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  1. Thanks for the report! Can't wait to see it painted up!
  2. I went through it when it arrived here a few months ago, so I have forgotten exactly what I took out. There were some scifi minis, but I was most excited by an old "Unseen" Battlemech! Oh and some hex bases someone had put in too.
  3. That turned out great! How do you think it will stand up to Tabletop use?
  4. Today at work, my boss had trouble with his Doberman's pen so had to bring him along. Since it was just the 2 of us no problem as I like big dogs. This is Osiris but he is called Cyrus, 11 months old and already weighs 80 pounds.
  5. Nope, "part-time" teller at a bank! At any rate, the lovely and sweet Lady Corsair got it to the Post Office this morning, so it should arrive Tuesday.
  6. Hop in on this thread: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88640-split-3d-printers/
  7. Have any of you run off a Battletech Battlemech in resin at 1/285/standard CBT scale? If so, how well do you think they will stand up to a lot of tabletop game handling?
  8. Mine is starting late due to being called in at work this week, I will be getting it out Monday. My apologies!
  9. My apologies on my box not getting out as promised. Work has been calling me in, so it will be Monday before I can get it out. I am supposed to be part time and got 37 hours this week even with Monday off!
  10. Great choice, up at @malefactus' level of gobbo insanity!
  11. Off to work in a couple minutes, lots of hours the last 2 weeks even with being gone parts of both weeks. Oh well, just more money for the gun.....err, hobby....um, living necessities fund. Yeah that's it call it living necessities... I will just sit over here and finish my coffee...
  12. So is "two" KS stls packs the equavalent to @buglips*the*goblin's "twenty" in goblin math?
  13. Don't look @Pezler the Polychromatic !
  14. Do you have fluorescent lights where you work? They can trigger seizures in folks with epilepsy, maybe they cause your headaches.
  15. Well we went to see family this weekend and wound up looking at a house for when Lady C retires and we move there to be with family. We made an offer and it was just accepted a little bit ago. Now begins financing etc. Thankfully we do NOT have to build a place as it would have driven my dear wife out of her mind. The rest of the weekend was great, sorry, but social distancing went out the window as we both got tons of hugs from g'kids! Before anyone faints, no one in any of the families involved have shown any signs of Chinese Flu.
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