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  1. Wow, I love the eye on that last one!
  2. I use Vallejo Matte and Gloss Brush on Varnishes.
  3. For a translucent mini, or on the part of it that I want to leave clear, I start with a base coat of matte varnish to give the paint something to stick to, since I end up using a lot of inks and washes. Even with that step, I find that the washes and inks need some medium or the like to be thick enough to adhere.
  4. Beautiful. I especially like the stone, and the spots on the wings look great.
  5. This was my Quad Color Challenge entry for Reapercon. I had a lot of fun doing this.
  6. I painted this bear late last year. Here it is with a Reaper Dire Bear (77494) that I painted two years earlier.
  7. Group Shot Dire Penguin No-dire penguins And this one is my favorite
  8. It's a clear bones model. I washed the top surfaces in yellow and the lower surfaces in teal, highlighted in linen white, and shaded sparingly with darker yellow and darker teal where needed.
  9. Thanks! No, I think the colorshift look is coming from the brown stippled at the bottom of the cloak. Or the shine. The character is an oath of the ancients, nature-type paladin, so I painted the cloak with a dirty hem. Also, my photos always look so shiny. I struggle to get dark colors to look matte, but they're really not this shiny in real life.
  10. These two are my halfling fighter and my husband's dragonborn paladin for a D&D game. The figures are Dwarven Sheildbreaker from Stonehaven and Arkhan the Cruel from the Force Grey set from Gale Force Nine.
  11. This is a mini I painted for one of my D&D characters.
  12. Wow, a lot of great paint jobs, but I like 10 the best.
  13. One of the little fungoids from bones 4. And here he is with his buddy, whose color scheme I copied from Rainbow Sculptor's.
  14. My quest to get pictures of my favorite things I painted in the last year continues. Here is the Wizkids T-Rex. Scale Picture: The color scheme was inspired by this poster-stock picture I found googling "colorful T-Rex"
  15. One of my favorites from the last Stonehaven kickstarter:
  16. I'm trying to get caught up on my backlog of painted minis that I've been meaning to photograph, as well as the usual painting backlog. This is one of the older ones, painted last year.
  17. Carved out some holes in this beholder, inexpertly greenstuffed some muscles. Painted some of the rest as thought it was muscles. The weapons on the base are left over from a box of Warhammer dwarves.
  18. I love the face and the freckles!
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