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  1. QueenOfChalices

    Atlantis Miniatures Dwarven Scribe

    That tartan looks so precise, and I really like the feather as well. Great paint job.
  2. QueenOfChalices

    goblin pirate wearing a coat

    Reinnholdt from Warmachine Mercenaries maybe?
  3. QueenOfChalices

    Lyanna Mormont miniature?

    Or maybe the Stonehaven human female squire?
  4. QueenOfChalices


    I really like the colors you've chosen. The teal green around the eyes of the chest looks like it could be mold or verdigris, and looks great with the purple tongue and green gums.
  5. QueenOfChalices

    Bones Black Owlbear - 44001

    Those eyes are just perfect.
  6. QueenOfChalices

    7580: Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant

    Looks great. I especially like the blue head and the lava spilling over the side of the base.
  7. A very nice looking mermaid. The highlights on the scales looks great.
  8. QueenOfChalices

    Wizkids Owlbear

  9. QueenOfChalices

    One more 77492 Behir . . .

    It looks great! Nice highlighting on the scales, and I especially like the eyes. They have a really magical look.
  10. QueenOfChalices

    Minis we would like to see

    A 12 days of Christmas baby owl bear.
  11. QueenOfChalices

    Naomi, Female Vampire:77027

    What a great job on the face! And I really like the blue highlights in her hair.
  12. QueenOfChalices

    LadyStorm's Winter Contest: Yeti

    Congratulations to everyone!