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  1. Painted this bones mini for my friend to be used as an archer in his Rangers of Sadowdeep warband Hope you like it! (click on images for better quality)
  2. Painted a bunch of Lannisters this week including both soldiers and charactera. Tyrion's sculpt has surprisingly great face and was interesting to paint overall :) (click on images for better quality)
  3. Painted the Kingslayer! Fun cloak to highlight! (click on images for better quality)
  4. I liked this sculpt, was a super fun paintjob :) (click on images for better quality)
  5. Here's Gregor Clegane and his bannerman! (click on images for better quality)
  6. I don't really like this sculpt, they've cut corners too much for my taste, but as I painted Drizzt it grew on me. Has some kind of charm and I like it now hope you will too! (click on the image for better quality)
  7. No, but my sister(the three of us are playing together) alrady has a wolf(bloodhound) named Lancelot so I guess that counts too!
  8. Fun fact! Like most zombicide minis, this sculpt was inspired by a fantasy character. In this case it is Isabeau from the movie Ladyhawke played by Michelle Pfeiffer. I've painted this mini to be my new ranger named Michelle in my Rangers of Shadowdeep campaign. I had a lot of fun highlighting her dress. Hope you like her! (click on the image for better quality)
  9. The last of the starks for some time now, next are the lannisters!
  10. One more from the boardgame, I tried a new green color on her
  11. Fast and simple paintjob, hope you like her!
  12. Fun bunch to paint, I like the leader model. Hope you like them! :)
  13. No sorry, it was like two years ago, I bought a huge cheap bag full of small animals that are good in scale with 28/32mm minis to use for dnd. I sadly can't recall the name of the manufacturer.
  14. We needed a vulture for Rangres shadowdeep and I remembered I had a toy eagle. I was surprised by the level of detail on it and I like how it turned out.
  15. Thanks! The hammer is a weapon from the Avatats of War Wasteland Warriors of Wrath box
  16. Modified his helmet and gave him a shield Before the conversion:
  17. Painted this charming young fella to be used as an adventurer in different games :)
  18. Painted some zombies for my Rangers of Shadowdeep games, they were quick and fun to paint
  19. I combined parts from various minis, had a lot of fun freehand painting the shield
  20. I'm not in town till Sunday, but as soon as I get back im filling and sculpting what's needed with greenstuff. Thank you for commenting!
  21. Thank you for your comment! I get what you mean, and I agree, next time I will try and make stronger contrast. As for the placement of the darker and lighter colors, I kinda winged it for the most part, since I didn't have any example of this mini painted in nmm or a picture of similar dwarven armor. For the next one I will definitely choose a more popular mini or some armor that I can find irl pictures online to make my task easier.
  22. So this is me trying to paint non-metallic metal for the first time. The mini is one of the dwarves from thehnolog's castlecraft line. Since it is my first, I'm pretty happy with the result. I hope I'll get better at this over time. All comments and suggestions regarding NMM are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  23. I've stuck the hands back. I believe this altered hand position makes the pose more dynamic. For the axes I've chosen for his right hand an axe from 03403: Na'Kaat Female Half Dragon Paladin, and for his left a two handed axe from the North Star Gnolls Sprue. Next I will fill the gaps with greenstuff and sculpt him some horns.
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