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  1. I'm not in town till Sunday, but as soon as I get back im filling and sculpting what's needed with greenstuff. Thank you for commenting!
  2. Thank you for your comment! I get what you mean, and I agree, next time I will try and make stronger contrast. As for the placement of the darker and lighter colors, I kinda winged it for the most part, since I didn't have any example of this mini painted in nmm or a picture of similar dwarven armor. For the next one I will definitely choose a more popular mini or some armor that I can find irl pictures online to make my task easier.
  3. So this is me trying to paint non-metallic metal for the first time. The mini is one of the dwarves from thehnolog's castlecraft line. Since it is my first, I'm pretty happy with the result. I hope I'll get better at this over time. All comments and suggestions regarding NMM are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  4. I've stuck the hands back. I believe this altered hand position makes the pose more dynamic. For the axes I've chosen for his right hand an axe from 03403: Na'Kaat Female Half Dragon Paladin, and for his left a two handed axe from the North Star Gnolls Sprue. Next I will fill the gaps with greenstuff and sculpt him some horns.
  5. Here's some progress, I've sanded the parts that needed to be smoother and I put pins in his helmet for the horns and in his arms to change the hand position.
  6. I have cut all of the spikes with an exacto knife, next i will use fine sandpaper to smoothen the surfaces. I decided also to add horns to the helm, i will make them out of greenstuff. As for the weapon swap, I have some decent looking flails in my bits bag, but I believe two axes will suit him better, or maybe a two handed axe. Here are some handaxe heads I found, but I probably have more laying around that I will look for later. Also for everyone watching If you have any tips or tricks to share you are welcome. I really like doing conversions and I've done a bunch already, but I always like to hear suggestions and comments from other people in this hobby.
  7. Ok lets talk about this mini. I got it two years ago in the Legend of Drizzt boxed game and just never use it. Why? Because it just looks weird for a dwarf and it is overall lacking if that makes sense. But I believe it has potential to look pretty cool and become one of my favourite minis. This isn't the first time that I dislike and convert a Wizkids "hero" mini but this conversion will be the most drastic so far. So lets begin. First of all, the thing that bugs me the most are Athrogates flails. I've found some artwork online and here's how they could look like: And, if you take a look at the first image above, they look like a pair of maracas: This obviously means that I have to do a weapon swap. I will also change his hand position to make the pose more intimidating. The second thing that i dislike is his spiked armor, it is supposed to look cool I guess but to me those spikes resemble crystals and it just looks super weird to me (kinda like the dark souls crystal armor) and doesn't go with the overall vibe of the mini That means I will also remove the spikes from his helmet, shoulder armor and boots and make them look different and hopefully better. I'm sorry for a long post, and I will keep you updated. Thanks for looking!
  8. Varnished and finally done! Happy with the results! Here's Show off topic. Thanks for looking!
  9. So I had this mini for some time, it was damaged, missing an arm and a hand. I repaired it using some bits and repainted it. Here's the WIP topic. I like how everything turned out, thanks for looking! Some before and after photos:
  10. Quick and easy speedpaint. Thanks for looking!
  11. Painted some highlights here and I'm calling it done. I only need to varnish it now It is not the best face I've painted but I'm calling it done. Pretty happy how everything turned out
  12. Another layer of paint and a quick wash
  13. This is my version of a Games workshop Aragorn. I didn't want to paint him as Aragorn since I have two of these same minis so I decide to go for a purple skinned, white haired drow ranger. I'm going to use him as a swordsman named Vigo in my Rangers of Shadowdeep games. This mini was a blast to paint, I like how the highlights turned out. Thanks for looking! Unpainted mini:
  14. So after priming and a basecoat, you can see that the sculpt is actually not bad at all. I like it
  15. I decided on a staff from avatars of war vampire countess kit and a dagger from north star cultist box. Next will be priming and basecoating
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