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  1. Hello forum family, just wanna share with you my new set-up to make (good) photos at minis. It is really really simple: A dark backdrop, a screen to block the light on the back of the background, white paper to reflect the ceiling light. No lamps at all just the daylight and the ceiling light. 100 ISO, -0,67 exposure. I think the quality has improved (sometime dramatically) from my previous pictures:
  2. Everything is ok here in Lanzarote, we have R0 = 0. Anyway still under "Estado de Alarma" that mean something like "state of alert".
  3. Why don't you just call it "Water intoxication"?
  4. Eating like there is not tomorrow! Also procrastinate... Oh yes: being lazy!
  5. Yeah, was thinking the same!
  6. Try with a coat of gloss varnish.
  7. I would love to see display bases as well!
  8. O M G.... this is shameful...
  9. It's always my turn to cook, cause my wife hate cooking. So you'll will have what i put on your plate, that's all! Eat your broccoli damn you don't make me seize your phone!
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/754347296/survivors-of-serath-3d-printable-fantasy-miniatures Still 9h for the early bird. Sorry I've seen there was already a 3d about this just after I've posted it.
  11. Instead of whine... I drink some vine... Or I paint minis... Advice: never paint minis after you have drunk vine!
  12. sku 44126 - Amazon living statue linked the showoff topic for nudity
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