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  1. Hello Forum Family, showing you my last fatigue (it really was indeed :P ): Torlan; it was a nightmare of mold lines! Apparently every single scale got his mold line :) in the end I still missed some :( Also had some problem with the water effect, I used silicon to make it and as you can see it cured with bubbles, but hey! it's not bad, it looks like putrid waters... About the color scheme I changed it so many times I lost the count, but I finally decide to keep it in the green zone; it is somewhere monochrome, but I like it. Not top notch but he have personality. Every C&C
  2. Thanks for your comment, I'm sure a teacher will talk about color bias (at least he/her should!) :) I was referring to normal discussion between normal people (like me); for sure pro and veterans artist know well the theory, it's just something they won't tell at school (at least not to me). The classic knowledge is Red/Blue/Yellow as primary colors or "Purple is a mix of red and blue" is ok but not correct for painting purpose. If my comment sounded swallow, rude and/or arrogant, sorry about that, it was not intended (language barrier). Also thanks for the link, very useful info!
  3. That's 'cause, probably, you mix the wrong colors: you have to consider the color bias (this is something that no-one take in consideration when talking about color theory). You need a bluish red (Quinacridone Magenta) and a reddish blue (Ultramarine, or Phtalo blue red bias) to make a bright, vivid purples or violets. If you mix a orange bias red (Naphthol) with a greenish blue (Cerulean blue [Cyan] or Phtalo blue green bias) you will get a muddy color. The same way if you want a vivid orange you have to use a warm yellow (orange bias) and a warm red (orange bias); if you want a brigh
  4. Bleach will kill mold even if is less effective than vinegar on something porous. Bleach and backing soda is an inert mix if I remember right, but I'm not a chemist...
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1201812263/ultima-thule-the-battle-of-hyperborea? Nice models and one of the SG is a 20% discount on the Kimera Colors range (They will open a pre-order for their "almost-impossible-to-buy" colors at the end of April)
  6. I've saved money for taxes too, that's normal I suppose. What is hard to swallow is have to pay more, unexpected, fees, to go through the hell of the Customs bureaucracy, loose time and have to wait weeks cause the process will be slow as hell. Also, this are hard times for everyone, there is a pandemic, and is hitting hard the wallet of common people. This could have been avoided, Brexit didn't fell from the sky in one night. I know I'm whining like a child, but try to stay in EU customers shoes: would you be happy to pay 30 to 50% more in taxes, have to do unnecessary papers, and to wa
  7. 1 you may use oil washes, then wipe the excess using a make-up sponge: due to the lower surface tension it will not tint the top of the fur, laying just into the crevices; 2 the eyes look good IMHO, they are just lacking reflections; 3 you may hi-light black eyes using a bright bluish grey, just a small dot. Anyway they already look great as they are ;)
  8. I really like the gold too, what did you used to shade it?
  9. Hello forum Family, this is my entry to the 16th quarterly Reaper Facebook Contest. I realized I still had to paint it just 3 days before the entry deadline, so I chose to "speed-paint" it trying the grisaille technique, using then some inks to filter it and finally adding some hi-light. It worked well for everything but the NMM armor, that was painted in the usual way. In the end was not a speed paint at all, it took me 30 more hours of work, and the result wasn't even so great... Anyway I've learned a lot (I hope) on contrast and tones and shades, just using black, grey and white was a
  10. Wow man! What a nice idea! It looks great, all those tiny details are so well painted ...and what's Anne painting? :O Ashana the genie? The herbalist? :O The dancing girl? aaaargh...
  11. Thank you a lot for the kind comments! Glad you like her. The eyes took me a lot of efforts but it worth the pain :P
  12. How to make the most banal shape (no offence is intended, Skelly!) looking great! And the sword looks soooo good! Nice job!
  13. Very nice skin tone, love it, it looks so clean. Very smooth blends overall, also love the base! Congrats for the HM!
  14. Go for it Brutus, make some good holes on that nice garden!
  15. Hello Forum friends, I'm being quite productive lately Gonna show you the most recent mini I painted: Small world Sophie. Ok, I have to say I'm in love with this chibi minis, I'm gonna buy lot more cause I find them so funny to paint! About the paint job, well, anytime I manage to paint Sophie, my color choice for her wings is always Violet (or purple if you prefer) and so why do not make my life easy and go for a complementary palette? So, purple and yellow. Easy peasy... Anyway, this is the result, I'm quite happy of her, I hope you'll like her too. As always every C&C is more t
  16. Very nice! Love how the black turned out, it looks evil!
  17. It's worst cause, in the end, we pay more of taxes, it's better cause we do not have to worry about calculating to much at the end of the year (at least for the vast majority of the working population). Thank you for clarify @Reaper_Jon I was a bit concerned about the silence on the KS page.
  18. Nice, rich purple! And the turquoise make a great contrast with it; also cool idea to paint notes on the mandolin it make it more dynamic!
  19. Great job, he looks so nice in orange!
  20. Thank you a lot! So glad you like it :)
  21. Thanks! That's no easy 'cause usually I use what I have on the palette; if I remember right I've mixed Andrea blue with Sanctuary red to make a deep violet for the base, then I added more red, a bit of Ocher and a grey off-white (Deck tan) to the mix, to make a de-saturated pink; for the last Hi-light I've added pure white to the mix and stippled it to simulate the papillae. All the colors are Vallejo.
  22. Past night they talked about the EU situation on Twitch (...). They said that after their investigations they think that EU backers will need to pay a 3-6% customs charge plus a possible 6 Euro shipping fee. Well... I can assure you that this is totally wrong: the 3-6% is just in case they believe that all those plastic piece are toys for personal use; also the 6€ shipping fee is just the base; it depends by many factor like: how big and heavy is the box, how far they have to send it, and so on. In my case is 36€ IF it will stay under 10 kilos (which probably wouldn't). Also don't forg
  23. Thank you girls and guys, I'm glad you like it!
  24. Working good both on the desktop and on the phone, and the pink is quite relaxing :)
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