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  1. Suffer The Little Pumpkins.. by Paul Muller, on Flickr
  2. Thanks! There're a few unlocks I'll be sculpting directly after the Kickstarter; then I'll look at doing a few more gangs/characters toward Xmas, hopefully have some new ones ready for spring. - I've loads of ideas for critters and characters (I do enjoy summoning them). All the Best, Paul https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/midblightminiatures/journey-into-midblight FinalFleetingHours by Paul Muller, on Flickr
  3. 'The Narrow Aperture Dwindles' (this one closes end of Wednesday, UK time) My thanks to all you Children of the Reaper for pausing to glimpse my 'bright carvings' (and for all the shares/likes bestowed, really helps; much appreciated)! Wishing you sharp eyes and steady brushwands, Paul M (there will be further 'expeditions'..). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/midblightminiatures/journey-into-midblight Rub My Pudgy Tummy by Paul Muller, on Flickr 'Ma Grita's Offer Of Shelter' by Paul Muller, on Flickr 'Last orders in The Golden Dandylion&am
  4. Thanks! It's gone better than I'd expected for a 'First Kickstarter Expedition'. I put a lot energy into it (well the models and background at least; I'm not one of those individuals with the gift to whip collectors into a frenzy), and I hope that shows. - I've enjoyed dabbling with the design side of things; the project also got me doodling (duddling) more actively (combo of ClipArtStudio&GIMP). - 'Tis a pity I didn't have them all painted in time, and a nice bit of scenery, but... I'll get round to that. - That is too bad (she'd make a good river hag)! -They will be availabl
  5. I suspect The Children of the Reapers's eyes are now firmly fixed on a 'larger prize' (timing!). ~Last few days of my (slightly more modest) Midblight Miniatures 'First Expedition' Kickstarter.. characterful (I hope) hand-sculpted and cast in the UK, 'shiny and pewter' miniatures. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/midblightminiatures/journey-into-midblight Thanks for taking a look at my wares! Paul M GritaSpeechBubbleNice by Paul MuThe MoonPug by Paul Muller, on Flickrller, on Flickr PartyHats by Paul Muller, on Flickr The Faustwick Tragedy by Paul Muller, on Flickr https:/
  6. Just a bit of EvilEyeCandy for you :} - A good thing about this cyber(socialmedia)sphere, is encountering fellow travellers with similar interests, and inspiring talents. This excellent BrushMinstrel painted a fine portrait of Ma Grita (really grimmer fairytale feel to her.. very halloweeny): https://www.instagram.com/nicklas.pihlstrom/ GritaSpeechBubbleNice by Paul Muller, Grita Portrait by Nicklas Pihlstrom by Paul Muller, on Flickr Just now heading into the final week of the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/midblightminiatures/journey-into-midblight
  7. -Actually that's pretty decent for me- can't do foreshortening and hands are tricky.. always loved comics, but struggle to keep characters looking the same from frame to frame. Still, it is enjoyable doodling/conjuring something original-ish up, a bit of a diversion from this bitter vale of tears :}
  8. Fair and Generous Children of the Reaper.... That funded just fine, and is now ticking along very well, for a modest 'First Kickstarter Expedition'. - My thanks to everybody who has supported or taken the time to have a look at my little project :} https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/midblightminiatures/journey-into-midblight/description - I've kept things pretty streamlined, as this is a first expedition. There are several achievable stretch goals, one of which is an Owlbear Hatchling the numerous D&D (or Owlbear collector) enthusiasts might find of interest? - Will (I hope
  9. Thanks :} Just now pulled the lever (what's that distant rumbling sound?). - I do hope you enjoy having a look at my 'bright carvings'. - These ones, are all sculpted in epoxy putty (like they used to). Best, Paul M
  10. Greetings, Children of the Reaper... - I hope you'll give me a pass here, as I have contributed to the great Reaper Edifice (in a very small way) with a few original sculpts (Reaper Ron was kind enough to relieve me of a few Dregs.. a pair of skellies for the last Bones extravaganza). - I'm just about to launch a modest little Kickstarter for a couple of gangs of more-whimsical-than-my-usual-fare fantasy miniatures, which I hope will initialise a small range I can expand on in future 'Midblight Miniatures' :} - The pre-launch page is up (link below, please do take a look),
  11. Time moves slowly in this web-wreathed attic (glacially so). - I sculpted a couple of trad Skellies for the last Bones KS (hope a good few of you have enjoyed applying paint; inflicting them on your PCs)! I suppose this is a 'sorta hobby-log' entry (as things stand); I have had my little creations cast up 'Shiny and Pewter', and am looking at taking them to market (it'll be Kickstarter to get the glacier moving; and I'll shift across to that area of the forums when that occurs). Couple of pics of the Metal (one of a coloured in metal)..... wishing all you Children of the Reaper sharp
  12. Gadgetman! - Well, thanks for pausing to give them a once over (in any case). - I long resisted Facebook's Dark Palantir... (in fairness, it's generated a bit of work for me since I .. 'plugged in' , in April).
  13. Crowley- Thanks! I sculpted that one middle of 2017 (since then, quite a few 'doggy adventurers' have popped up). JoshuaSlater- Ta (it's a tortoise race between you, me and AndyColeman (4A) :} .. Great Lidless Eye ('Wreathed in Flame') -Had never heard of them (but now see the potential ..had pictured him in trad pug fawn.. but pastel 'My little pony' colours could work.. ) Added a couple of dwarv-ish pics..
  14. Round of Applause! - Really inspiring stuff (some dedication there.. all the way back to 2013!). - Even spied a few of my 4A cherubs early on in the timeline :}
  15. Adrift - thanks! The Fractured Dimensions project was pretty expansive; I think the wee Perribo clowns were my favourite sculpts.. there're some nicely painted examples if you search out : Minis by Finch (blog). Malefactus; Wow- really impressive/inventive passion project (sort of thing I'm aiming for in ways, though you're light years ahead), your scenes/characters are reminiscent of stop-go animations (cool stuff). Inarah - Ta; good (that's what I was shooting for .. fairytale feel) :} Darsc -Ta, The Moonpug appeared outta nowhere (they are cute little things).
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