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  1. Got some stuff cleared out of the garage today and freed up the spot for the Ender6, so with a bit of luck will set it up tomorrow.
  2. Got to work in the garage and shed today. I now have the space for my new Ender6 and hopefully will get it set up and running in the next day or so.
  3. I love the finished Porker Norker! If he falls off, he might wind up Porker Norker Poop!
  4. Loved to as a kid and still do to this day!
  5. "Always bet on stupidity" after 26+ years in Corrections, I never doubted it.
  6. Stumblead across "Eldorado" and "Joe Kidd" last night. Good night for Westerns.
  7. Retired as well. When I worked it was Carhartt shirts, jeans, boots and a kevlar vest and duty belt. Now that I'm retired, Carhartt shirt, jeans and boots. Yeah, I am really imaginative.
  8. M.E.O.W. is filing a complaint against WOOF for arming them...
  9. Today was amazing as the temperature here hit 74 degrees! Last Tuesday it was minus one! Nearly all of the 14-16 inches of snow we had is now melted. A quite remarkable turn around. @redambrosia try drinking some cranberry juice to keep from repeat visits from the Kidney Stone Fairy.
  10. You could have Glitterwolf and the Motorheads as your opening act when opening the club.
  11. Praying for you here! I'm not too sure about this restaurant...
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