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  1. I grabbed the Cat Dragon in Tree. Tangentially related, does anyone know if the last batch of goodie bags was supposed to be sans Bones? I also got my first ever bonus sample paint so it's no big deal, but I'm curious.
  2. My top three keep vacillating and may change as we get more renders but: 1. Dark Depths - I'm a sucker for aquatic monsters and fish people. This set was made for me. 2. Fan Favorites - This is a perfect mix of "useful" for me as a DM if I want to do WYSIWYG monsters combined with some great PC options (finally, some good 5e firbolgs!) and weird stuff I'd probably get for funsies (chicken swarms and axolotl people!). I'm also happy to be able to get some of my favorite limited edition figures that I couldn't snag before (i.e., Ungorth and the robolds). 3. Greek Odyssey - Classic, well-sculpted critters. I don't have a lot to say about why I need this set but I do. 4. Brinewind - A lot of good stuff but I'm not sure if what I'd definitely buy at retail (quite a few but especially 718 and the otterfolk) would make this worth it for me. 5. Chronoscope - Not a lot of "useful" minis but a whole lot of fun stuff. Definitely getting the nightgaunt and shoggoth at retail, and the metal version of Mr. Grimm has been sitting on my wishlist for a while. 6. Dungeon Dwellers - This is a great set and would be a must get for me... if I didn't already have half of those minis. A good value full of amazing sculpts for people who didn't get those freebies. 7. Daimyo - Not a lot interests me here. I might eventually pick up the dragon, giant oni, and smaller oni/ogre.
  3. As a DM, as long as the minis themselves are the same scale as others in my collection, I don't really care about the larger base sizes. I rarely match my critters to minis and there are plenty of large-size fiends they could sub in for. However, having them that size does limit their use as player characters. For example, one of my players thought that the Burt Reynolds incubus would be perfect for her, uh, friendly tiefling bard, but she wouldn't be able to use him as such unless he fits on a medium base.
  4. A bunch of them are! Boulderkin = galeb duhr analogue The Thing in the Well = looks like an Elder Brain to me Goroloth = aboleth analogue Leucrotta = classic D&D critter most recently found in Volo's Guide to Monsters 1001 = the metal version is called Surkar, Orc Shaman 1020 = looks like a cloaker to me 1025 = D&D-style basilisk Not sure about the others, but those are the ones I recognize.
  5. Yep! I headed up to Denton for ReaperCon this year but probably will have to skip the wrap party for personal reasons. That rose gold, though...
  6. Meanwhile, I moved to central Texas from Maryland partly for the usual heat and it's currently 29.
  7. It's 4 am here in TX and most normal(ish) people are sleeping.
  8. That's brilliant and now I want to steal that idea. Now do I wait for one of the bajillion KS dragons I'm in for or grab an existing one?
  9. Oh dang, if they aren't in the KS I may have to grab the metal versions. Those are some good, good stirge boys.
  10. Those are usually depicted as weird owls, rather than batsquitos.
  11. The brine goblins definitely helped push me over the edge for Dark Depths. Any chances some proper gillman adventurers will be in the third part? I've done two versions of my triton cleric as blue humans but by the time things ship he'll be due for a third. ;) Also, late on Spider Chat, but I'd love some jumping spiders! The drow in my home game have them as their default spider motif instead of the black widowy ones.
  12. Any chance of a Scylla as an add on? I actually wrote some fluff for a Greek-themed campaign book recently and she's one of my faves.
  13. Got in just under the wire for Wave 1 of the US core sets as Backer #1201! After semi-panicking over the checkout lag. This is my first Bones KS since II and really my first since getting into the hobby in earnest. (Jumped in on Bones II during my last unsuccessful attempt at TTRPGS. I say "last" because I've finally been playing regularly for a couple years now.) Anyway, so far I'm planning on grabbing: the core both dragons the dragonborn set And maybe: the mammoth I'd also be in on the Dungeon Dwellers set if I didn't already have most of them in some form from freebies and my own purchases. I agree it's a great set for beginners, though! Regarding the core set, I'm most excited about the puppers (both dread and draconic varieties) and, surprisingly, the kids. The creepy little girl with the goat is a good fit for one of my favorite Adventurers League NPCs (Elisande!!!). Also happy to see two of my favorite Dreadmere iconics from this year getting the Bones treatment, even though I already have them in metal.
  14. Almost forgot, but I loved the glamour shot dioramas! Unfortunately, my hands were shaky whenever I tried to take pics and these were the only two that came out: Slimy zealot barbarian with my friend's beefling.
  15. Pics from my first ReaperCon! Starting off with babby's first ribbon collection: My auction haul: Swag bag and various freebies: Freebies that included the most important paint in existence that my friend managed to snag for me: What $50 credit at the Reaper booth bought: My sole real purchase this weekend: I wasn't planning on spending much this weekend, but I saw my platonic ideal of a mini and needed it.
  16. corbie

    Reapercon Report

    Whoops! Looks like I missed those.
  17. corbie

    Reapercon Report

    Kind of a weird first forums post, but I guess thoughts of my first ReaperCon will work: The Good: Pretty much everything! This was the best con experience I've had in years. I spent most of the weekend at AL games (mostly DMing and a little playing), but I did get a session of Sophie Says and some paint and take done. Everyone I met (including and especially @Mocha!!!) were amazing. Hopefully I'll be confident enough in my skills to actually enter the competition(s) by then. Definitely planning to be back next year and take a few classes. And, thanks to @fletcherpeatross and his evil twin, I walked away from the auction with a set of 32 paints despite DMing during that block. B) The hotel and Ms. Rita also deserve special shout outs! Had a wonderful stay. The Bad: I understand why DMs didn't get swag bags until the end, but could we at least get programs at arrival next year? Not sure how much they would have helped, but I was a bit lost a lot of the time, especially the first two days. Also, GrowTix... just GrowTix... And RIP, my boys garbage children @ Disciples of C'thon. My meager supply of stickers weren't enough. ;_;
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