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  1. Now imagine you put in a prepaid $100 order to little caesar's a week in advance for your kid's birthday party and when you showed up on Saturday they said they were out of dough and ingredients to make dough and they didn't know when they'd have anything but you definitely weren't getting your pizzas tonight and they didn't know when they'd have your pizzas. And then they refused to give you a refund. And now you have an accurate analogy. I can't stand sanctimonious posts like yours. You have no idea how other people have reacted to real problems in their lives, like when my dad died slowly from lung cancer and I moved home from college to help my mom look after him or how I got a call at work that my wife had been hospitalized and she nearly died. Maybe because I'm a loyal lifetime customer of Reaper's with over 500 Reaper minis in my hobby room and there are a lot of minis in the kickstarter that I intend to buy once they are available for retail?
  2. Respectfully, this is why I don't back the kickstarters anymore. I'll buy the minis I actually want once they're available, but really they shouldn't need money up front anymore after 3 extremely successful kickstarters already. 4 kickstarters in and the same delays as every other time, maybe it's time to move production to the US and just charge a bit more for the minis.
  3. Can't seem to find these guys. It says they're from Bones 3.
  4. The Warlord line. Would be great for wargamers.
  5. Folk Art matte black acrylic paint works great. I use that as a 'primer' for my Bones minis. Nice matte finish and cheap.
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