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  1. Converted this one by using an avatars of war pit fighter body and added some greenskins bits (sword, head, etc) and greenstuff. Painted him to be used as an orc boss in my orc warband. Hope you like him!
  2. Great one, I like it!
  3. lazarp

    GW Orc Boyz

    Painted up two more boys for my warband!
  4. lazarp

    Avatars of war Orc Shaman

    Just finished the wizard for my upcoming mordheim/frostgrave orc warband! Hope you like him
  5. lazarp

    Some more gormiti repaints

    So here's three more, just quick drybrushes but I think they are good enough for my dnd table. Hope you like them too! First one is an umberhulk: before repainting: The second one is also an umberhulk I guess (painted by my sister): before: The last one is a gorgon, simplest paintjob but effective I'd say: before:
  6. lazarp

    Nothic conversion - 77028

    I love it! Do you have any pics of the conversion? I would love to see them!
  7. lazarp

    Giant Spider

    This was a nice and relaxing speedpaint while watching a movie. Hope you like it!
  8. lazarp

    Another gormiti toy repaint

    This mushroom guy was painted up by my sister. I like her work on this one. I hope you do too Here are the before and after pics
  9. lazarp

    Gormiti toy as a treekin

    Thanks guys! My inital idea was also green for the vines, but halfway through I decided I wanted him to look more woody and less viney, If you get what I mean
  10. lazarp

    Gormiti toy as a treekin

    So I got a bunch of gormiti toys for cheap. They actaually make great large dnd monsters. This one was done quick and simple but I think it looks quite good for the tabletop. Here are before and after pics. Cheers!
  11. lazarp

    Em4 Orc Archer

    I painted this fellow as a Hobgoblin, I like his blue nose Thanks for looking!
  12. So this is the first time I tried painting freehand on the shield This is the end result of the conversion: And for the conversion part, I didn't like neither this minis pose, nor its weapon choice (pickaxe really???), nor its commie looking (???) sigil on the shield. So I removed the weapon and sanded the shield. I also think that his pose looks a lot more natural as a spear throw than a pickaxe swing.. Also gave him some simple terrain and a quick paint Thanks for looking!
  13. Gave this model a different arm and hand pose, sculpted a wooden stick and used a resin bit from avatars of war necromancer for the spear head. This was a speedpaint that took probably around an hour. Thanks for looking! The original model:
  14. lazarp

    Wizkids Catti Brie

    Thank you! It came in the box together with around 40 more minis which are pretty decent and super cheap! I'm glad that you liked it
  15. lazarp

    Wizkids Catti Brie

    Thank you! This was also first time for me doing makeup It was challenging but also fun!