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  1. Sort of complete. Not sure if I should add the wings or just do without.
  2. This is a test model for a paint scheme I'm working on. The idea is a night time theme with a fire providing light off camera. Trying to combine NMM and lighting effect. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. First of the Devil Bros, as I call them, from Bones 4. Painted him classic devil red. Rushed the wings and base a bit but I quite like the skin and the magma effect on the back. Makes for a nice mini on the table.
  4. A great BBEG model or a evil lieutenant. Painted up with a typical Warhammer Chaos Warrior type scheme. I've been practicing a lot of NMM, but wanted to use TMM again. Trying to use some NMM concepts on metallic paints to get that nice metal effect which isn't just metallic paint + wash look. Overall very happy with how it turned out. TMM really looks great on the table. Ready to make a few PCs quake in their boots.
  5. A quick paint job for a rather fun little mini. Trying an OSL effect for the first time. Had the idea of painting the skull with glowing eyes and have him be an undead, blabber mouth wizard annoyed by his current situation
  6. Originally I was planning to paint him with dark and moody colours, typical necromancer and all that. But then my girlfriend suggested I paint him all white, like Daniel from Sandman. He didn't end up all white but I did end up going for a white colour scheme. It was challenging to keep it visually interesting with so much white. I ended up doing some red free hand patterns, along with the dark leather to make it a bit less monotonous. I am pleased with the results, ended up being a nice atypical necromancer who isn't all dressed in black.
  7. Another Bones 4 elf. Painted her pale and edgy, perfect for the moody lone wolf PC in the party.
  8. Another Bones 4 elf. I was not at all excited by these minis during the Kickstarter. But now that I've started painting them I realised the sculpts are actually quite nice. The whip on this mini in particular is quite unique and striking. For this one I was going for a inquisitor look, with a red coat with silver and black details. Then I decided to give him white hair, until I realised I basically made him Dante from Devil May Cry. C&C welcome.
  9. A very fun paint job, working on 2 types of NMM for the weapons and armour. The NMM is a bit rough up close, but I'm happy enough with it when views from a distance. The free hand also came out pretty well. This is probably the most complex free hand I've done. Still some basing to do and could probably improve my blendingg but overall super happy with the result.
  10. An awesome looking sculpt. Tried something a bit different with the basing.
  11. The sculpt of the fat goblin boss barking orders has a lot of character. Since the mini is covered in armour, it seemed like a good candidate to try some different NMM techniques on. The NMM was done with a stippling rather than normal blending for the most part. The idea was it was supposed to be a bit work and rough, since it was worn by a goblin. It worked out well overall. It's also probably faster then other NMM techniques. Glazes also help hide the transitions. The scratches also helps hide transitions. Still took a long time. This guy took a full day and a half just to do the armour. The skin tone was inspired the art of Paul Bonner, who paint goblin skin with desaturated purples and pinks. Not sure if I fully achieved the effect, but it looks good. Really happy with it overall. The NMM is so bright that it takes the attention away from the sections where I haven't put in as much effort, like the leather and the axe handle. Might some back to it, but still got hundreds more minis from Bones 4 to go so he's going on the finished shelf for now.
  12. Finally got my Bones 4 this week and this is the first mini I painted. She's part of the elves section of the core set, but honestly she doesn't look particularly elven. Honestly I didn't like the sculpt that much so I thought it would be a good mini to try some different techniques. The skin was painted from a magenta base rather than a typical brownish skin base. I also practiced nmm on this mini, most noticeably on the sword. Also painted some patterning on the blue cloth around her waist. Also I got tired of trying to dot her irises with a brush, so I just used a tooth pick and it actually worked really well. Overall while there are a few areas to improve on (the nmm on the blade), I'm really happy with the results (magenta skin actually worked), especially considering it was originally intended as a test bed for a few new techniques.
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