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  1. Wow respect.... I think the blue eyes work great, and really cool skin tones.
  2. So cool Rigel! Love the coconut octopus inspired color scheme. Sea creatures supply no end of inspiration right??
  3. You obviously know what you’re doing, it looks great. I would’ve liked to seen more highlights on the scales. Still bright reds look great against the neutral tan breastplate.
  4. Looks like a painting out of a book, great work and subtle details all over.
  5. Awesome as always. You pick some great classics to bring to life.
  6. Sorry just now getting back, but I studied all your comments while in Rio these past few weeks. Thanks again so much, and I feel like I’ve got techniques to build on now, as well as studying light reflecting wherever I go. Cheers and have a great day!
  7. Ermagawd thanks!! I’ve read this once, and I’ll continue to digest again and again until I get back to TX next week. Thanks so much and I’ll come back with response once I get back with my beloved mini. ;)
  8. Hi Folks, Here is the mini im working on now. I am trying NMM and so I’ve watched a few tutorials and I’m getting lost in the process, unable to visualize what the final product should look like. The armor is my main focus, and the hammer too but less so. I started with black primer, then underpainted with shades of gray up to white where I thought the brightest parts should be. I then started blue on top and I can see the gradient somewhat. My next step was to gradient the blue to white, then edge highlight, but I started trying this with the gray on the hammer and it all fell apart LOL. Like I said, I feel like I’m actually getting worse! Anyway I’m in Rio this week and next on business but any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. The mini is unfinished so the cloak and front looks weird, but the real focus here is NMM. Thanks so much for your help!! Daniel ok following up after 2 weeks on business out of country, and another week with the flu. I wish I hadn’t laid down blue for the armor, but I can honestly say that I had a few AHA moments while painting this thanks to everyone’s help and comments. I didn’t put much time into the face/clothes/accoutrements, but the armor and weapon were a good first study into NMM. Any C&C still very much appreciated! Cheers, Daniel Calling it done. Learned a lot and have a lot of practice ahead of me. Gonna take the pro’s advice here and practice NMM on straight edges. Got a good one lined up next. Cheers all and thanks again for the help! @Xiwo Xerase thanks for the detailed instructions. I’ve digested it and am going to apply what you’ve said on the next one. This one was just a bit too tight so I kinda phoned it in on the clawed hammer. Redid the whole armor and hammer at least 3x, so just moving on with a blank slate. Hope to do better on the next one. Daniel
  9. Im just going to say thank you to everyone here at once. I painted this a while ago (before I started here on the forum) and I didn’t post them bc I thought it would be bad form to post old stuff “just for the likes”. I was looking at it the other day and wondered what ideas you all would have if the yellow parts were trying to be metal, and this has been very helpful. I originally painted the pauldrons and maul (as a story piece) to be made from the yellow breastplate scales of the baby blue dragon he killed, but I thought the NMM techniques for gold would apply. All your comments lined up, and I will admit that I have focused on highlighting and not shading/darkening, so I’m very lacking there. This tells me exactly what I was hoping to get!! Vhaidra, you are a saint for doing this!!! As before, this is an older one I didn’t intend to be metal, but looking at it I thought it could probably look metallic with a little more technique - which you have expertly given. Your comments are very clear to me, and what you did on his yellow fist spikes has opened up a whole new way of thinking about NMM. I’ve gotten so stuck on the one I’m painting now it’s embarrassing. I actually feel like I’m getting worse as a painter for trying NMM. I’m going to IM you the pictures I took just as soon as I board my plane now. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for taking the time!!!!!!! A picture is worth a thousand words, but I’m definitely not darkening anything mix-wise so that’s an immediate thing I need to work on. Gimme 30 mins then check your inbox.
  10. This is beautifully done. I love the eyes...and the streaks of light blue are sharp. The stripes and patterns look all freehand, so great work here!
  11. Dude I think this is awesome. Skin tones and highlights are on point. ”Dwar ye even lifteth bro?!”
  12. Well you have stolen my idea for a group of treants and saprolings!!! Awesomeness!!!
  13. Just stunning my friend. The robe actually looks silky or satin maybe due to your bomb highlighting scheme. Well done!
  14. Having just finished him, it’s a delight to see this take. I love the autumn colors. Reminds me of Stranger Things and trick-or-treating. He’d look great next to a pumpkin knight. Great job blending the foliage in. The dark walnut feel is just perfect.
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