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  1. Corsair

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Faer? I don't live in it, but I DO take realsitic precautions and responses seriously.
  2. Corsair

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Ewe are kidding, right?
  3. Corsair

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Good deal! Welcome to the ........ umm, waitaminit.........what do we call this? Masochism? NO NO, Ranks of the Quisitors! That's right......
  4. This will entail a lot more work, but I am afraid it might be the only way to get a result that will satisfy you. Cut a piece of styrene or other base material to an oval shape, glue it to the current base and then extend the diorama "footprint" to the distance you want the water to cover. Either that or just pour the water to under the existing overhang.
  5. Corsair

    Couple of Bones 4 Speedpaints

    I like his and the dragon's attitude!
  6. Corsair

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    For those of you debating about signing up, if two folks want to split a month at first, we can probably do that. Also, what I do is keep a steno pad handy and write out questions as they come to mind, that way you have a working list to go to. But step up, it is a fun challenge!
  7. Corsair

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    On the subject of Post It Notes, here is a great case of justice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcU5E0pjzgI
  8. #318 is a Malvernis' warrior from CAV. 317 is a Rach warrior. But coming from the sci-fi perspective, even here in the 21st Century, lightweight materials are making huge inroads compared to weapons of the last centuries.
  9. This Public Service Announcement brought to you by M.E.O.W.
  10. Corsair

    Happy Birthday unidentifiable

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Corsair

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    We started at 8AM and finished up about 9 hours later.....but we did have them ready for an Apoc Game the next weekend.
  12. Corsair

    Shipwreck golem

    Very impressive! Well done!
  13. Corsair

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    It was an assembly line and two of us painted 120 Orkz and 150 IG troops for a 40K tournament. Yeesh.