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  1. I have to say Pochi is absolutely right. People like me, who live in the middle of nowhere, gonna start penalized: it will take 3 weeks for any order from Reapermini to make it to me. Also UK hub is still overwhelmed with Bones 5 fulfilling. I know I can use any reaper mini that have a skull in it, but let's face it, the level of detail you can reach painting a bust is impossible to achive on a 32mm skull. 💀
  2. Yes, well, this KS have quite expensive rates IMHO, I mean, the all-in early bird is 180$ for 60 paints (15ml per bottle), so it's 3$ each bottle, that's is expensive to be a KS. Anyway looking at the video of Duncan using them, it seems that this paints aren't anything special; Covering is quite good, but this paints look like they are made for classic basic layering and wet blending techniques. I would love to see how they behave when used as glazes or how will react to heavy dilution. EDIT: Also, metals look quite bad, seems they are made using mica flakes instead of aluminium powde
  3. Don't use rattle-can, not primers neither varnish, on bones: solvents and bones do not react well and it ends up tacky. If you do not like brush-on primers invest in a basic airbrush you gonna use just for priming. Here you'll find all you need to know about priming bones. Quoting @Wren : "Aerosol spray primers and some spray paints can have some issues with Bones (and with other plastics). The chemicals in some of these primers and paints do not react well with Bones. The main effect seems to be that the primer never completely cures, remaining tacky to the touch. Some will also fail to
  4. Project page 72h Early Bird Well... new paints... Duncan Rhodes... 🤔
  5. Me, two weeks ago, Wave 1, around 450€ pledge.
  6. Once acrylic paints dries you can do almost everything you want on it, you may use oil paints, enamel paints, lacquers and so on; if you seal it with varnish is even better. The markers you wanna use are water based so, no problem. Anyway, as @Glitterwolf already wrote, try them out before.
  7. Thanks! I hope you gonna get you shipping notice soon!
  8. This thread is 14 years old... 😶
  9. Glazing using white is a nightmare! A glaze to to proper work have to be transparent, so the pigment itself should be transparent. White miniature paint are made with Titanium, and it's not transparent; zinc white would work better, but still, not every color may be made brighter using white: red and white= pink. Blue and white work well together but white will de-saturate the blues too fast. What you can do is to use a bright color to make a brighter tone and use it to glaze on top of the color you wanna make it brighter. Talking about red, you can mix a skin tone to it to make it brighte
  10. Hello forum family, long time not posting in the Show-off; reason is I've not painted anything in the past few months... What's better to restart than a bust? This is Lea, from Ouroboros Miniatures, I've pledged one of their past Kickstarter and she was one of the rewards. Now I have to write down a description (something I'm reaaaally good at... 😶). So let's see: first of all the palette of choice; would I go easy with cold colors? maybe greens and blues? naaah let's complicate my life with red and yellow 😄 Also let's try some texture on the skin, after 6 months without painting wil
  11. Ooook a little update for the fellow EU mates (if someone is interested in it 😛 ). Past yesterday I've received my package. Again Wave1, 450€ pledge (so in the middle). Miracle number 1: I had to pay... nothing 😶. Miracle number 2: Nothing is missing (thanks, @kit ) Miracle number 3: I've managed to dry-fit the big monsters/dragons etc. and everything fits like a glove. Sooo yes! I'm quite happy 😅
  12. Nice to read that! I'm still waiting; my package is "hold to ransom" by Spanish custom. It is two weeks atm, lets see when those people gonna do their job! Spanish Custom is a real bottle-neck...
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