Adam Paints

    Reaper's YouTube Problem

    I'm actually planning to do a regular painting series on youtube to go with my blog https://www.adampaints.net/blog/ I already have some initial footage taken using my new setup. Whilst regularly using reaper MSP paints. I'm happy to tag reaper in and do any sensible requests. I did upload an early test to my facebook page with the setup I plan on using Id appreciate any feedback on the camera setup https://www.facebook.com/Themodelpainter/videos/1645267268855190/
  9. Adam Paints

    Gas Lands Cars and War Rig

    @Glitterwolf Converting them is definitely one of my favourite aspects. I'm not a fan of assembling multi-part minis, even though its something I can do. But being able to convert it so you have a piece that is totally unique is one my favourite parts of this hobby. The bottom car, for example, is a real mod podge of bits. The gun is a housing from a bot from Infiniti, Styrene rod for the barrels itself. The bonnet scoop is all green stuff, mesh from kitchen sieve, gas barrel from flames of war tank. the top section is the centre of dreadnaught sarcophagus with the writing scraped off the green stuff. You cant see in the back but there's also a scratch built turbo booster made from some flame of war weapon bits and plasticard. The cable comes from a paper clip. And finally, if you look really close there a magnet embedded in the hood scoop so it can take any of the weapon options in the other photos. I've been a wargamer and painter for a lot of years but this is the first in a long time I've had a lot of fun doing them
  10. Adam Paints

    2021 Tara the Silent

    Love it great skin tones.
  11. Adam Paints

    Gas Lands Cars and War Rig

    Thanks, @Glitterwolf it's a great game. and the models (toys) are cheaper than chips!
  12. Adam Paints

    Gas Lands Cars and War Rig

    Gaslands is a tabletop game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem. With fast and cinematic rules, it is designed to be played with toy cars, https://gaslands.com/ Here are some of the teams I have made for the game Including a War Rig that can be used in select scenarios. All vehicles have been magnetised for a variety of weapons options. They were made using Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars with added resin parts or greenstuff work. As for painting some are complete strip and repaint where others I have attempted to keep the original paint job intact whilst painting the details typically missed on the toys. Weathering was done with a combination of chipping techniques. Enamel streaking and grime, and several kinds of Pigment.
  13. Adam Paints

    Favored paint handle putty

    I use Garfys geta grips. It comes with a variety of adapters to hold your models base in place and a cork for use with pinned models. https://taleofpainters.blogspot.com/2018/08/garfys-get-grip-is-back-and-better-than.html The image below is from Garfy Himself, not mine,.
  14. Adam Paints

    Introduction + some of my work

    Thanks Redd, its just following simple techniques and remembering to take my time. anyone can do it with a little bit of patience and practice :D Thanks, @EldritchEladrin it's from the Village Attack board game, he's a wicked mini.
  15. Adam Paints

    Vallejo Matte Sealer - shiny problem

    Using an airbrush I usually have to use multiple coats of Vallejo matt to kill the gloss coats. Something I regularly do as I usually use oil washes. You will probably find that a satin varnish will have the same protection as a gloss in the future they should be easier to matt coat after that. When I could get hold of Liquitex matt I did find it left a matter, (mattyer, more matty what the correct word for that?) finish. If you want super duper matte try - AK Ultra Matte it's amazing just don't try brushing it! @Auberon if you are getting an airbrush I would highly suggest you get a cheap Chinese airbrush solely for the purposes of sealers, the varnish can seriously clog your brushes and knacker your seals. I personally have a couple of quick release connectors one on the cheap Chinese and one on the Iowata.