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  1. It's too bad you didn't show the back, too!
  2. Is this available somewhere? Online, or as a printed book, or whatever...
  3. Another question - about spells, this time. Are cantrips and orsons just usable at will? As in, no time to renew/relearn them? For example, my 3rd level mage used her Flaming Sphere, but she knows Acid Splash and Firebolt. Can she now just cast either repeatedly ad infinitum? Alternatively, could she use one, then the other, alternatively, again ad infinitum? Alternatively again, my party uses their last torch, and has no oil or lamp. They are in a cavern with no other light source. Can my cleric, cast Daylight on an expended torch hour after hour until a different light source can be obtained?
  4. I have a couple about languages. This assumes, naturally, that the character in question has an INT that gives bonus languages, and that they are non-human. Do folk with bonus langs automatically converse in those, or are extra languages learned pulled from the bonus ones first? And do these include both verbal and written forms, if a written version exists for each?
  5. I would like to see a 3-pack of squargs ( like in #49003), or even a single one, separately from that pack.
  6. Aaaaaawww I just saw this! Thank you Glitterwolf!
  7. Durham


    Is there a map of Dreadmere somewhere?
  8. I think a dragon plane would be a neat BonesUSA figure. A jet plane with wings, tail, and face of a dragon decorating it. Possibly with weapons, like a laser cannon or missile ports, maybe both... It could be for Chronoscope, or Roog or Arko use. And I'd like to vote ixnay on a lighthouse whale. I mean seriously?
  9. I think I'd like to see some specialty bases - like the Treasure Hoard one. Beyond that, the ovals and the rounds with no lip.
  10. I DO realize this was - like, 2 years ago, but do you remember what palette you used? which brown, which red, etc.
  11. Okay, that kinda explains it - I Googled and came up with only unpainted ones. I searched the forums and came up empty. Thanks! That is what I was looking for!
  12. Has no one ever done Tazythus before the 16th Quarterly challenge?
  13. I like them. The bases are so plain, but the sculpts are cool!
  14. She's awfully narrow-minded, huh?
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