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    Midblight Miniatures

    Time moves slowly in this web-wreathed attic (glacially so). - I sculpted a couple of trad Skellies for the last Bones KS (hope a good few of you have enjoyed applying paint; inflicting them on your PCs)! I suppose this is a 'sorta hobby-log' entry (as things stand); I have had my little creations cast up 'Shiny and Pewter', and am looking at taking them to market (it'll be Kickstarter to get the glacier moving; and I'll shift across to that area of the forums when that occurs). Couple of pics of the Metal (one of a coloured in metal)..... wishing all you Children of the Reaper sharp eyes and nimble fingers.... Paul M TheWhole9YardsShiny&Pewter1600 by Paul Muller, on Flickr Dolph's Dworvolk Poaching Party1600 by Paul Muller, on Flickr StripesCleanerbWMidblight (2) by Paul Muller, on Flickr
  2. PaulMuller

    Midblight Miniatures

    Gadgetman! - Well, thanks for pausing to give them a once over (in any case). - I long resisted Facebook's Dark Palantir... (in fairness, it's generated a bit of work for me since I .. 'plugged in' , in April).
  3. PaulMuller

    Midblight Miniatures

    Crowley- Thanks! I sculpted that one middle of 2017 (since then, quite a few 'doggy adventurers' have popped up). JoshuaSlater- Ta (it's a tortoise race between you, me and AndyColeman (4A) :} .. Great Lidless Eye ('Wreathed in Flame') -Had never heard of them (but now see the potential ..had pictured him in trad pug fawn.. but pastel 'My little pony' colours could work.. ) Added a couple of dwarv-ish pics..
  4. Round of Applause! - Really inspiring stuff (some dedication there.. all the way back to 2013!). - Even spied a few of my 4A cherubs early on in the timeline :}
  5. PaulMuller

    Midblight Miniatures

    Adrift - thanks! The Fractured Dimensions project was pretty expansive; I think the wee Perribo clowns were my favourite sculpts.. there're some nicely painted examples if you search out : Minis by Finch (blog). Malefactus; Wow- really impressive/inventive passion project (sort of thing I'm aiming for in ways, though you're light years ahead), your scenes/characters are reminiscent of stop-go animations (cool stuff). Inarah - Ta; good (that's what I was shooting for .. fairytale feel) :} Darsc -Ta, The Moonpug appeared outta nowhere (they are cute little things).
  6. PaulMuller

    Ghosts of Midlam Manor painted by Citrine

    Excellent- the porcelain blue works really well!
  7. PaulMuller

    Midblight Miniatures

    - My Thanks Malefactus :} - A bit like when bands are being ignored, I always feel a twinge of sympathy for forum posters who are met with the chill of indifferent silence .. you've spared me that indignity (I owe you!) :} Admittedly, I did get a frosty non-welcome at the old FrothersUKForum (but felt I had to post there, to honor The CyberGods of Old). If you've a blog/ instagram/FB with your modelling work, let me know, and I'll take a peek (always interested to see what my fellow mini-fanciers are up to).
  8. PaulMuller

    Midblight Miniatures

    Greetings, Children of the Reaper... - I always think it's cheeky when entities pop up on manufacturers forums for a leg up; I do hope you will give me a pass, as I have contributed to the great Reaper Edifice (in a minuscule way) with a few sculpts in the past (Reaper Ron was kind enough to relieve me of a few Dregs.. Ghoul/Zombie sorts). I'm just tinkering with a little range of my own , perhaps more whimsical fantasy figures.. Got a batch of greens finished (two gang/factions.. enough for an initial mould).. and am immersing myself in a bit of hitherto unexplored social media (only got on FBook this year!). Have just set up a FaceBook 'Artist' page (please do take a look if you like, no obligation, am not flogging anything just now): https://www.facebook.com/midblightminiatures/?modal=admin_todo_tour And attached a couple of pics for you to examine... All the Beast/ Hope you US Denizens had a great Thanksgiving , Paul M