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  1. So how do I paint something with a marble effect? I have a sepulcher or sarcophagus, primed light grey, and I want to paint it like it was made from marble. Any ideas or tricks? Colors? Anything? Bueller? If it helps, its the one from the Horror subset of the Bones 4 Kickstarter.
  2. I hate to troll fora, but I have a Bones version of the Hellborn Troll, #03407. It is the spittin' image of the Legends figure, but white plastic. Any thoughts as to how I might have gotten it? I looked in the Bones IV Core Set, and no troll. And there's not a Bones version in the catalog. Edit: It isn't as soft as most Bones figures. Perhaps a Bones Black figure but not grey?
  3. Thanks, Straw hat! Updated photos below
  4. I was excited to be at Reapercon this year. There was so much I learned! One thing was shading to make figures more realistic. This was the figure I used to learn on. The only thing is, I wish I knew what figure it is - name and number. I'm trying to keep a log of colors used for figures. Anyway, I'm going to work on this next when I finish Benedikt
  5. Reapercon 2019 had a Bones Mash-up class. It was fun! Tentacles and tails added to figures, wings, I even gave one figure a rhino head! Cut off this one, add to that one!
  6. Isopropyl alcohol, aka rubbing alcohol, is in most drug stores and supermarkets. Try that
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