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  1. Oh well... my first dragon was Grenadier Guardian Dragon of the Mountains I still have a picture of him, but not the mini, it was a present for a friend of mine. Sorry for the picture quality, this are very old photos
  2. I think is just frustration... At least in my case I would love to buy this kind of minis, but I'm a painter, not a player: what I would love is some more characteristic faces and body shapes; and this leads me to frustration and the need to whine about it
  3. And it came out great! So happy to see that my work inspired you
  4. It is my impression or all of them share the same facial features?
  5. Translation from Italian: Total filament Total print time
  6. Ok, about the Morion: the "Morrión" makes his appearance in Spain in the XVI century so none of the conquerors of the Americas worn it. At the time they used to worn the "Capacete" (Kettle hat): So it may be partially accurate: as you can see the crest is completely different, also it got a visor and a collar (but there are many different models).
  7. On their FB page someone posted this: "If You wonder about helmet it is based on Juan de Borgoña paintings made in 1514 showing conquest of Oran. Cortez started his conqest of Cuba in 1511 and Mexico in 1519, so about the same time. Many miniatures of conquistadors are of time - they show Spanish army from 1580 or so." It don't looks the same to my eyes... no crest in the helms on the painting.
  8. Yes, they are being pretty inaccurate with naming too: Francesca is an Italian name, the Spanish equivalent is Francisca. Also the Italian Gina "Bersaglieri" it's spelled wrong: "Bersaglieri" is plural for "Bersagliere" the actual name of the soldier; "Bersaglieri" is the name of the corps". Right spelling for a lady would be "Bersagliera". Source: I'm italian, I live in Spain :P
  9. Well... yes it's a mix of a Morion and a Stahlhelm: it's historically inaccurate, it looks more sci-fi than fantasy... but it is quite cool!
  10. Every damn one! But if I have to chose one then let's pick Pachycephalosaurus just cause going around head butting everything you run into is way too cool! :D And is soooo cute! :D
  11. Well, 12$ for a squeeze is already pretty expensive, but hey! I like it! Let's buy it. Then... 28$ of shipping. A grand total of 40$ is a bit too much for my wallet. Anyway they are nice. Good luck!
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