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  1. I like that idea a lot! Here are some new pictures! First one is my Work in Progress Flower Girl on the newly Unlocked Flower plinth! Then there is the Ice plinth, it is a resin casting. I think they turned out fantastic!!!
  2. Ooh! Thanks for sharing my project! I am designing 2 flower plinths, and either one would be great for the flower girl bust! I will be sharing those a little later.
  3. In order to be eligible for the "Giant Sized Monster Award' given out by Reaper, does the Kraken model count? or do I need to find Khanjira? Thanks!
  4. All packages that were showing pre-shipment have now been shipped. I am very sorry for the delay! I just sent out a Kickstarter update. :-)
  5. Ok, I hear some packages are still showing preshipment. The packages were given to my casting team, and were supposed to be shipped out already. I will be driving home from Adepticon starting tomorrow, and I will be making a detour to stop by the casting facility to figure out what happened. I am sorry for the delay, and I will update everyone once I figure out what happened. The drive home will take 4 days, so please be patient as I try to work this out. But, please know that I am committed to getting your packages to you. I will figure this out and make sure it gets fixed. Thanks, Mark
  6. We are looking forward to it! Our Kickstarter is still on track and I am working on more fun surprises! :-)
  7. @NecroMancer I will send you an email, if you would like to add anything to your pledge it would be no problem. I am still collecting all the information, so changes are easy right now.
  8. We have decided that we are going to release the Flower Girl. She can be added on during the pledge manager. Ya! I will be finishing her up in the coming week or two, and then the pledge managers will go out after that. I will send an official update through Kickstarter soon! Thanks everyone!
  9. Some updated pics of the "Flower Girl" 75mm Bust ! 3 Hours Left! She is still a work in progress... But I think she is coming along nicely.
  10. Thank you!! I cannot express how much it means to me to have so much support for my figures. It really is wonderful. I just updated the Kickstarter page. I will be doing my best to spread the word so hopefully we can reach the Flower Girl stretch goal. I will be posting some updated pics a little later today of her. Thanks again everyone!!! This Kickstarter has been amazing!
  11. It is a tough decision. The 54mm figure is measured from the bottom of the foot to the wizards eye, 54mm at that point. The 75mm bust is measured to the top of his head. And here is a preview of the Flower Girl Bust! Please note this is a work in progress, and I will be doing more work on her today... but this should give you a general idea of what I am going for, I hope...
  12. I just sent out a big update! And here is the next stretch goal, "Summoning a Dragon 2", 54mm full figure! He comes with the base and the little library. Today was really exciting! I hope to keep the momentum going! Thanks everyone!
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