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  1. We lost our Elf from the Zombicide Black Plague game. I need to find a miniature that looks close. Anyone have suggestions.
  2. OMG there are so many great games I want on this thread. I hope to get Scythe or Clank next but Myth looks awesome too. Our current faves are Citadels(got it for a buck brand new at a garage sale) and 7 wonders.. We spent years playing Magic and ignored the board games for awhile but are now back to the board, unfortunately half of our gaming partners moved, so sad. I Just finished painting up Zombicide Black Plague and am working on Blood Rage so cant play that one for awhile. We loved playing Dominion until someone spilled wine all over the game..Still love Settlers of Catan with Cities and Knights never get tired of that one.
  3. Miranda2

    Need advice on paints, matte or satin?

    Thanks everyone. I took out my satin paints and am using what mattes I have in the craft paint. My dh also said I could go ahead and order both Reaper kit 2 and 3 now. Im excited to get those in next week or so and will probably use the craft paint only when im desperate and need a color right away. I will get some pics up soon.Im not good at taking pics and my painting is mediocre as Im still a noob,
  4. Miranda2

    Need advice on paints, matte or satin?

    WHAT, why are the HD paints discontinued? I just bought the first kit last week. Is there a problem with them? Should I even bother with the rest of the kits? I almost bought the big Army painter kit but I hate the way the paints separate. Im depressed :(
  5. I have a mishmash of different brands, Army painter, Vallejo and my new Reaper HD set. But I just realized some of the Folk art I bought are matte and some are satin.I need to fill in some holes in my colors and not sure which is better. I seem to prefer the satin but want to keep with one or the other, not both. Im still a noob so have only painted all the Zombicide minis..I am starting on the Blood Rage minis now.. I will eventually get all the Reaper HD sets but for now I can only get craft paint locally. THX