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  1. In previous kickstarters we have been able to purchase additional bases for all the loot (er, miniatures) we got. Is there any chance that those can be added to this kickstarter as well?
  2. I have tried repeatedly to pledge--from wave 1 all the way to wave 4. Still no luck. Probably giving up today, I'll try again tomorrow--hopefully things will quiet down by then (either that, or the computer will count all my pledge attempts)
  3. I think that I just received the last ghoulie bag of the year. Of course, it helped that my package was lost in limbo and made three round trips between the Coppell, Texas and Dallas, Texas mail distribution centers before finally being sent to Virginia. (Can't fault reaper for that--and figured that I could at least put a positive spin on the delivery situation) If anyone else gets a ghoulie bag after I post this, celebrate here!
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