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  1. As someone who is very inspired by "oldhammer", meaning - the hand sculpted miniatures that games workshop sold in the 80s and 90s, are there any guides I could follow to get the "heroic scale" proportions correct? I know a realistic human figure is about 8 head-heights tall and most heroic scale sculpts are about 5-6 head heights tall but I struggle making the hands and feet correctly proportioned to the body and head. Would re-sculpting a figure I like the look of teach me anything about getting the proportions right? I was considering doing it with the old heroquest chaos wizar
  2. Another question, as I am still exploring materials, are there any polyclays that survive the vulcanised mold-making process for spincasting? I really like using beesputty and have tried cernit and fimo as well but found they get too soft and squishy after a while. I'd like to be able to keep my original sculpt more or less intact once the mold has been made.
  3. Thanks for the great responses so far, I watched a video on youtube by Tom Mason where he uses a small hand-held vulcanisation kit but according to him, they are no longer available. Is there something similar I can get my hands on to practice mold-making? I feel that if I can get a decent casting with a home kit and some practice, my miniature should probably be fine to send to a pro mold-maker. I thought about doing 2 part rtv silicone molds as well and casting resin into them as a way to learn what I need to do sculpturally to make a figure castable - would that be good practice or is the v
  4. Hi, I'm a newbie sculptor from South Africa. As someone just getting into miniature sculpture (I'm still in the figuring out which putty / polyclay / mix I prefer to use phase), are there any good guides or tutorials on how to make a figure easily castable in a two part mold? I understand undercuts and that they should be filled in but is there a guide I can follow in terms of - if the leg sticks out x distance from the mold plane, it should be cut off and cast separately etc... I guess a lot of this is wisdom accumulated from long hours of trial and error but a nudge in the right
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