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  1. MoebiusStrip

    Question about Priming Resin

    That sounds incredible sensible! @Bloodhowl: Wow that sounds extreme, also extremly thourough :)
  2. MoebiusStrip

    Negative Energy "Glow"

    Curious to see how that turns out.
  3. MoebiusStrip

    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    I'll chime in with a few thoughts, I backed their halfling kickstarter, some notes on topics I read from posts here: Sculpts are nice, not overdone but different poses etc. One point which I could complain about is that some details are very small, specifically toch handles and similar stuff, leading to easy breakage. Resin is not the best I have seen but servicable, there are bubbles, which are more noticeable on larger scuplts (due to larger surface). Not optimal but nothing superbad so far. Delivery was fast. With Halflings some of the 3d renders were never shown, they seem to have the translation from 2d to 3d down though. Replacement for lost or missing parts was simple and fast. Regarding overstretch and numbers of figures, look at the pledge, mostly the numbers are bolstered by halflings (and those burster things). They are small, so at least materialwise it should not be much of a problem (no idea about the cost of casting).
  4. MoebiusStrip

    Question about Priming Resin

    Thanks for the tip, sounds like it is for airbrush only. Otherwise I tried gesso and reaper paint straight from the bottle. Both seem to work but need some touching up after the first once-over. It seems to me that I miss some of the harder to reach corners with the scrubbing. This is likely what made the spray paint flake off, patches of weak adherence without a second cover. Anyone got any tips of how to clean these hard to reach spots? Also on how not to break every implement they carry, so far I broke 3 of 3. Those CAD details come out almost too thin in the casts.
  5. MoebiusStrip

    Question about Priming Resin

    Thanks I'll try a smaller piece without primer and maybe I'll try one with gesso and see if that works better.
  6. Cheers, Basically I had primer flake of from a resin mini I painted. Are there any tips to properly clean/prep resin? I gave it the usual bubble bath, 5-10min soak + toothbrush scrubbing. Spray primed, and during painting I noticed some parts where the primer chipped off. The mini is from TTCombat, prior resin experience was with Mantics cast where this did not happen. Ohterwise I only know this problem from 1/72 zvezda plastic (in which case a scrubbing with white spirits help). Unsure about resin though, is there something similar to give a bit more tooth to the surface. The TTCombat resin minis are visibly more shiny than the mantic stuff.
  7. MoebiusStrip

    Negative Energy "Glow"

    Cool idea overall, this especially made me think. There is the speedpainting technique of zenithal highlighting and glazing. This might be applicable here, paint in a value map, (shadow black, midtones grey, higlightes whit or offwhite). Then glaze and use less glaze the closer to the weapon you get. The result should be something that does not 'fade to black' but looses all color. But beware of wizards and cats, they might want to try and color the rest in.
  8. MoebiusStrip

    New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    That's fantastic, thanks for the work put into the army creator.
  9. MoebiusStrip

    Paint Set

    I don't know what she caries but I can tell you what is useful, generally speaking: primaries: Red, Blue, Yellow 1.Red 2.Blue 3.Yellow secondaries (to not have to mix so much): Orange, Green, Purple 4.Orange 5.Green 6.Purple These should be as single pigment as possible, most of the time clear or transparent colors are realtively clean for mixing purposes. Then you need value, so black and white at the least, I usually like to have a mid gray in there too 7.Black 8.Mid Gray 9.White To prevent the need of mixing stuff you usually need I would take browns, dark and light for leather and a slightly orangish brown for wood. 10.Dark Brown 11.Light Brown 12.Orangish Brown (give me back woodland brown!) Metallics, gold and silver. 13. Gold 14. Silver I would say thats what a good basic set should be. You have most of what you want ready and can mix the rest realtively easily. If you have a project at hand also take a number of colors specifically for that project. Specifically if humans are involved I would take at aleast a skin color: 15. Basic skin color Otherwise I would likely pack convenience stuff, washes, medium, or off-colors I use often. 16. Sepia Wash 17. Black Wash 18. Beige/Yellowish off-white (for scrollwork, bones etc.) (Army Painter Arid Earth is my color of coice here, I just love it). So reaper colors (don't have many of them so going by swatches here): 1. Clear Red or Rach Red 2. Clear Blue or True Blue 3. Clear Yellow or Lemon Yellow 4. Fire Orange (Why is there no Clear Orange?) 5. Clear Green or Adonese Green 6. Clear Purple or Malverine Purple 7. Pure Black 8. Rainy Gray 9. Pure White 10. Muddy Brown 11. Leather Brown 12. Harvest Brown 13. New Gold 14. Polished Silver 15. Pale Flesh 16. Brown Wash 17. Black Wash 18. Creamy Ivory If you want a bonus off black color: 19. Coal Black as a slightly blue/turquois tint, it's awesome. And I you want an even number either a darker flesh tone or a flesh wash: 20. Flesh Wash Be aware though that the clears have broccoli coverage, so usually I would substitute regular colors.
  10. MoebiusStrip

