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  1. Hello Guys!! this is my new model of Dark Whispers the Chronicles ! Check the link of the Kickstarter : http://kck.st/36G5Wov And don't forget to check the giveaway on my fb page Have a nice day Green ;)
  2. I can't give you advice, I love both of them !! hahahahah :D Kickstarter has been founded!!
  3. UH! sorry! 12PM CEST UTC+1 And the giveaway extractions on my fb page :)
  4. sorry for the inconvenience, I thought that covering the breast with the symbol went well, thank you for fixing the post!
  5. Hello Guys!! This is the new character of Dark Whispers, The Chronicles! First cast of Athena, I love these models!! Very defined detail, very few mold lines and very clean models. ARE YOU REEEEEADY?!?!?!?!? TOMORROW is the day!! Athena is ONLINE on KICKSTARTER at 12.00 PM CEST UTC+1, I'm very EXCITED for this new experience with you!! Every day i'm very committed for give you a good products, good paint and beatiful moments. I hope so :D Tomorrow at 11 am CEST UTC+1, I will extract the lucky winners of Athena!I'll wait for you tomorrow !! LIVE NOW ON KS!!!!!! http://kck.st/2ZDH6TJEmanuele " Green" https://www.facebook.com/GreenCollectibleModels/Scale: 75mm and busts 1/10
  6. Here is the review I was waiting for! a really professional Review from Tales of a mini painter https://www.facebook.com/talesofaminipainter/videos/345786252915757/
  7. I still have to learn to use the laser engraver, hahaha I got it today !! I have to center the text, however, as a first test I'm satisfied! here is a preview of the first prototype! Hope you like it!!
  8. I wanted to change the stretch goal for the custom wooden box Dark Whispers! share and tag interested friends for a more radiant future !! hahaha THX ALL GUYS !!! Share the post set at the top, of the KS on my facebook page at the following link https://www.facebook.com/GreenCollectibleModels/ here is the post to share, I put a picture
  9. :D thx again! before the KS is concluded, a piece must be yours hahahah ;D
  10. HI!! my name is Emanuele! This is my project :) thx all guys for support!! Hope you like it !!
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