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  1. You are welcome You did an excellent work on this "beauty". Love every single stroke on it!
  2. @SamuraiJack can be deleted/closed.
  3. Being metal you may simply use a solvent (protect your skin, lungs and eyes when using solvent), like Acetone or Nitro.
  4. I mean... 10g for 45$... Quite expensive, mmm?
  5. So you want it to looks like a power sword? Have a look at JuanHidalgo Miniatures YouTube page the video is "How to Paint - Blue Power Sword".
  6. Hey @R2ED happy to read and to see you are getting better on painting :) You did a good job here ;) * She looks like a Lady to me, what you lack here is contrast. Just push some more the skin, adding a bit of sunny skintone to the base (sorry I do not own many Reaper paints so don't know the actual name of sunny skintone in the Reaper range); * The eyes are prefect the way you painted it; * Hair are some kind of different when you have to paint it: people always tries to paint each strand but it's better to paint it as a single piece adding shadows and highlight the same way of NMM (so High contrast with deep shadows and bright reflections) then you may pick-up some strand with a couple of quick vertical strokes using the hi-light color); * Just add a bit of Ice yellow (again you have to find the same Reaper color) to the base color and use the mix to hi-light the edges of each straps; also try to paint the buckles with a bright metal to make them stand-out; * Use a dark liner (brown liner), dilute it 3/1, with the point of the brush try to shade each rune; add silver to the gold base and gently pick-out each rune and the edges; * Runes on the scabbard are a win. Also follow @ManvsMini advice, if you paint the gem blue the mini will look better. Once you are done with these, you'll probably note than the rest of the mini will look dark: just add some more hi-lights to the dress if needed :)
  7. Thank you everyone for the kind words and the likes :)
  8. The real problem, talking about primary colors, is that when you paint you are subtracting light, and the primary colors aren't Red, Yellow and Blue, but instead Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. You need to add to those colors Black, White and Burnt Umber and/or Sienna, that's 'cause Black contains Blue and if you mix it to Yellow (or colors containing Yellow) you will get a Green/insh color. Now this kinda work when painting canvas, cause the base is usually White or off/white, but in miniature painting you have to face the reality that pure pigments are usually transparent (and pigments that are not transparent are often toxic), and the base rarely is white (until you are a masochist :D ). Look, maybe I'm wrong, but after years in painting, I've found that, in the end, you need more than 12 colors for miniatures, while when painting canvas you may limit to use 6 to 12/13 colors.
  9. Wait I think I've misunderstood what you mean when you wrote that you wash the brushes... I was thinking that you washed the brushes with soap . Follow what @ManvsMini wrote, that's the right way to dry-brush... well... that's the same I do when I dry-brush. If you need some advice there is a channel on YouTube from "Artis Opus" it is full of videos on dry-brushing. (You do not need "Artis Opus" brushes, some cheap make-up brushes will do the work and spare you a lot of money!)
  10. Don't wash it or, if needed, use an hairdryer.
  11. Ehy, @Glitterwolf this looks fantastic! Awesome!
  12. For the bronze: AK Xtreme Metal Bronze (this is an Enamel paint) as base applied with the airbrush, shaded using a mix of black and raw umber oil paint wash, hi-lighted with AK Gold (acrylic); Vallejo Game Effects Verdigris over Vallejo chipping medium then used a sponge to take off randomly the paint. Columns and plinth: sorry I've mixed so many colors I can't really remember the recipe. Moss: GW Seraphim Sepia, Agrax earthshade, Athonian camoshade and, mostly, AK Moss deposits (Enamel).
  13. Hello forum family, showing you the most recent minis I've painted, the Spartan living bronze statue. Super nice sculpt, it inspired me to make a scenic base, it was a great opportunity to try something new: I've tried to make some columns using stuffs that I've found in my house, sculpting and arranging it at best to make it looks as ruins; also sculpted a bit of moss here and there and used dried filed grass to resemble tundra environment. About the model I've changed the base using the Amazon one, and painted it using a lot of techniques to show a lot of weathering on it, to stay in theme with the wasted scenery. It came out not bad, I'm quite happy of it Hi-res pic 1 Hi-res pic 2 Let me know what do you think about it, every C&C is more than welcome!
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