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  1. So this is my take at painting Na'Kaat My firend uses this mini as a pc in our dnd campaign. The axe that comes with the mini felt too small to her so I swapped it with the two handed axe from 03197: Thelgar Halfblood, Half Orc Barbarian. All in all this was one was nice to paint and is really nice to look at after Hope you like it too!
  2. lazarp

    GW Ghoul

    This one was painted for a Frostgrave facebook group challenge, the theme was "undead" My sister uses these guys in her vampire warband for frostgrave and mordheim, so I decided to paint one of them By the way it is around my one year anniversary on the forum, I'm really happy that I've discovered this place about a year ago, it has been a place of inspiration and helpful feedback for me and I hope it will stay the same for the next year Cheers and happy holidays to you all!
  3. lazarp

    77176: Familiars

    Sis and I painted two sets of these inbetween other stuff. Hope you like them!
  4. They look great! Fresh from the chaos wastes!
  5. Thanks a lot for the tip! I get what you mean, I will try it our for the next mini! Much appreciated, thanks again! :) Thank you! I will definitely print some of these and try them for the next mini!
  6. I liked painting this figure, did it for a friend from my d&d party. He's using it as his half-elf druid. We are both happy with it overall Hope you like it too! I also tried fiddling with lighting and a background for the first time so if you have any tips on what I could have done better with the photos please share :) Thanks for looking!
  7. Converted this one by using an avatars of war pit fighter body and added some greenskins bits (sword, head, etc) and greenstuff. Painted him to be used as an orc boss in my orc warband. Hope you like him!
  8. lazarp

    GW Orc Boyz

    Painted up two more boys for my warband!
  9. Just finished the wizard for my upcoming mordheim/frostgrave orc warband! Hope you like him
  10. So here's three more, just quick drybrushes but I think they are good enough for my dnd table. Hope you like them too! First one is an umberhulk: before repainting: The second one is also an umberhulk I guess (painted by my sister): before: The last one is a gorgon, simplest paintjob but effective I'd say: before:
  11. I love it! Do you have any pics of the conversion? I would love to see them!
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