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  1. 1 hour ago, Doug's Workshop said:

    Friday night, after I picked my kids up from their after-school karate club, I asked if they wanted pizza for dinner.  Naturally, they said yes.  So, I drove over to a Little Caesars for a $5 sausage pizza.  They're cheap, the kids like 'em, win-win.


    Paid my money, and then heard one of the chefs call out "Anything other than [pepperoni] is gonna be 20-25 minutes."
    So it's a very popular night (Friday), and obviously the store should have forseen that lots of people were going to come in for pizza, because it's freaking Friday, and $5 pizzas are popular among the cheap/frugal minded.  I could have groused about how they don't know how to run a business, how I spent my money already and by golly they should give me my pizza dangit, and how my poor starving kids are going to go hungry waiting for them to fix their mistake.


    Or . . . knowing it's Friday, and things happen, I just waited.  Eventually they got the pizza out.  I took it, went home, had a nice evening with the kids.


    I often wonder how people are going to react to a real crisis.  Like, say, their furnace going out during the Polar Vortex (ask me how I know).  Or "Hey son, just calling to let you know I've been diagnosed with cancer."  Getting twisted up about toys not making it to their destination "on time" seems like a heck of a lot of wasted energy.


    Reaper-Peeps, thank you for your hard work on this project.  I know when it's all done you'll be able to relax a bit and enjoy a short period of rest and recuperation.  Thanks for putting out fantastic models, even if I prefer metal to Bonesium.  I get to buy my kids miniatures and not care if they make the guy look like he rampaged through a Sherwin-Williams store while drunk on bootleg vanilla extract.  I get to paint Happy Murder-Hoboes and silly dragons taking wing to defend their ill-gotten gains.  This is a pretty good thing in my book, and having to wait just a bit longer isn't really that big of a price to pay.


    Now imagine you put in a prepaid $100 order to little caesar's a week in advance for your kid's birthday party and when you showed up on Saturday they said they were out of dough and ingredients to make dough and they didn't know when they'd have anything but you definitely weren't getting your pizzas tonight and they didn't know when they'd have your pizzas.  And then they refused to give you a refund.


    And now you have an accurate analogy.


    I can't stand sanctimonious posts like yours.  You have no idea how other people have reacted to real problems in their lives, like when my dad died slowly from lung cancer and I moved home from college to help my mom look after him or how I got a call at work that my wife had been hospitalized and she nearly died.


    9 hours ago, John Fiala said:


    Respectfully, if you don't back the kickstarters anymore, then why are you following this thread?  Those of us who back kickstarters are usually aware of the risks involved and are grownups who don't need to be scolded about our purchasing habits.



    Maybe because I'm a loyal lifetime customer of Reaper's with over 500 Reaper minis in my hobby room and there are a lot of minis in the kickstarter that I intend to buy once they are available for retail?


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  2. Respectfully, this is why I don't back the kickstarters anymore.  I'll buy the minis I actually want once they're available, but really they shouldn't need money up front anymore after 3 extremely successful kickstarters already.


    4 kickstarters in and the same delays as every other time, maybe it's time to move production to the US and just charge a bit more for the minis.

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