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  1. Thanks Metalchaos! I started following you so this is pretty tight getting advice from an awesome painter. can I confirm what you think on this: should I focus on highlighting all folds (bottom and body) or just one of these two points. I certainly don’t want to over do it! My paints and figs are at a friends place (I paint when we hang out so I leave them there). This weekend I will try that out and add the pics on how it turned out.
  2. My first Reaper Forum post! Please give constructive criticism if you have any suggestions! At first I was going to make this dark priest Caucasian, but then decided to go for a “Abdul Alhazred” feel, complete with human flesh scroll and inscribed in blood. I am glad to be on the forum and will post more on my extended “sinister graveyard cult” that I am working on!
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