    New Site conversation

    Still nice to have it at least somewhere accessible. Did that, never got an email (though the item is now in stock). I have no idea about the internals but isn't there a PR person? I imagine it would be easiest to have one person to get info internally and post it on myspace/facepalm/twitter and also in the forums. Also (sorry to generate more work): BUG: Some items on the wishlist don't work (see attached pic, item 77529 for example) as in there is no image no name, and therefor no way to access the item to see if it's in stock. Note that the image is also not loading on the regular items page. Also I just noticed the out of stock message, very nice addition!
  11. MoebiusStrip

    Bones mini turning sticky after a while

    I need the space for the samples so I'll throw them out and I thought I would do a final update (roughly two months after the last): Dupli-Color Matte Spray TACKY (B4, G and M), unchanged Acetone NOT tacky (B4, G and M), unchanged Vallejo Acrylic Matt Varnish (28.531) NOT tacky (B4, G and M), unchanged Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish SOME tackyness (B4, G and M), so this got more tacky and unlike minimal tackyness is noticable in isolation. The tackyness also affects the G (gesso primed) sample. Liquitex Professional Matt Varnish NOT tacky ( B4, G and M), lost basically all of it's tackyness as far as I can tell, took a while though
  12. MoebiusStrip

    Making a Meadow

    Basically yes (thats the quick answer). Look at the base (no the rocks part) and you will see different size of rock which create visual interest, so use different materials. So this basically. Break up the monotonicity with some rocks, maybe leave some of the earth baren, do some bushes with flocking (the foam stuff) etc. Alternatively break up the look of the grass itself, typically by using different lengths, colors or by shaping it. Shaping it means roughing it up and applying another layer of static grass, this is sometimes done to generate and overgrown or windswept look, though mostly on dioramas and not worth it on minis in my opinion. See https://youtu.be/9EHryTVnKqw?t=240 for an example. But honestly don't sweat it too much and a little can go a long way. Leave a bit of baren earth and a tuft in another corner combined with the rocks should easily be enough to make it not look too uniform. And as long as it does not stand out as strange the eye should be drawn to the miniature anyways.
  13. MoebiusStrip

    New Site conversation

    BUG: All the new realeases links are broken and drop you onto the figure finder page. Otherwise nice change with the new stuff being presented on top.
  14. MoebiusStrip

    New Site conversation

    I have to say I agree to the sentiment. The thing that annoys me is the brokenness of the site for it's intended use (buying minis), which involves three setps: Searching: This is a mess currently Buying: At least in the EU region VAT info is missing (but seems otherwise functioning) Notification: If a mini not in store becomes in store again or allow preorder. Both not possible at the moment. For someone coming to the site for the first time this leaves a horrible impression (and really for everyone else too). This coupled with the lack communication/news (why is there even a news section in the forum anymore?) it leaves a sour taste. That said I know managing the site is a one-man show and the poor guy probably has better things to do then write updates.
  15. MoebiusStrip

    BattleSystems - Fantasy Terrain 2

    So no reason not to back (apart from brexit), damn.