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  1. I think a dragon plane would be a neat BonesUSA figure. A jet plane with wings, tail, and face of a dragon decorating it. Possibly with weapons, like a laser cannon or missile ports, maybe both... It could be for Chronoscope, or Roog or Arko use. And I'd like to vote ixnay on a lighthouse whale. I mean seriously?
  2. I think I'd like to see some specialty bases - like the Treasure Hoard one. Beyond that, the ovals and the rounds with no lip.
  3. I DO realize this was - like, 2 years ago, but do you remember what palette you used? which brown, which red, etc.
  4. Okay, that kinda explains it - I Googled and came up with only unpainted ones. I searched the forums and came up empty. Thanks! That is what I was looking for!
  5. Has no one ever done Tazythus before the 16th Quarterly challenge?
  6. I like them. The bases are so plain, but the sculpts are cool!
  7. She's awfully narrow-minded, huh?
  8. Do we need to submit different views of each? Do we submit each model as we finish it, or all at once?
  9. I am trying to verify all the figures I ordered. The PM doesn't list the power ups like the Henchwomen. How many are in that one?
  10. So how do I paint something with a marble effect? I have a sepulcher or sarcophagus, primed light grey, and I want to paint it like it was made from marble. Any ideas or tricks? Colors? Anything? Bueller? If it helps, its the one from the Horror subset of the Bones 4 Kickstarter.
  11. I hate to troll fora, but I have a Bones version of the Hellborn Troll, #03407. It is the spittin' image of the Legends figure, but white plastic. Any thoughts as to how I might have gotten it? I looked in the Bones IV Core Set, and no troll. And there's not a Bones version in the catalog. Edit: It isn't as soft as most Bones figures. Perhaps a Bones Black figure but not grey?
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