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  1. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen WIP

    Hi, I wanted to post some of dragons I'm painting, i showed it a little bit before (sorry for multiple threads ) but i think this belongs here for wip. section :-) So i did green version before and this is new one with different color variation, i think i will do one more with reds. I would love to hear your thoughts! Old green version,
  2. Arkadiusz.M

    Green Dragon

    Thank you everyone! :-) Some new colors!! I'm trying different things :D What do you guys think ?
  3. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    wow, i'm kinda speechless!! Thank you so much :-) You are simply awesome!
  4. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    Thank you so much TaleSpinner i didn't notice you replied before sorry :-( I will definitely try do everything by the book :D As for sculpture i used 3d printing after sculpting in zbrush, i have tried traditional sculpting but it takes so much to get a hand on it and get to lvl that i'm in zbrush that 3d printing seems like reasonable choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucTWRfZUP3I
  5. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen

    Thank you Tjrez, to be honest i will try some more brave tones i think, i'm interested to see how this will change perception of this miniature.
  6. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen

    Thank you! Actually i sculpted this miniature myself, it's 15cm/5.9" high :D you can check it out at West-Forge miniature website. So cool man, Thank you so much! Thank you :-) to be honest i have few more ideas how to paint the dragon i will try to post them in near future. Funny thing it feels totally different as how i remember it :D Thanks! :-)
  7. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen

    Hello, this time I wanted to share painted miniature, after almost 10 years i got back to painting :D I hope you like it!
  8. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    I saw that ;-) Thank you my friend! Much appreciated!
  9. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    Last thing I want is ban :D so thank you regardless :-) if you like the statue don't forget to vote on Putty and Paint it helps me so much!
  10. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    This is awesome! I really think you going to enjoy it! I'm so exited to see other painters can do with this statue!! Thank you so much! I simply can't wait
  11. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    I'm so sorry, wasn't sure if i could post that, promise to not do that again :-( Thank you so much for moderating and I'm really happy you like the statue :D Thank you so much! So happy you guys like that :D Thank you so much !
  12. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    Thank you! I wanted to make sure there is cool dynamic between Queen and the Dragon. She stands firm and strong almost like a goddess, with her claw like heels and posture, on the other hand Dragon is more dynamic and hound or snake like, ready to strike!
  13. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    Statue is 5.5" x 5.9" x 7.1"(W x H x D), it comes with 9 parts for assembly it looks like this.
  14. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    Thank you so much my friend! I'm sure they would! ;-) :D:D Most of the info you can find on West-Forge website, but I would love to answer any questions about the design and inspiration for this statue, if your interested. :-) And thank you! So happy you like it !
  15. Arkadiusz.M

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    Hello everyone i wanted to share custom made statue for painters that i sculpted, Dragon Queen. Hope you enjoy it! UPDATE!! Video :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucTWRfZUP3I