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  1. Pooh Bear would call this a blustery day here. As our Master of the Hamsters would say... COFFEE!
  2. Getting settled in our new home in Arkansas.
  3. Used Ender 3s are going for 125-150 now. The benefits of them is their simplicity, they are basic but easy to keep running.
  4. The older I get, the more simple things make me happy. A hug from one of my g'kids, holding hands with my wife, etc.
  5. Almost all my hobby stuff is packed up right now due to the upcoming move. At least I have time to plan what Clans and IS units get which mechs...
  6. 2007, hunting a child molester/kidnapper who had gone AWOL on Parole. And we did find him and no kids hurt.
  7. Glad you are back! Get well quickly!
  8. Naw, just worry about "liberated" paint and learning goblin math.
  9. Well the Battletech KS Wave 1 showed up today. You guys waiting, it is awesome! The mechs look so much better than the previews on the KS page. The maps are great and the tshirts are REALLY nice.
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