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  1. HexLuthor

    Finding Players (Meetup Thread)

    I purchased the core and terrain set from the kickstarter with the intention to increase my painting experience. Never played CAV before, but at some point, might be interested in playing if anyone is local. I'm in Tampa, Florida.
  2. HexLuthor

    CAV Faction Paint Schemes

    Thank you!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Now I can put some ideas together and pick up some paint. Those are some awesome paint jobs.
  3. HexLuthor

    CAV Faction Paint Schemes

    I just bought a bunch of units from the CAV kickstarter and have some time before they arrive so I thought I'd pick out some paint colors. It looks like the majority of units are either Empire of Malvernis and the Grand Order of the Temple. I haven't played CAV before and I don't own any of the books. I've done numerous Google searches trying to find the paint schemes for these two factions, but really can't find anything. Is there a set scheme for each faction in CAV or can I just wing it? I've looked on the Reaper site, but they just show the unpainted models. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!