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  1. Tchono rises and bows to the woman. "Good morning, and honors to you. DO I hear the sound of the steppes in your voice?" He chuckles, causing the dog to eye him suspiciously at the sound. "I am afraid most consider me unsuitable for courting, as I do look more orc than human. I have never even gotten to dance at one of our celebrations."
  2. @Pezler the Polychromatic set off the glitterbombs early and we are not even gonna mention that embarrasing thing with @Glitterwolf and the fire hydrant...
  3. @Pezler the Polychromatic for flashy distractions and @Glitterwolf for glitterbombs and helicopters in air support.
  4. To those of you having snow and sleet, it is 85 degrees here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama right now with a beautiful offshore breeze. Uncle Corsair has been getting plenty of hugs this week from the g'kids and we are spoiling them. Been to a small restaurant called the Islander twice since arriving and the grilled fish is fantastic. @Pegazus great news, prayers still going for you guys. @Glitterwolf enjoy your trip! Tell Lady M Hi for us.
  5. "An excellent idea , as not only is the drink good but Oba-san is an excellent cook. I wonder though, Bradir-san, in your cache of magics, do you possess any blessings or incantations able to aid us against these Oni? A good blade and armor stand in good stead against the normal, but the dark ones are another matter. Anyway Nagano-san, little Oba-san is still getting used to the fact of how her place has become home to so many different folks. She had quite the start when I showed up and now with Big6 it is becoming quite the crossroad for everyone form kitsune to the Machi-bugyo taking his morning tea there. And I have decided she will not be tormented for "Protection" by the scum who have been doing it in the past."
  6. I like a variety. Ones that want to eat me......flamethrowers on High.
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