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  1. Okay, it's different, but fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpWUEj5RoGc
  2. We went and saw the new Addams Family movie while on vacation. It is just a really fun movie, go and laugh and enjoy. There are so many oneliners, we can't wait to see it again to try to catch them all!
  3. Wow, ran to the Post Office this morning to collect our mail from our getaway last week. Filled up a plastic tote! Maybe we should cut back on buying stuff...
  4. Only thing I can claim is finding a Baby Yoda costume for my g'niece last week!
  5. @MojoBob you might want to check out Fighting Piranha decals. I don't know if they are the right size but their stuff is first rate quality wise.
  6. Relaxing here on our last day of Myrtle Beach. Lady C and her cousin are out on the beach and I am relaxing here with a nice cup of coffee. Tomorrow we head for Atlanta and then Sunday home. Just heard from @malefactus, he is getting settled in NY and sounds quite happy! He said he will be back shortly.
  7. @vejlin Hi, I'm one of the new ones here, nice to meet you. My wife and I spent several years taking care of elderly parents, so I understand caring for family.
  8. We might put out a Jackolantern, but that's about it. Our church has a big thing for the kids with games and lots of candy, so we will be there helping.
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