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  1. I use Vallejo Matte and Gloss Brush on Varnishes.
  2. For a translucent mini, or on the part of it that I want to leave clear, I start with a base coat of matte varnish to give the paint something to stick to, since I end up using a lot of inks and washes. Even with that step, I find that the washes and inks need some medium or the like to be thick enough to adhere.
  3. Beautiful. I especially like the stone, and the spots on the wings look great.
  4. This was my Quad Color Challenge entry for Reapercon. I had a lot of fun doing this.
  5. I painted this bear late last year. Here it is with a Reaper Dire Bear (77494) that I painted two years earlier.
  6. Group Shot Dire Penguin No-dire penguins And this one is my favorite
  7. It's a clear bones model. I washed the top surfaces in yellow and the lower surfaces in teal, highlighted in linen white, and shaded sparingly with darker yellow and darker teal where needed.
  8. Thanks! No, I think the colorshift look is coming from the brown stippled at the bottom of the cloak. Or the shine. The character is an oath of the ancients, nature-type paladin, so I painted the cloak with a dirty hem. Also, my photos always look so shiny. I struggle to get dark colors to look matte, but they're really not this shiny in real life.
  9. These two are my halfling fighter and my husband's dragonborn paladin for a D&D game. The figures are Dwarven Sheildbreaker from Stonehaven and Arkhan the Cruel from the Force Grey set from Gale Force Nine.
  10. This is a mini I painted for one of my D&D characters.
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