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  1. Unfortunately, Megamek won't work with Firefox, rats!
  2. @redambrosia, our friend @Glitterwolf is right. It has just been 6 years since we had all 4 parents and now they are all gone. But now, we laugh about memories and enjoy the times we were together. It is a raw wound right now, but it will heal. Give Hubby and Sephy a hug and kiss.
  3. Popcorn? Bonus, watched the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood
  4. Well, said to say Creality has lived down to it's horrible reputation for horrible customer support. Will be taking the Ender6 to a local computer shop to see if a new SD card reader will fix it's problems.
  5. Let me know if you do sell off any of the KS mechs. Never did try Megamek, I need to do so. Gonna go primer the metal mechs I just got, that's my goal for now.
  6. "Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you..."
  7. My other main hobby is shooting and I am active in Cowboy Action Shooting competition. They had some limited run badges made and I snagged one. It arrived today:
  8. We might need to use the ' @Crowley Method" to assign players to games. Roll a d20 to see if you can join!
  9. LadyC and I are going for a nice dinner tonight, nothing fancy, just a date night. 37+ years and we still hold hands.
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