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  1. I had never thought of the sounds in the woods...probably has an occasional burp from someone who got a little too close...
  2. Usually my questions revolve around the care, feeding, repair and reloading of antique/surplus guns.
  3. So how many pirate ship battles will take place at Reapercon 2021?
  4. Rappelling, I really don't like heights, so...
  5. Nope, nothing special here. Hope your dinner was great.
  6. Thanks for the report! Can't wait to see it painted up!
  7. I went through it when it arrived here a few months ago, so I have forgotten exactly what I took out. There were some scifi minis, but I was most excited by an old "Unseen" Battlemech! Oh and some hex bases someone had put in too.
  8. That turned out great! How do you think it will stand up to Tabletop use?
  9. Today at work, my boss had trouble with his Doberman's pen so had to bring him along. Since it was just the 2 of us no problem as I like big dogs. This is Osiris but he is called Cyrus, 11 months old and already weighs 80 pounds.
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