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  1. That is MEOW's work. There is no such thing as a "Chonky" cat... You will suffer retribution for saying such a thing.
  2. Not my mood, but man I hate the weather swings and how it affects my banged up framework.
  3. Just because... the AI is wanting to be a pain today.
  4. Nearest ones to me are about an hour away. Both seem to be well run.
  5. 1. I pick up @malefactus and we have lunch with @Glitterwolf. 2. An unseen Battletech Marauder 3. Nope, gonna do it myself!
  6. Let's see if this thing thinks I'm human this time... Nope, can't post the image still... Okay....now it worked....
  7. Try soaking them overnight in Pinesol. Works on even Testor's Enamel without hurting the metal.
  8. That blue above the eyes made me think she's flirting! Who's heart is she gonna break [or devour as the case may be...]?
  9. There are no Bowden tubes, the filament feeds from above, directly into the print head. There is no distant traction pushing the filament into the head via the tube. I will never have another printer with Bowden tube feed ever again.
  10. Some 3D prints, but mostly a little work on terrain basics for my model railroad layout and work on an old pistol and finishing an AR sniper build for a local cop.
  11. On the FDM printers, I love the direct drive print heads like on my newest Anycubic Kobra. The biggest problems I had encountered with my previous Enders were with the Bowden tubes and feeding. Speeds have drastically improved as well. To make more detailed prints you can swap to a .2 mm nozzle. Now this will slow down you prints but I can only imagine how detail will improve our 28mm figure prints. You will still get better detail for the best minis using a resin printer at this time.
  12. I'm on my 3rd FDM printer, and am totally impressed with the improvements.
  13. I truly admire the skin tones you have achieved, but everytime I see her I think of the Drow.
  14. Yup, LadyC is looking forward to Survivor and we both are waiting for Chosen.
  15. Quizzle for Today 22 February: If you had a DNA test, what percent would be Neanderthal? [Inspired by a TV joke]?
  16. No, it's not just you, many creators seem to think they have to do this. Maybe they do to make the KS pay off.
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