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  1. Echo that. Too much love in this thread. What gives??? Quick Anne, say something else so Kevin can disagree with it! ;)
  2. Dawn Power Dissolver - best stuff I've ever used for stripping minis, and safe on plastic.
  3. Sad to see Dragon and Dungeon go, but I've not cared about D&D since WoTC took over so...not a terrible amount of impact.
  4. Joss has also confirmed that he will be putting out more Firefly comics this year.
  5. Really nice work. I think he might be too 'healthy' looking for a vampire, but that's personal preference. Also, IMO that cape cries out for some freehand of some sort (there may be some on the back, but I can't see that). :) You did an excellent job on a model I'm not too fond of, so kudos!
  6. I'm missing something with this series. I've had so many people recommend them and yet at 200ish pages into the first one...I'm not getting what the big deal is. Course I seem to have lost my taste for even my favorite cheapo quickie fantasy authors lately...Salvatore's latest only made it to page 50 or so before I put it down, and that was with Entreri and Jarlaxle (the two I *really* like) as the main focus. The last good book I read was 'A Skeleton in God's Closet' by Paul Maier. I also back up Mourningcloud who mentioned the Paul Kidd 'Justicar' books. Hilarious and well written, with great action as well. The War of the Spider Queen series has also been good, though I've not read book six as of yet. Redwall series by Brian Jacques, if you have an affinity for talking critters. Phantom by Susan Kay. If you're into Phantom of the Opera at all, this is the book for you.
  7. My firsts: http://www.coolminiornot.com/54097 My latest: http://www.coolminiornot.com/117237 Mind you there's a *long* time in between there, but you can make rapid strides in a short amount of time if you push yourself. I really only got into the artwork side about 3-4 years ago, before that all my pieces were gaming table ugly. :)
  8. I believe Typhus would fall into 40K Single. I could be wrong, but if they follow the same guidelines as Atlanta (which were a bit different from last year), he should go there.
  9. Given that he believed he was taking his one and only chance to save his wife, I don't think it's all that far fetched at all. *shrug*
  10. You've obviously not seen Catwoman.
  11. Well, the fight with the Russian was close to panel-for-panel. As for not being violent enough...if they tried to make it as violent as Ennis' work, nobody would ever have seen it, because it wouldn't have gotten released. He's so over the top; some things you can't do on film if you actually expect it to be shown in theaters! Believe me, I have every issue of Ennis' Punisher as well, not to mention Preacher, Just a Pilgrim, War Story, take your pick.
  12. Given that the latest Punisher movie was based pretty faithfully on the Garth Ennis run, I liked it. *shrug* Given such a dark character to work with, it's gotta be difficult to give him any kind of redeeming qualities. Ennis' writing usually resorts to extremely black humor, which I guess I like. The only person I really felt was miscast in this movie was Rebecca Romijn, since Joan is supposed to be a very mousy little brunette, not a supermodel. Lundgren looked more the part of Castle, though. :) And you folks have completely forgotten one of the best comic book related movies of all time (IMO), The Rocketeer.
  13. Man, who *isn't* in Sin City? Rourke, Willis, Jessica Alba, Benicio Del Toro, Elijah Wood, Michael Clarke Duncan, Rosario Dawson, Clive Owen...the list goes on and on. Batman is the same idea - so many big stars in that one it's a little scary.
  14. If I had to live anywhere in the Middle East, I'd try to detach myself from reality too.
  15. Baseball has issues of its own to deal with. Not that they will...but, c'mon...the last ten years or so suddenly look like they should be expunged from the record books...
  16. I'm with [email protected] - all my Joes died horrible BB deaths. Along with my Silverhawks, Visionaries, and Dungeons and Dragons toys. :( Just meant I had to spend a small fortune to rebuild my collection in my 20's. ;) For those who don't know, I costume with a COBRA group...drop by our website and have a look, if you want: http://www.cobracares.com
  17. 3 3/4" Joe > 12" Joe by a country mile. And Snake-Eyes = lame.
  18. *undercover COBRA operative gathers data and moves along*
  19. I'm behind everybody else level-wise, I think, but so far I find that multiple mobs with the warrior isn't a problem. At 22 in Redridge I am able to handle 2-3 lvl 20-21 orcs fairly easily with retaliate and cleave. I'm sure it gets more difficult as you go along, but retaliate is a dominating option IMO. Automatic counterattack of any melee for 15 seconds? That's a great move, especially if combined with Demoralizing Shout and Thunder Clap. My little gnome just kicks butt! :)
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