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  1. It's very odd. I'm still hoping it isn't the paint. That would really kill my hobby. We will investigate more in the future. I have so many minis that need painted! I did get a chance to blow through several red lights like a criminal, so that's a silver lining.
  2. Model has been scrubbed clean. And shes been around Bones for years. She didn't have a reaction on a specific location. It was breathing, face, lips. I didn't cook so nothing got into food.
  3. I was using 9427 Nut Brown. Since people are asking, let me add some details. My wife is a doctor. She's had bad allergies to lots of strange things her entire life. We've been dealing with these for 30 years as a couple. So we keep an eye on anything that might be a trigger. The only thing that was different last night was the paint. I've never painted right next to her before that I can think of. This is new paint with a new formula so might have some new chemical we never encountered before. It seems odd that three drops of paint could do this, but I've also seen her throat sta
  4. I was brushing on a brown from about three drops of paint on a ceramic tile. I was painting a Bones model, Eldritch Demon as a gift for a buddy. I hear what you're saying, TGP, and we are running through all the details. I really don't want it to be the paints. But tonight has been very ordinary, nothing new or out of place. The only new thing is using my paints for the first time. She has some wicked bad allergies so I'm guessing that brown has some chemical that really sets her off. I honestly can't recall painting near her before. My old game rooms have been isolated to some degree.
  5. Has anyone experienced anything like an allergic reaction to these paints? I had to take my wife to the ER after painting in the same room. I was using a dark brown I had never used before. She started coughing and had swelling in her lips and throat. We bolted for the hospital at that point. It got bad, but then in the ER waiting room she began to clear up. I am floored. I just bought these, just got back into the hobby, was really excited. Has anyone else had something like this happen?
  6. It's been quite a few years since I really sat down and painted. My once loved paint collection of over 75 bottles of Reaper Master Series has been in storage, transit, or ignored. Imagine my surprise when I dug them out to discover many had died. Oh the heartbreak. But my birthday is next week so I got the wife to order me a new set of 54 Bones Paints! I have them in my hands! I really haven't been this excited in a long time. Tomorrow I will arrange them, break out some minis from storage, and maybe even start to paint again. I will keep you lovely people in the loop. I'm going to h
  7. I'll drive two hours for a grudge match! Give me two more weeks and I can start unpacking the minis again. Vampires vs Dwarves, then Mercs vs Razig.
  8. I play once in a while. It's not so much that Warlord died down as all gaming died down. Real life gave a bunch of us a punch in the face in 2016. And 2015, if you want the truth. 2017 is looking so much better! And we are all talking about gaming again. Warlord will probably come back with some epic grudge matches soon. Vampires vs Dwarves!
  9. Retreating is even better! Ah, but I hear what you're saying. He could just run around my solo model. Well, I've had good luck with this tactic because it's an emotional game. It's hard for a player to ignore that one model blocking the way. Such an easy target. It can't hurt to take one swing at it, right? What's one turn playing with him? He's so friendly and harmless. You know you want to squash him. Good. Roll the dice. Very good. Oh...he passed his Tough check? Looks like you'll have to spend another turn on him. And maybe another. And by then, it's too late! My forces ha
  10. If the enemy brings a huge beat-stick you don't feel like bringing down...don't! Never fight on his terms. Send a single model to tie up Treeman for a turn. Get lucky and you tie him up for two or three. Put a really cheap model in base contact and don't attack. He has to waste a turn killing a single, cheap model with his point sink. And if your cheap guy has Tough, he might even stand back up! Frustrates the hell out of big guy. I don't bring a lot of anti-flying either. Maybe I don't face them often enough. A few crossbowmen is my best option.
  11. This is really interesting. I've used Deckard to good advantage, and the model is great. I've got some Couatl at home, too, so I could try something like this. Merc Crossbowmen are the best in the biz. I've not had great luck with the Stone Giant, though. He does draw a lot of attention, and it sounds like that's your plan, so you've got a good army. What faction are you going to face with this?
  12. I like your idea of bringing in the Inc. of Flame. Double fireball is a wonderful idea! I had three fireball capable models in one game and I roasted the enemy. Minotaurs can be good, but their large base size makes them easy targets and hard to position against smaller bases. I think I own six Minotaurs. I don't usually field more than two at a time these days, usually as bodyguards for Orba. If you do have six, watch out for choke points of terrain that will hamper your guys. You want to get them all into combat instead of only two while the other four sip tea waiting for a break
  13. The fights are only getting tougher for you! So you beat the Elves? Your overconfidence shall be your undoing! We both know Sisters are much tougher. But that's not for many games. I have to kill some mummys first.
  14. I have a plan for next game. You will perish. The Elves get to be my cheerleaders.
  15. Keep hope alive. I think the Sisters are far more able to handle the Dwarves. Especially now that I played against them once. I know what needs to be done. But the same can be said for you vs the Sisters. You know them. It's going to be a war for the ages! Don't forget about my Luck Stones in a huge pile at my feet!
  16. I keep rethinking this battle! Most of my plan went off without a hitch. Was there a way to win? Go ten hunting on the Griffon? But then I would have to ignore a bunch of dwarves on the ground. Lure the Stone Spirit up and pour arrows into it? Never work, not even with my good rolls last night. DR 2 is just too darn high for Elves to punch through. It seems my army was destined to lose the battle. I'm going to enjoy killing this army with my Sisters. Revenge! Oh yes.
  17. Long is the rivalry between Elves and Dwarves. Old grudges and slights can turn a chance encounter into a battle without mercy asked for nor given. Tonight, yet again, the mettle of these old races was tested. Axe and hammer versus arrow and blade. Under the banner of the Protector's Doctrine, my army of six units and 27 models rode out to meet the grubby Dwarves. Daereth + Book of Tactics Vale Swordsman X2 Vale Archer x 5 Daereth Vale Swordsman X2 Vale Archer x 5 Daereth Vale Swordsman X2 Vale Archer x 5 Giant Eagle x 3 Across the ruins stood two good-sized un
  18. If I didn't know the Elf list, I would bet on Dwarves. But that list is scary! I can't wait to see if it performs anywhere near as well as I expect. We also know Sisters fight either Elves or Dwarves. If Elves, we have a shooting match. That would be cool. 50 point victory is a minor victory. I lost all my leaders. I need a real Sisters army now. They were fun and brutal.
  19. The first battle! Sisters vs Reptus! Film at 11! Here is my list. Samantha + Armor of Mettle Shadow Sisters x 6 Standard + Musician Callindra Silverspell + Silver Arrows Lorielle Silverrain Kyla Bow Susters x 4 Neva Talmerela Duelists x 4 Angel of Vengeance Volendria This army uses the Mercs at Heart Doctrine This was my first time using a Sisters army. I had no idea how it would stand up. I also forgot I had picked an entire unit of archers. Every model in that unit shoots. Add in Volendria and it's a good air support army. My tactics for the battle w
  20. Awesome predictions! I know the Overlord list is tough. I've played it before. It could happen.
  21. I do quite well with pure Vampires. I have no idea what Bones could make that army. I'll go look.
  22. It's Reptus, not Reven. Reptus vs Sisters of the Blade.
  23. Yes, the match ups were random and we got some great battles. We didn't want Mercs vs Dwarves in the first round. I especially like Elves vs Dwarves, Crusaders vs Icingstead, and Darkspawn vs Darkreach. This was random but every battle feels great. My Sisters are in for a brawl, though. Reptus are heavily in contention to win the whole shooting match. On paper that's a scary army. I've fought the scaly ones before. Can't say I won.
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