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  1. Interesting. I do have clear magenta. Don't have any of the others. I'll make a note of that.
  2. First Off, Sorry about the slow reply. No notifications showed up for me about this thread. Yep. The blue ones are different models (lore wise two blue horrors appear after a pink horror is slain). I'm trying to avoid mixing if I can. From the pic it looks like a nice color but I am going for vibrant. That could work as a base color. Do you know how it goes with the other pinks (Punk Rock, Blush and Braaaains)? Because I'm trying to have two or three colors (base, layer, highlight (plus a shade but I a
  3. Hi! I just got some Warhammer pink horrors and have no idea what MSP colors to buy to paint them. I have no pinks at all and don't know what would be best. Does anyone have any advice? Note that I have all of the citadel shades so I think I'm covered there. Thanks in advance!
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