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  1. If I like how I do this one then I'll paint my C'thulhu mini from Reaper as well... and I am so chomping at the bit for that 2020 release of a 16.5" Cthulhu with the 23" with wingspan.
  2. Cranky Dog that sounds awesome! Thank you for that link!
  3. Thank you, Sanael! I have technically painted before, the old Ralph Partha pewter minis when I was a kid AGES ago but even then I hadn't a clue what I was doing... so yeah this is my first 'professional attempt. Professional meaning I want to do it right. So all that seems feasible to start, also the wife loves Hobby lobby so it's a great excuse to o paint shopping. As for colors I was thinking terracotta or a rustic brown... although your colors sound perfect; again thank you. I'll be sure to post updates as long as people bare with me that this is my first out of the gate attempt. lol.
  4. I have just put together my Khanjira: the World Breaker. I'm new to the world of painting, I would like to paint him in the color scheme or the Tarrasque from the Monster Manual 5th Edition. Would any of you know the colors/ names/ SKU codes/ Product numbers and brushes I would need for this project. I've looked into 2 Reaper Bones Starter Kits on Amazon... one for painting and one for dry brushing. I imagine they won't have all the colors I need. So any help would be wonderful. Thank you!
  5. You gys are great! Thank you so much for your imput!
  6. How did you add the dripping blood from the open maw? What did you use? I'm completely new to painting let alone adding your own special touches to these guys.
  7. LOVE this! I just bought one for the same purpose myself! What size base did you use for the piece?
  8. Hello there! I'm new to the world of Reaper Bones. I don't usually buy unpainted mini, let alone unpainted minis which require assembly but the Khanjira The World Breaker and the C'thulhu minis were something I couldn't walk away from. I'm a Call of Cthulhu fanboy, I have always wanted to use him in an D&D campaign and never thought my Horrorclix Mighty Cthulhu fit the bill, especially with the stagnant form of him rising up out of the ocean. I also plan on using Khanjira The World Breaker as the Tarrasque. The Tarrasque is a gargantuan creature. What size round base would I use for that? Would 160mm work? I also assume Cthulhu would be gargantuan, I have always pictured him being collassal sized but the Reaper Bones mini doesn't reflect that size scale so perhaps he'd be more a Starspawn or aspect of Cthulhu? Meh, who cares? I'm HAPPY with the two pieces and looking forward to painting them as I couldn't wait to assemble them! But any help and advice about base size would be quite useful, thank you!
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