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  1. Wow 37 years ago today Lady C and I got married! She is a doll and one of the kindest people I have ever met, God certainly blessed me with her. Can someone explain to me why she keeps saying she's been happily married 5 years?
  2. This area is crazy for every kind of sport! If you started a team for bobbing for french fries, it would take off!
  3. We went on vacation last week but Lady C got really sick, so we came home early. She was sick enough the Doctor ran the Covid test, thankfully came back negative.
  4. Yup, many. The trick is to know how much you are willing to pay and not go overboard. Pondering....
  5. *attachment removed* (not sure what you were trying to do, but it didn't work) - Buglips
  6. Wow, I don't even know how to say this: Today went to the Bass Pro Shop in Destin Florida looking for a hat. As I entered there was a young man at the door, doing the little "Hi would you like a credit card?" thing. Usually I just roll past quickly, but the way he spoke was a bit thick sounding, so I slowed down just so he wouldn't feel bad. Took the little flyer as it was good for $20 off your first purchase. Shopped around and did find my new hat for $40 so I went and got the card. He was thrilled and I kind of thought he might be a bit slow, so it was nice to cheer him up. While the la
  7. This reminded me of an incident some years ago on a IDOC shooting range. When shooting handguns, most will throw brass some distance when ejecting empty brass. This is why most folks when hitting the range button their shirts up all the way or wear tight collared shirts, as getting hot brass down your shirt will wake you right up. On woman shooter ignored this advice and caught a hot empty right down her cleavage. Dropped her gun, and stripped her blouse right off on the spot! Those of us who weren't diving for cover got quite a show as the range was R-rated for a couple of minutes...
  8. @Jasper_the_2nd beat me to it! If not Battle Armor from CBT, how do I prefer kobolds? FLAT!
  9. My lovely Lady C is not a RPG/Tabletop type player, so I do not as a rule have games at my house. However, I DO set up for games at a LGS, bringing everything needed for those games. Lady C has always been gracious on the occasions when we did take over the dining room for Battletech, usually feeding everyone as well.
  10. It may be a case of the soap dying first!
  11. We have a monthly game night at our house, but it is family playing games. Lots of laughter.
  12. What town is that? Sounds fascinating.
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