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  1. I have used "Wolf Whiz Ale" in several games over the years. Their motto is "It's in the Water" 😁😛
  2. Their new Kickstarter is underway. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cgl/battletech-mercenaries/description
  3. Quizzle for 23 March, 2023: What is your favorite memory of one of your pets?
  4. And I forgot to mention the route the locomotive took to get here. Georgia to Nashville, to Memphis, to Little Rock, to Los Angeles [?!?], back to Little Rock and finally here. Los Angeles?
  5. @WhiteWulfe Nscale Kato and Atlas locomotives are great runners and can be found for $65 US for used, good runners to $150 US for new if you go with a DC layout. If you want to go DCC it does cost a bit more, but you can go with just a couple locomotives to start out.
  6. Yeah, that's why I am sticking with a DC layout. Look at @kristof65s T track thread, T Trak might work for you.
  7. Try a dark gloss blue for the canopy then using a lighter blue to put a "corner" at the canopy edge to look like a reflection. At this scale, simple is good.
  8. Had a N scale Kato 2-6-0 locomotive show up today. Normally these go for the cost of a kidney, but I found one that the price was right.
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