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  1. lazarp

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish Warband

    Ok so I know it's been a while, but other projects and uni just swamped me, so I was left with very little time for my orcs. Even so, here's a humble update on the warband I present you Capt'n Klamorgan, the leader of the group: He is actually an Avatars of War Orc Pit Fighter conversion using a bunch of orc bits and some greenstuff. Thanks for looking
  2. lazarp

    07005: Cairn Wraith

    I love the lighting effects, awesome work!!! Care to share a tip on how to do it that way?
  3. lazarp

    Rackham The Red Lioness

    So I'm still experimenting with glow effects, but I'm pretty happy with this one Painted her to be used as a sorcerer in my 9th age army
  4. lazarp

    GW Chaos Warriors

    So I've painted the first five chaos warriors for my upcoming 9th age/AoS army. First time I've tried painting a few minis at once. I've quite liked it and I can't wait to paint more c&c are welcome!
  5. lazarp

    Home made Ochre Jellys

    So here I made some medium and small ones :D Reaper bones orc for scale: One pic of the whole jelly family Hope you like them!
  6. lazarp

    77042: Orc Marauder

    Anything and everything you can find at a game shop/dollar store/backyard/kitchen I like to use cork, foamboard, styrodur, decorative rocks and sand of different shapes and sizes and my own mixture of a lot of different spice and tea leaves for grass. I like putting everything on the base and then spray priming it all together including the "grass". For glue I recomend either superglue or white pva glue. Don't shy away from trying different techniques or anything that comes to mind! Find out what works for YOU! I believe that there is no "right" way to approach the hobby and sometimes results will surprise you! Remember, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents!
  7. lazarp

    Home made Ochre Jellys

    Thank you, even though just buying some ochre jelly minis would be easier and take less of my time, this way I can make something nice and give it character and some of my own style I know it's not much, but I really like doing it and it is slowly becoming a passion of mine! Cheers
  8. lazarp

    77042: Orc Marauder

    Great looking orc, well done! Don't be afraid of doing basing work for minis, It can be super fun and also boosts the final look of the mini tenfold! Keep up the good work
  9. lazarp

    Home made Ochre Jellys

    Yes, for a frame i used a thick wire in a cross formation. Dm Scotty was actually an inspiration for this project!
  10. lazarp

    Home made Ochre Jellys

    These two were made out of hot glue and given a quick paintjob by my sister and me. I like how they look and I made 4x medium and 8x small ones the same way. Will post them too when painted If you like these! :D Next to a reaper bones orc: Before the paintjob:
  11. lazarp

    Avatars of War Necromancer

    This one was super fun to paint This is the first time I tried to do glowing effect on a mini, I think it could have been better but I like how it turned out! Comments and criticism are welcome
  12. So one of my friends who plays dnd with me painted this one yesterday to be used as his pc in our campaign. He actually hasn't painted any minis for a few years so this one was a comeback for him . I really like how it turned out!
  13. lazarp

    DIY Fire Elementals

    Yes I know! Thank you! It wasn't intentional to be honest, but I like how it makes them multi-purpose I guess
  14. lazarp

    Two more mushroom guys

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments, my younger sister is very shy when it comes to her paintings skills and I hope your praise makes her day
  15. lazarp

    DIY Fire Elementals

    Thank you! Means a lot coming from you! The crafting process if anyone is interested: