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  1. 3vil3lvis

    Ape attack bones 4 as Barlguras

    The color on the base is what happens when you mix the orange and blue together. I read somewhere that it makes a more cohesive picture if you create grey tones from the colors you are working with...but the truth of it is I hate wasting paint because I'm cheap.
  2. 3vil3lvis

    Do Epic Mimics have Souls?

    If eyes are the windows of your soul, then windows are the eyes of an epic mimic. I placed magnets to hold the cage and Baba Yaga, but chose to keep the feet intact and plan to build a hill to hide the feet so that it may be used as a house.
  3. 3vil3lvis

    Ape attack bones 4 as Barlguras

    Half of these models came from the Box of GoodWill miniature exchange 8. Thanks to the generosity of all of the great people in this community. The Barlguras idea was coopted from Manarchist.
  4. 3vil3lvis

    Ma'al Drakar painted as Tiamat.

    Julie Guthrie's Ma'al Drakkar is a modern masterpiece of sculpture. What I have achieved here is the equivalent of finger painting on II Disinganno. It is a fantastic time to be alive, that you can have this much fun for $150.
  5. 3vil3lvis

    Ma'al Drakar painted as Tiamat.

  6. 3vil3lvis

    Ma'al Drakar painted as Tiamat.

    Finally finished five faced foe. Heads. Wings
  7. 3vil3lvis

    77279 NARTHRAX

    What's it's narthrax model selling power? It's over 9000!
  8. 3vil3lvis

    Maledrakh's 77167 Ingrid, Female Gnome

    The halflings gem! =)
  9. 3vil3lvis

    Attic Whisperer

    Sometimes negative space is more telling than a base filled with stuff. However, here are some suggestions: scratches across the bloody floorboards, nail details in the boards, toys like a jack in the box, top or, a tiny voodoo doll, bloody animal collar. I noticed an L shape under the dolls mouth...paint it to look like a cats tail. Fun stuff for halloween jack o lanterns, a white sheet ghost costume (as if this monster is what was underneath the costume) trick or treat .
  10. Not dead yet....but my computer is.
  11. 3vil3lvis

    03084 Virina Female Demon

    In the video you refer to "the artist"... Did some else paint this?
  12. 3vil3lvis


    Purple typically is the base for gold trim filagree, free hand yellow designs or star field patterns. Might also try color shift flash purple or a high contrast blend from bright purple to near black purple. One of the things I've been testing is custom tertiary grays. Which involve neutralizing purple with yellow until it turn grey....then using that gray as your midtone/shadow in the cloak. Alternately, you could transition purple to blue then red, orange and finally yellow for that heated metal look. From a gaming perspective you might try painting it to look like the hide of a displacer beast with the intention of making it a cloak of displacement. Unrelated to the purple, consider spotted hyena's a reference for your gnoll fur. Have fun with it.
  13. 3vil3lvis

    Ral Partha Seated Holy Man, by Dennis Mize

    So what you are saying with that last picture is that I have quarters that are bigger than him. =)
  14. Generic box has been mailed to @Obi John27 today.
  15. Here is what I took from the Generic box. Apologies for the picture quality, my computer died and I'm working from a tablet.