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  1. Thank you for the nice comment! I was originaly going to add both rust to the metalics and darker tones to the edges of the clothing but I decided against it since the mini looks way cooler to me this way 😄
  2. Painted this mini for a friend to use as a pc in our dnd campaing 🙂 Thanks for looking!
  3. This mini is from Wrath of Ashardalon boardgame. It was a quick and simple paintjob since the sculpt itself is quite simple. Thanks for looking!
  4. I wasn't sure about the color choices in the beginning but i like them now 🙂 I hope this mini scares my players when we play dnd! Thanks for looking!
  5. Thank you! I like and have been collecting vintage metal GW orcs and it's a blast! 😄 Do it! 🙂
  6. Quick and easy paintjob! I like his expression! Thanks for looking 🙂
  7. Great reaper bones mini! I just did a couple of drybrushes and a wash but I am pleased with it! Thanks for looking!
  8. I'm going to use this mini as a demon in my dnd campaign. I really like the sculpt and it was an enjoyable paintjob! 🙂 Thanks for looking!
  9. I really like this sculpt! Gave her a quick paintjob 🙂 Thanks for looking!
  10. Then Troy it is from now on! 😄
  11. We needed more dragons for our dnd campaign, so we painted some cheap dragon toys from the dollar store! 😄 I painted the red and the green one and my sister painted the blue one. Which one do you like best? Thanks for looking!
  12. Thank you so much for the nice comment! Tehnolog 54mm scale minis are great, I have painted a couple so far and I've had so much fun! I think it is because of their simplicity, it gives you a relaxed painting experience 🙂
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