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  1. @redambrosia Congrats! Hope it is a good fit for you!
  2. If I did fantasy, this would be especially impressive for the $10 bundle of 4 buildings.
  3. Well, a follow up on the Ender 6 with the new Cura program. The FDM results with the finest settings are excellent! Very close in detail to a resin printer, I am quite enthused about this beastie.
  4. Toss all the innards out for the local wildlife population.
  5. Okay, it's different, but fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpWUEj5RoGc
  6. We went and saw the new Addams Family movie while on vacation. It is just a really fun movie, go and laugh and enjoy. There are so many oneliners, we can't wait to see it again to try to catch them all!
  7. Wow, ran to the Post Office this morning to collect our mail from our getaway last week. Filled up a plastic tote! Maybe we should cut back on buying stuff...
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