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  1. Cicciopiu

    Ouroboros Miniatures: Dragon Masters busts

    Got the same e-mail update, so I think they are fulfilling.
  2. Cicciopiu

    Dance of Death (Bones 4)

    wow! so much to paint! can't wait to see this finished!
  3. Cicciopiu

    Bones Mouslings (quite an assortment)

    Yeah... I was used to have a perfect eyesight and now I'm starting loosing on my right eye (I'm 45)... sooo I need glasses while painting minis and I decided that I'll need a magnifier too, so I've bought a clip-on 2x lens on Amazon, to attach to my glasses; still waiting for it to arrive... I also use a daylight led bulb: is a must. And, Ratmaster, you are doing a great job on this mini-minis!
  4. Cicciopiu

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    Best comment of 2019 till now
  5. Ooook after asking for some ideas on this thread, I've started adding a ball to Khalith's hand and working on it like some sort of lighting spell. As his skin was green my color choice fell on yellow, cause would probably be easier to adding OSL on his body and sandy base. Very desaturated and dark green for the projected shadows. This is turning out completely different from my initial "ancient effect" idea, and now I think i'm achieving the right colorfulness I was looking for. I'll probably make the spell more bright and some of the shadows more deep, but not too much, as the scene isn't nocturnal environment but more 5oc light. Posting the WIP cause now I've turned advice dependent So please, feel free to add critics and/or any sort of advice. Thank you for watching.
  6. Cicciopiu

    Lorna The Huntress - REA02476

    Now that you've mentioned it I can't stop seeing it
  7. Cicciopiu

    Lorna The Huntress - REA02476

    Hello Yvonne, first of all I don't think this mini may be considered "nude" and break the forum rules, as every revealing part of the body is covered And if you think that you start messy, don't know what do you consider a clean start Anyway she looks already perfect to me, so I do not really understand how she's at wip lvl, but for the raw base. The NMMs already sell, the skin looks wonderful, the hairs look black to my eye, even if you have put so many hi-lights... when I try it always turn blue, or brown... The only idea that comes out to me, as she show so much skin, is to add some war tattoos in some tactical spots, just to add some variance Finally, she already looks amazing!
  8. Cicciopiu

    02885 - Khalith, Mummy Lord

    Thank you or the kind words Vhaidra, and your advice are always more than welcome! Yeah, in the end my search of contrast went beyond the right balance, I think, probably, as you said, would be better to concentrate my effort searching for smoothness and more precision in the lining and edge hi-lights. ATM I'm trying to add some OSL at him, will show the result soon :)
  9. Cicciopiu

    02885 - Khalith, Mummy Lord

    Thank you all for the appreciation and for the precious advice! Thank you GW, that's was the original color, before adding the blood on them, in effect the contrast was highter, but I like so much the blood effect on the bandage Thank you Iridil, yeah that's was my idea too, but don't want to loose the ancient and dusty effect adding too many colors on it. About the flesh: it won't show on the pics, but the most prominent hi-lights are almost white . Anyway I will probably add somenthing on the base, maybe some jewel with precious gems! Thank you Adrift and Rigel, I think this is the right idea! have to push the fire color in the eyes and add some osl around the face. Maybe I can put some sort of glowing orb on is hand too Thank you so much girls and guys, for your support! Really appreciate every advice and like!
  10. Cicciopiu

    02885 - Khalith, Mummy Lord

    Hello, just want to show you my last work: Khalith, Mummy Lord. He was sitting on the desk quite long now, fully painted but lacking a base. The past days I've found the time to give him a well deserved sandy base ^_^. I was looking for him a dusty effect, some sort of ancient look, but still menacing. It came out a bit too cold, I think. Tried to balance adding some dry blood touch on the bandage and a dusty pink sash. I still find him "monochrome", don't know why, but it seems is lacking something. Enough talk, time to show you the pics. Let me know what do you think of him and if you have any advice please feel free to write it down! :) Sorry for the bad pic, I hope that are still readable. Thanks for watching.
  11. Cicciopiu

    77469 - Brand Oathblood - Cicciopiu try NMM

    Thank you Cindy. And, obviously, many thanks again and again to vhaidra to this gold mine of advice you are bestowing me! ATM I'm trying to find time to dedicate to our hobby, but the real life is calling me :) Will try to apply every tech and advice of yours to my next paint jobs, and to show to you and the forum the WIP, hoping to get better. Thank you so much!
  12. Cicciopiu

    50209 - Alice and White Rabbit

    Thank you for your kindness and all this advice, I'll try my best to get better in the future, this class is motivating me for sure! Everything you wrote is perfectly understandable I will try to follow your direction, maybe will be better to open WIP 3Ds in the future to get some confrontation and advice from experienced painters like you. Thank you again
  13. Cicciopiu

    50209 - Alice and White Rabbit

    Wow, thank you so much for this reply, it's full of useful advice, you won't find everywhere! Yes I know, I was a bit rush on her skin, I've used just 4 skin tones on Alice, 1 really reddish and the highlight almost white. Now I need to find some time to correct my mistake and your advice are precious. Thanks again
  14. Cicciopiu

    50209 - Alice and White Rabbit

    Thank you SisterMaryNapalm, and now that I take here back to the desk... I've noticed that I totally forgot to paint her collar Also I noticed the colors on the pics turn very dark, will post some more pictures after reworking her skin!
  15. It looks pretty white... that should not be a off-white?