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  1. corbie box is on its way back to me after some more poor timing of Good But Time-Consuming Life Events. (House hunting instead of surgery this time around, though!)
  2. Maybe if we limit it to 3D prints of ~32 mm or smaller that can fit into some pre-defined separate box? The ones in the little plastic case in the Inarah box seemed to hold up fine. Just can't throw them in loose like we do with metal and Bones. Which reminds me that I still need to post my pulls from the beginning, which included one of the printed comfy Bernies.
  3. I don't remember off the top of my head, but the manufacturer name was definitely on each sprue. That could help narrow it down.
  4. Thanks, all! Surgery went well and I'm recovering fast, but I wasn't counting on how difficult not being able to bend my torso would make digging through my pile multiple drawers of shame. 😅
  5. Sorry it's taking a bit to ship out my box! The group announcement unfortunately lined up with major surgery, getting to see my mom for the first time in 3+ years, and prepping the house for her visit. Things are calming down now, though, and I should have it sent out tomorrow or Wednesday!
  6. Just looked through the Inarah box! Will probably need to grab the paint cups for space -- You weren't kidding with that note! No idea how you got everything to fit -- and take out some of the toys, but I have some fun stuff to throw in. :3
  7. Box starter taking over for Inarah! Will keep it sci-fi-ish but probably still half fantasy. Austin, TX Nope for international
  8. I'm taking over the Inarah box! I do have some sci-fi stuff for the box but not enough to make it sci-fi exclusive.
  9. I've tried messing around with three (magenta, black, brown) so far and not getting results much different than standard Reaper paints. For reference, I've been treating them like I do Contrast/Speed Paints (i.e., straight out of the bottle with a wet brush onto primed material). I might save the rest for when we have more of a use guide.
  10. corbie

    Home Safe

    Chiweenie vicious kobold and I just got home in Austin!
  11. Hey! If you're still at the con and haven't found a successor, yet, let me know! I'll be at the hotel until Monday morning.
  12. Oh my gosh, the ultimate con shame: I somehow grabbed the wrong box of minis and left the monsters I had prepped back home. Sorry in advance to my players who will see some of my ooooooold paint jobs and some prepaints. 😅 I did also bring my PC case, though. Maybe I can convince people that a half-drow barbarian is a hyena or a triton paladin is just a really small owlbear.
  13. Definitely not an illithid in disguise irl. Nope. I'll have a chiweenie with me sometimes. She's super shy but may try to fight you with zero teeth in her mouth. Her gummings are truly terrifying.
  14. No worries! The Sunday game is for levels 5-10 and the rest are 1-4. The ratings are for general content and don't have any solid definitions, but the series I'm running has a lot of horror themes so I want to avoid really little kids at the table if possible. It's mine as in I wrote it! But, because of pandemic shenanigans and also just not playing AL as much as I used to, I haven't had the chance to actually DM the full mod before. 😅
  15. So my AL games are (kind of) up: Thursday: 12:00 pm - Ice Road Trackers 7:00 pm - The Frozen North Friday: 3:00 pm - Gnashing Teeth Saturday: 11:00 am - Divining Evil 4:00 pm - Cold Benevolence Sunday: 3:00 pm - A Blight in the Darkness They're currently under the wrong DM name and should also be rated PG, but the MM organizer is working on hopefully correcting that. The Sunday game should also be Tier 2. Gonna be real bummed if I can't finally run my mod because people roll up with Tier 1 characters. 🙃
  16. Anyone know the times for the meet & greet? I'm not taking off Wednesday this time and want to know if I'll be able to make it, anyway.
  17. I'm running 6 Adventurers League games, all part of a series, but they're not up yet. The last official thing I'll be doing at the con (Sunday 3:00 to 7:00) is finally running the module I wrote 2 years ago (DDAL10-05). 😤
  18. Does anyone know if anyone is organizing Adventurers League games this year and what their contact info is, if so? I'd like to DM again and I'm having trouble finding that out.
  19. Always glad to see some of my adds grabbed fast! Also not surprised about your picks from the Monsters of Sol'an set (the mushroom mage and the cat bandit); those are two of my faves and some of the only ones I no longer have double of.
  20. Thanks! May end up getting more of those funky lil dudes.
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