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  1. FaerunsFermentations

    Looking for a guard miniature

    wow, you guys are amazing. I cant believe you found this thank you so much! Now to acquire it in some way... Thanks again guys, yah its out of production but at least I have this information.
  2. FaerunsFermentations

    Oathsworn Burrows and Badgers figures

    These are fantastic, I love the shorts, it reminds me of redwall.
  3. FaerunsFermentations

    89003: Pathfinder Goblin Warriors, sort of

    Love the pink one, these are great, I'm still new and learning to paint, everyone here makes it look so easy.
  4. FaerunsFermentations

    Looking for a guard miniature

    Like this but no shoulder pads, hes large around the gut, possibly bald, no shield, the sword is actually behind him and dragging on the ground, the armous is silver his torso was blue and the feet are pointed toes in, instead of toes out.
  5. FaerunsFermentations

    Looking for a guard miniature

    Honestly its hard to remember the armor style. If my description doesnt give him away then I think Im out of luck. This model is vary unique by the atributes I described. I have never seen any other model like It, I will try to think of more. EDIT: So the last time I saw him he was on a instagram post, in a model cellar, he was pale skin, wearing blue and silver colors, and their was another model alluna the illuminati assassin was jumping in the air to kill him.
  6. FaerunsFermentations

    Looking for a guard miniature

    I saw it on an instagram post, its made from plastic. I think hes guarding a dungeon. I doubt its in production but its possible. hes a little chuby but tall and groggy or gangly(but not thin).
  7. FaerunsFermentations

    Looking for a guard miniature

    Those are actually really cool! I did not know this handy device existed! unfortunately I dont think its Reaper and one of your members told me it was okay to ask about non reaper items. Thanks though these are close and really great minis. The guy im looking for is standing, hes starring down, hes not engaged in battle.
  8. FaerunsFermentations

    Looking for a guard miniature

    Hey everyone I know this is not a reaper product but I need some help finding a miniature. He is a guard, draging a great sword, the tip of the sword rests on the ground, his feet are turned together like so / \ Has anyone come across a figure like this? I will try to think more of what he looks like. Thank you eveyrone i appreciate it! Best, FF