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  1. I don't know I like the first pic more; Yes the iPhone one have crisp details but the camera one have more natural colors. The iPhone one looks over exposed and over saturated. It's your background light-grey dark-grey or black? I mean the background looks totally different in the two pictures. Also, if you look at the mini, which photo resemble more the real colors on it?
  2. Me and my wife got our first jab yesterday, both Pfizer; no side effect so far but she got sore arm.
  3. You may keep hydro-alcoholic gel on your desk and just use it now and then; it is almost impossible to avoid touching your face cause is something we do distractedly As a tattoo artist I'm so used in washing my hands so often that I forgot to mention it!
  4. I only know past winter the seasonal flu was nonexistent and the only reason for that can only be that people where wearing masks! so I think would be great idea to keep masks on our face as they obviously work!
  5. I do that when needed: it works. Just dip the tip and reshape it. Not a miracle, but it works; better then nothing. Also there are synthetic and synthetic, some are better than others: W&W Cotman 111 are very good and they keep the tip for a long, long time.
  6. Hey, thank you guys! I would, but, you know, covid restrictions... nothing to do with my age
  7. That's is probably a masking sheet, after sticking it to the paper the artist probably draw the butterfly on it and then cut it with a exacto knife.
  8. Basically everything was already said. I need it cause, as @ManvsMini already wrote, I live in a very dry environment and for the same reason I share the same problems of him: is hot and dry and the water evaporate quite fast, so I have to reidratate the palette often; also wen I store it I discovered than leaving the lid not sealed helps to the paints watering problem. ATM I own a Everlasting Wet Palette Painter by Redgrass Games, the only difference with the others is that their sponge is somewhere antiseptic so you do not need to use any disinfectant or to put copper in the palette, but i
  9. Thank you everyone, I'm glad you like her! sub assembly whaaaaaat? now this is nice!
  10. Hello forum Family, gonna show you my version of D'Vandra Lukesia, the metal one. I had hard time with her (but this is part of the fun, isn't?), so many tiny details and her face is sooo tiny In any case I managed to paint her and I'm happy of she came out! About the palette I chose the colors on the fly, started with the yellow skirt and simply add colors at the moment I needed to paint a detail, like the amaranth scarf, or the blue bag, the green vial, and so on. I hope you like her too :) Hi-res pics
  11. They are lovely! Poor Brutus looks so unhappy the moment they leave :( +1 to the lens flare pointing their heads making the photos somewhere mystical!
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