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  1. Well our Niece Amber and her daughter Emma came over tonight and put up our tree for us. So the house is decorated, Christmas music is playing and the Grinch will be used for target practice!
  2. @Cranky Dog nailed it. Cartoons drawn with skill that are actually clever. Watching movies on Saturday Night with my parents, with a huge bowl of popcorn and Koolaid.
  3. Lady C does all sorts of cooking during this season for family.
  4. That made me think of Monday at work. A young couple walked in with a baby raccoon on their shoulders. His name is Rocket and was a very friendly and curious little fellow. Gotta love working gun shop in rural America!
  5. 29 degrees F here this AM and sunny. Working extra hours at the "part-time" job as the flu has been going around. Thankfully I haven't gotten it yet. Cannot believe tomorrow brings in December. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all, my friends.
  6. I would have loved it! As it was, my first year of college, my Dad got sick and I had to come home and start working to take care of things til he was better. Never went back, would have loved to have gotten an Engineering Degree. But I have been blessed so much in my life, there are no regrets.
  7. I guess it was the spirit he passed on into his company. It is a welcoming place, where folks who have never met, can become friends.
  8. Prayers for his family and loved ones.
  9. We chose a couple of CAVs, and Emma found a Mermaid with sea lions. Added:ksjhdvobhwbeflhlshhb😁
  10. @Jasper_the_2nd hope there was no damage done to the car. @haldir understand on the weather, Hoping Monday/Tuesday follow the predictions [supposed to be in the 60s] so I can reload a few hundred rounds of ammo for the next few moths of Cowboy Actin Matches.
  11. Worst? That's easy. As much abuse and damage as I have put my body through, I now Feel every weather change coming through. Best, The beauty of fresh fallen snow [at least til I have to shovel] and the holidays Winter brings. Christmas, New Year's, even Valentine's Day, all have beautiful times associated with them.
  12. You know why guys like girls wearing leather? They smell like a new truck! [Corsair ducks and runs...]
  13. Well, Lady C is busy in the kitchen. Oldest Niece, [Emma's Mom] is over early helping. More family will be arriving at any time, then the place will get busy. Christmas music playing, it is shaping up to be a great get together. Blessings to you all [even those responsible for glitter and chili-bombs!].
  14. If you honestly expected any less, you have been in the rum again!
  15. Happy Thanksgiving Day! May God bless you all my friends!
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