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  1. Kicktraq has us at about 340K for the day as of 2:30. Do you think we'll hit 600K for the day?
  2. I've been away, and was hoping to see 80,000 the last hour. Looks the day has been running around 50,000 an hour. With less than 2 hours to go, 3.3 million?
  3. At the current rate, we won't hit Kalanzar. Ron has increased the $$$ amount for each stretch goal, but the rate has not increased at the same rate.
  4. Early on, I estimated 3.5 million. Seems like a stretch at the moment.
  5. Breaking Bones I 3.4 million seems to be a stretch as well. The pledge run rate puts us at 3.2 million.
  6. This is my first Bones KS. Did Reaper do anything dramatic towards the end to boost Bones IV pledge rate?
  7. This is my first Bones KS, so I can compare/contrast it to another high $$$ Kickstarter by Dwarven Forge (3mil plus, but only 3000 backers) Both are very receptive to their customers Both do videos during the KS Creators did interact on KS comments about the same amount (I guess in past KickStarters, Reaper interacted a lot more in the comments section.) Reaper has a much broader user base so I think it is tougher to please (backers not happy with the next reveal because it isn't up their ally. Such comments mainly on KS) Reaper caters to new backers, whi
  8. The KS comments could be nit picky. There was one particular piece of kitchen plastic ware that was distinctly negative. The account seems to have vanished.
  9. At the current pledge rate we might make 1 unlock on the next map. This KS is far more front loaded than Bones IV.
  10. That's what I plan on doing. I already do that with Dwarven Forge stuff, even though they sell their sets as Encounters during KS.
  11. BB is far more durable than the WizKids figures. I agree, I'm not sure why Reaper decided to describe them in that manner. I really didn't purchase many Bones human sized figures due to the lack of detail, bendy weapons, and a number of figures just didn't stand up right. Even the water/heat methods couldn't quite fix some these. I do have lots of Bones monsters.
  12. Looks like the last hour was ~18K. At 28K we would get 9-10 unlocks for the last day (17 hours)
  13. Not sure about 3.5million, we need 85K+ an hour and that is going to be tough. Anyone know what Bones 4 hourly incremental was during the last 4 hours?
  14. Pledge manager will be open until August maybe longer. You purchase new items the entire time, and at the end (behind the scenes) it combines your orders for Reaper to ship.
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