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  1. absinthe

    Question on the Miniture Sizes

    @Cyradis Alright, cool. @TGP Yes! Would be awesome to see.
  2. absinthe

    Question on the Miniture Sizes

    Thank you all for your help and for the really warm welcome, I really got more than I expected! I am excited to start and will be sure to share. Regards! P.s. Do I have to close the thread or anything if I am satisfied, also happens to be the first time on a forum...
  3. Hello, I was wondering where the scale information is on models such as "Bile the Wyvern", or is it just me missing something? Also, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if 25mm is the tallest a miniature could be, or are there bigger sizes.. I would like to purchase these as a hobbyist, not so much to play with them. I am quite new to this community, so please bare with me. Thanks guys!