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  1. I’ve got two goals for November: finish the two remaining familiars (the weasel and hawk), and get six bones kobolds based. I’m using 20mm round ply bases for the kobolds and using green stuff to extend out the flagstone base texture from the intrinsic base, and I’m still pretty rough with the green stuff so that’s slow going. My stretch goal if I have some spare time is to finish up another metal hero figure
  2. I got pretty close with my goals. All the goblins got done, 4 of the 6 familiars 1 pack got finished (and the other two have base coats and bases), finished two hero characters with one left incomplete. If I hadn’t gotten sick in the last week I think it would have been everything done.
  3. These look a minor update to the the nearly press fit plastic marines that go back to at least the 90s with the 2ed edition. These look like they added a couple of minor pose variations to the basic model. If my recollection is correct you got two squads of them in the core box set.
  4. This is a very cool project; it’s interesting not just in the technical improvements but also your reasons and concept improvements. It makes me regret getting rid of the first minis I painted to do a similar things
  5. The broccoli bases can be a bit of a trick eh. I tend to put my minis onto a round base with some real poor green stuff work to extend the broccoli out, and then texture it with PVA glue and pulverized clay kitty litter. If you just want to paint it without doing anything additional personally I’d go for like a sandy tan color? Maybe stippled some lighter patches or a green. A grass color might work too, although personally I don’t like to try to fake grass (I prefer some sort of flocking or those little clumps you get from say Gamer Grass or Army Painter). Regarding the red or orange, worst case you can always shade it down with a thin glaze of the original red if it’s too much. As an alternative you could take advantage of reds often being very translucent colours and paint a highlight in a light color like bleached bone some other warm whiteish color and then just paint over the top of that with the same red you used originally.
  6. This weekend I painted up half the bones Familiars 1 set—the wolf, bat, and cat—as part of my plan to make it through some of my backlog. It’s been a really rewarding and fun set to paint, none of the minis take long, and despite the most of the figures being tiny the easy access to reference material made them pretty straight forward.
  7. They are the gremlins from the Bones III Stoneskull Expansion (also available in metal)
  8. I think Red Nekk makes a good point. Close to the source, especially the staff, I think you nailed the light, it’s only far from the source where it confuses my eye a little. There’s two spots of yellow in particular that trip me up: the bottom left of the spell book and the left hand red sleeve. That’s a minor quibble though, I think this looks great.
  9. I was impressed, and then I saw them beside Sir Forscale and was very impressed. Nice job!
  10. I think the dragon man is actually pretty decent, it’s just lacking contrast between the armour and the skin. As Inarah said the iron looks good so personally I’d just give the skin another simple pass to brighten the red up. If you wanted to go a step further then using a lighter base would also help that read as separate from the figure
  11. I'm slowly working through all my minis up on corks. This one is a hero character fig from the third Star Hat Miniatures kickstarter. I guess I’m happy enough at how its come out at least as far as I just do simple paint jobs to tabletop. The fig is metal and had an intrinsic base that I extended out with some poorly applied greenstuff, and made the skull at the same time. Critiques welcome
  12. Hi y’all, new forum member here. I’ve got a modest set of goals for the month as I am trying to fit my painting around life with a one year old. My main goal is to clear all the half finished minis I’ve got on the go (three metal hero figs from the Star Hat Miniatures Kickstarters, and already completed a set of the bones pathfinder goblins with torches[89002]) followed up finishing prepping and basing the bones familiars one [77176] pack for painting.
  13. As an alternative to putting a mini aside, have you considered a more active approach to planning? Derek Schubert has a great example of using a simple sketch on paper to plan how he wanted to paint Luwin Phost in the Dungeon Dwellers painting guides https://www.reapermini.com/images/dungeondwellers/07008_low.pdf
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